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1 Jurassic Park Jurassic Park Product Image

I think is probably the best movie in history, Why? Cause it's a solid film, like LITERALLY solid. Original story, perfect development of plot, perfect cast, incredible cgi, perfect horror and suspense, thrilling action, perfect acting, incredible scenery, perfect soundtrack. I can't think of any other movie that succeeds in so many overall aspects as Jurassic Park does.

Nope, this shouldn't be on the list. It doesn't qualify. And don't think I'm hating on this movie. You know why? Because the "dinosaurs" in the movie aren't dinosaurs. They're cloned dinosaurs! So if you were 70% human and 30% crocodile, would you still be human? Nope. So what were the dinotoads in the movie? Hmm.. Toadosaurus Rex? Toadaceratops? Amphibiraptor?

Jurassic Park, my favourite movie of all time, is an exciting, adventurous, amusing, and DANGEROUS movie. Surely anyone would agree that Jurassic Park is a rollercoster ride filled with total madness

The best thing is the dinosaurs still look realistic. They look better than even the recent Jurassic World movie. Better CG in the 90's than today.

2 The Land Before Time The Land Before Time Product Image

The Land Before Time has 13 Sequels and a T.V. show.

(And A 14 Sequel Coming Out December 2015 and it will be Traditionally Animated so it won't be another Disgraceful Computer Animated Movie.)

I think The Land Before Time deserves the praise and fans that it gets because who would not agree that The Land Before Time is Awesome?

This is one of my all time favorite movies. Characters are all memorable some more than others ( Ducky < Sharptooth) and of course such an amazing story.P.s how does toy story count as a dinosaur movie?

The Land Before time is definitely one of the best dinosaur movies out there, but it can't compete with some others. I like it and all, but my vote has to go with Jurassic World.

This movie is so awesome but I don't think that they should have killed Sharptooth (Red Claw STINKS.)

The sequels would have been so much awesome...

3 Dinosaur Dinosaur Product Image

This was the right kind of movie to be released for the 21st century. Not necessarily the best, but the right one. It showed how far humanity has come from when dinosaurs existed and the struggles we endured to get this far. Sort of like how these dinosaurs even at the end of everything struggled to find some world they wouldn’t die right away from.

Who in the world put that dumb land before time better than this? Dinosaur is awesome. It looks amazing for an animated movie. I also love that they put a carnotorus as the bad guy instead of a t-Rex. I love the carnotorus! And land before time is the dumbest movie ever.

One of my favorites because it has Carnotaurus, Iguanodon, Pachyrhinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Styracosaurus, and other dinosaurs and animals you have not heard of.Plus they have Velociraptors in it! Plus the animation is so realistic, it gets entertaining and humorous, the soundtrack is phenomenal, it delivers messages, Aladar is cool, it is fun! I watch it over and over again any day!

I loved this movie as a kid and I still like it today. It's a little bit underrated since many don't watch it. It may be a little bit generic but it's one of the better dinosaur movies out there.

4 The Lost World - Jurassic Park The Lost World - Jurassic Park Product Image

I commented on this before and I will continue to defend this movie. This is one of the most unfairly mistreated sequels that I know of. People should stop complaining and nitpicking about the characters dumb actions in this film and focus on the good things, and there are some good things. And hey, I can look on the bright side, this is my opinion and I can like what I want to like. NOBODY WILL EVER TELL ME WHAT TO DO. SO HA HA. an underrated sequel with a few problems but is a good and fun dinosaur flick.

you're saying this is better than Jurrasic park 3. This movie ups the gore, ups the tension and ups the awesomeness shame on you.

I know a lot of people think this is the worst jurassic park film but I do not think it is. I think this movie deserves more respect and love. It gets WAYYY to much hate that it does not deserve in my opinion.

I absolutely loved this movie trilogy. But why the hell is Toy Story here. It's a bit of a disgrace. If anything, Godzilla should be on this list instead of Toy Story

5 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Product Image

Why do people hate this terrific movie? They say, the plot was weak, how come? This movie was as awesome as the predecessor, why hate it?

You know that brachiosaurus was actually the first brachiosaurus that alan grant saw

It is so awesome

So emotional

6 Jurassic World Jurassic World Product Image

Yeah, Jurassic Park may have been a whole new frontier, and Jurassic Park II: The Lost World may have had some awesome moments, and even Jurassic Park III had some cool stuff, but Jurassic World (in my opinion) is the best. I think so because it has some action scenes that are more fast-paced (such as the scene where the Indominus Rex escapes,) as well as the characters finally think of using guns against the dinosaurs. I'm not saying that the other Jurassics aren't good though. Yes, even you, JP3, Spinosaurus and all.

I was thoroughly impressed. It's not as good as the original, but it was better than the second one, and equal to the third.

This movie has more better technology than jurassic park and has extreme dinos and they look more better than jurassic park's.

Come on! Why is this number 5!? This movie deserves to be higher on the list. The Mososaurus is not impressed.

7 Jurassic Park III Jurassic Park III Product Image

I don't get why everyone hates Jurassic Park III so much. I was actually happy when the T. Rex got eaten. Before you start hating on me, it's because the Tyrannosaurs get so much love, I was happy to see another dino get the spotlight. Jurassic Park III is defenatly (sorry for the bad spelling) better than Jurassic Park II: The Lost World, but compared to Jurassic World and the original Jurassic Park, it can't compete. Now please, give Jurassic Park III some love, and stop hating on it!

