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Dimmu Borgir is a Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal Band from Oslo, Norway formed in 1993. If you say which is the best black metal band today its Dimmu. Silenoz like guitarist and Vocalist Shagrath. epic band.

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1 Progenies of the Great Apocalypse

This song has a perfect blend of head-banging distortion and heart touching melody... the drums fit perfect in place.. the guitars are good.. the bass is good.. the keyboard is the cream of this song... n the vocals of course MIND-BLOWING! m/

There best song
So powerful that You can't stop your head banging on the bang! of hyperdrums. keyboard work is also good. Great Song - Raayy

This song is perfect for those who prefer symphonic black metal. Amazing vocals and the orchestra falls in perfectly with the band. A true masterpiece.

I'm not a big fan of black metal, but this song got me. Awesome lyrics, awesome drums. Just brilliant!

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2 Mourning Palace

Perfect song.

How can this song not be number 1?

Best Song by borgir... All others not even close to it.

Amazing harmony between keyboards and guitar!

This is the song that describes the evil in Black Metal. The orchestra and Metal synchronization is outstanding! The best and ever-awesome Dimmu song ever. JUST PERFECT BLACK METAL.

This is not fair boss. This is the best song undoubtedly. Heil Dimmu Borgir.

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3 The Serpentine Offering

it gets me high and pumped when I listen to this song. The melody is pure accompanied with fast beat blast drums of Hellhammer! And a very heavy guitar distortion

This song is wonderful, powerful and fast double bass and powerful guitars

Wonderful drumming and keyboard. Angry vocals make me wanna cry to it.

The best intro every by the Symphonic Black Metal Gods

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4 Gateways

Best Epic song in history!

This is their best song in my opinion best lyrics and cool music wow... Love this song man... DIMMU BORGIR.!

Must Say They Are Perfectionists Of Their Genre And This Song Proves It.
Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse And This Song Are First And Second Place For Me.

This is amazing first I heard and best I heard vocals used by the female are amazing and dimmu borgir simply live upyo the expactation 1 has

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5 Puritania

It's my favourite song of this band.

I am war. I am pain
I am all you've ever slain
I am tears in your eyes
I am grief. I am lies

Awesome song

I have yet to find a song that gets me this pumped. The lyrics and vocals are perfect here...
No other band can pull off Puritania

6 Dimmu Borgir

My favourite song of the band.

Very theatrical indeed, I don't know why but it feels like Bohemian Rhapsody. - metaldude8

I like this song, why it's 4th it should be the first

The best song of dimmu borgir.

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7 Kings of the Carnival Creation

A top 3 material for sure. The intro up til the mid-section was badass. Nicholas Barker's drumming throughout the album was so lovably filthy.

Vortex was awesome in this song

Better than Progenies...

Should definitely be in the top spot...feel as though fans have not listened to this song as much as they need to

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8 Burn in Hell

Awesome Twisted Sister cover, has such an atmosphere that adds new layers onto this song from the original

As for me it's the best song of Dimmu Borgir

I'M just supporting this one although I didn't heard it.

What.. ! Burn in hell just in 15.. r you guys nuts this should n must be in top 2 or 3... come on guys this song is the father of DB's tracks...

9 The Sacrilegious Scorn

Must be at least in top 10

Best black metal song

First song I heard

The Best ICS Vortex Vocal :(
We Miss You Vortex ♥

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10 Vredesbyrd

This is the first song that I keep up listen to Dimmu Borgir! The song cannot be described, the rhythm, the vocals and especially the catchy riffs after the vocals are the power of that song! I have nothing else to do one of their best easily believe me

I would skyrocket this song toward the top. So fury, much black. Sounds even better being in Norwegian.

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11 Ritualist
12 In Death's Embrace

By far one of their best songs, in my view it deserves to be at least at top ten list! Just listen to the melodic intro and make your choice! It has great solo and catchy vocals!

My personal favorite, but their so much amazing song by this band funny that pratically all their best songs are not in this top 10. At least know I understand why they stop doing good song, It's because peo^ple prefer their worst song and not their best.

One of the greatest piano melody sequence I've heard in metal

Best song for me on this album and song from them by far.

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13 A Succubus In Rapture

Those beautiful melodies could make a demon cry.

This song both beautiful and atmospheric, despite (or perhaps bacause) being Symphonic Black Metal. One of my fav Dimmu Borgir songs, listen to it - BeeBlue

What a low rate

You damned woman~ you mischievous whore~ you heretic princess~ you are devil’s own~ 😈

14 Stormblast

But the live version in Godless Savage Garden album (1998)

pure black metal. This should be in the list or at list in top 5 - joshsanz

Best song, in my remix too - majstro

15 The Maelstrom Mephisto

Likely the most intense song ever written.