Not a horrible sequel, but one of the weaker entries in this franchise. I am aware that this film does have a little bit of a fan base. a lot of people do like this movie. It has grown on some people. Me personally, I think it's okay but not better than the first two films. It's just rather unremarkable in my opinion, but not terrible.

This movie isn't terrible but it's not great either. It's okay for what it is and it has its good moments. Unfortunately though, it does suffer from an unremarkable plot, a few weak characters, been there done that feeling, and plotholes as well as action scenes that are just there and not that thrilling. I would gave the film a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. It's an alright sequel and it's not the worst thing ever. I don't hate this movie but it's problematic for sure.

This defiantly isn't as bad as people say it is, but it can't compete with the other movies.

8 King Kong (2005) King Kong (2005) Product Image

What's not to like about this film? When I saw it at the cinema, in the final scene the audience were audibly shocked and saddened. Guess they never saw the 1933 original!

King Kong could beat any T. Rex in the movie he ripped the T. Rex mouth open while holding the girl don't know if he could beat Godzilla

To me this is the second best dinosaur movie. Jurassic park being first of course.

Jurassic park is cool but the battle part with kong and the t rex's was awesome.

9 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Product Image

Ice age movies are so amazing! Dawn of the dinosaurs is my personal favorite! The characters are fantastic, the dinosaurs are amazing, and the story is adventurous and has a happy ending! I personally think it should be number one!

Not my favorite dinosaur movie, but should be #5

This movie is cool!

10 Journey to the Center of the Earth Journey to the Center of the Earth Product Image

9 come on it deserves at least number 5

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11 The Land That Time Forgot The Land That Time Forgot Product Image
12 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth Product Image

Delightful Stop Motion Animation

13 The Good Dinosaur The Good Dinosaur Product Image

People who will say this movie is bad, have no feelings on their mind. Or simply have no life. They are just Jurassic Park fans and wants to look for actions but not a good story. If you're an honest guy, I bet at least tears will come up on your eyes when you will watch the whole movie.

I had tears rolling down my face but I played it off like a boss at a staring contest

I love this movie! Best Dinosaur movie ever! (besides Jurassic World)

Pixar makes amazing movies. I doubt that this movie will be bad.

14 Barney's Great Adventure Barney's Great Adventure Product Image

WHO ADDED THIS? Thank you I love barney best dino movie yes I still tell people I LOVE THIS SHOW!. I still love this show why do people say it is for big babies! It is is about kids who are the main characters are then a dinosaur who is pink named barney is in the magianary, then other two dino friends whom are bro and sis one likes baseball and one likes ballia. Then the rice orange new character dinosaur thing she is a good boy. And a STEGOSAURUS ( I LOVE EM KEEP THIS LIST I LOVE THIS SHOW IS IT FOR TEENS WHY DO PEOPLE HATE THIS SHOW DORA IS THE WORST HE IS A BAD BOY) -thefattestthing.

Barney sucks go watch Dinosaur King instead.

Max, Rex and Zoe are better role models than some creepy purple dinosaur.

Haha this below Dinosaur King because Dinosaur King is way better.


15 Walking With Dinosaurs Walking With Dinosaurs Product Image

WHAT IN THE CRETACEOUS! this movie has really good dinosaur animations and unpopular dinosaurs! you could learn some dinosaurs from this movie must be like on 2nd place of course jurassic park is best

This movie was unbelievably cringey and stupid. Do not watch.

This was good but not as good as the documentary

Amazing movie should be better on the list

16 The Valley of the Gwangi The Valley of the Gwangi Product Image

I hope they'll be a remake of this film. I love this film even when gwangi battle the styacosaurus and the elephant.

Excellent movie impressive effects for the time acting was good

A very underrated classic.

17 We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story Product Image

Why people hate this movie?

Love this movie. always have

18 Land of the Lost Land of the Lost Product Image

They should do a remake.

Land of the Lost is awesome, Jurassic park is much better,
But Land of the Lost should be higher than 'The Valley of Gwangi' or 'The Land that time forgot

19 The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island Product Image
20 One Million Years B.C. One Million Years B.C. Product Image

Ray Harryhausen did a wonderful job on the dinosaurs and plus he is a genius!

Iconic dinosaur movie

21 Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia Product Image
22 Dinosaur Revolution Dinosaur Revolution Product Image

I like this one.

23 Tarbosaurus: The Mightiest Ever Tarbosaurus: The Mightiest Ever Product Image

This movie is great a prequel of dino king it has emotional scenes that make you cry and fascanating facts about dinosaurs you can learn dinosaur names very popular since on youtube and DVD only

24 Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Product Image

Really people? You forgot to vote this higher? Really? I mean sure it's no masterpiece but it's still a highly underrated gem and one of the best Dino films out there.

25 Planet Dinosaur Planet Dinosaur Product Image

This movie is awesome.I absouloutley love it.It deserves to be number 1.

There's allosaurus mapusaurus microraptor sinornithosaurus velociraptor protoceratops and lots is a cool movie.

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