16 Reptile

I love this one

17 Sympozium
18 The Chosen Legacy

Are you crazy? How isn't this song on the list?! This is one of my best, it has much power catchy riffs incredible vocals and spooky lyrics! There's no comment you must listen to it!

Absolutely LOVE this epic song! Sad not in top 10 :(

Gets better and better with every listen. Just brilliant.

EASILY top 3. Creative drumming, catchy riffs, brutally heavy. What more could you posdibly need?

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19 For All Tid

Best song all time! Best album ever! M/

20 Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen

I can't believe this song is so low. This song is classic dimmu borgir with the most amazing intro ever written.

This is their best song period... This song is just amazing!

Wow I guess people only listen their new stuff. This song is amazing and stormblast album is a classic!

21 Chaos Without Prophecy
22 Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker
23 Spellbound (By the Devil)

Really? NOT EVEN TOP 10? My favourite dimmu song not close

Top 5 right now, in no particular order:

Metal Heart
Spellbound (by the Devil)
Kings of Carnival Creation
The Chosen Legacy
Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple Cover) - schiiizo_punk

This is song is clearly underrated! it should be up in top 5 at least! amazing song! killer lyrics!

The best Dimmu Song EVER.

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24 The Promised Future Aeons

I did NOT expect a song by DB to be so similar to wintersun near the middle of the song!

25 Blessings Upon the Throne of Tyranny

We have the best ambiance fluctuation in this one, great intensity too

How is this song not higher! Epic intensity and one of a kind!

Listened 10.000 times and never get bored!

26 Tormentor of Christian Soul

Great song
Starting is great with hyper drums and guitarist has done a great work with great riffs - Raayy

27 The Sinister Awakening

"Where I come from there's no higher authority than me, being my own god was all I was meant to be" Best lyrics ever

28 The Insight and the Catharsis

Still my favourite Dimmu Borgir song, before the keyboards became too bombastic and the band became self-important. The riffs are heavy, yet still 'black' and the transition between them and the beautiful keyboard is amazing. Lyrics are poetic, yet savage too

Its a killer song and must be in top 10

29 Blood Hunger Doctrine
30 Heavenly Perverse
31 Sorgens Kammer

Best song for me... I love the voice of Shagrath

Best song I’ve ever heard in the genre, 10/10 perfect.

32 Hybrid Stigmata

This song has some AWESOME changes, musically and vocally one of their best. Should be in top 5 in my humble opinion, and I know my Dimmu Borgir. Listen to it and then vote

This is freakinnn... hell song. Great - Raayy


33 Raabjørn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde
34 The Invaluable Darkness

Amazing Song! Must BE HIGHER than this! Vote

35 Architecture of a Genocidal Nature
36 The Night Masquerade

Man I love this songs...and the vocals gives me Nightmares

How is this not within the top ten and also it's the most overlooked track on EDT...tracks like Mourning Palace and Tormenting of Christian Souls are highly overrated and lauded to death.

The moment I ended up listening to this song, it instantaneously became one of my favorite Dimmu Birgit songs of all time.

Incredible song and the intro was the most Evillish I've ever heard..the only problem was the ending with girlinsh vocals overlapping the blast beat...else it would've been a 10/10 on my book.

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37 Eradication Instincts Defined

This song is incredible. It really shows off their compositional prowess.

Mindblowing. The talent in this song is not of this world. - Matt3

38 Devil's Path

New dimmu borgir sucks hail old dimmu borgir

39 The Ancestral Fever
40 Arcane Lifeforce Mysteria

The intro is one of the best and most chilling one I've ever listened to. SPD is a dark but yet an amazing album.

Man! So Evil.

Not the best, but must to be on top 10

41 Indoctrination

This song makes me cry dude

This a joke? This song is a MASTERPIECE!

42 Absolute Sole Right
43 Born Treacherous
44 Unorthodox Manifesto

This song is so epic from the amazing intro to the amazing outro

45 Endings and Continuations

I don't even know how this isn't on the list... It's my favorite...

46 Antikrist

yeah - majstro

47 Entrance
48 The Demiurge Molecule

Can't believe this song hasn't even been mentioned yet. The chorus part is just unbelievably epic, and that's what I like best in a Dimmu Borgir Song.

49 Under Korpens Vinger

I feel that this song is the "definition" of black metal! The music & growls sends shiver down my spine...

50 Moonchild Domain
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