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81 Alamosaurus
82 Tropeognathus
83 Torosaurus Torosaurus

This is a very bad dialogue

He is the best! - Triceratops

84 Deinosuchus Deinosuchus
85 Megaraptor

This dinosaur is sick but really my opinion is that Utahraptor is a bit better

Did you know megaraptor is not a raptor?

Why did you have to put this megaraptor back here he should be#4

Why isn't this in the 1 box it should be number 3 it can beat veliciraptor Internet you are wrong

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86 Jobaria

It's a bracyosaurus I don't no

87 Polacanthus Polacanthus

Love it

88 Coelophysis Coelophysis
89 Changyuraptor

1. ) It was discovered recently, so it's something new and interesting.
2. ) It's the largest of its kind.
3. ) It could fly, but it didn't just have two wings - it had four.

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90 Mapusaurus Mapusaurus

Works very well in packs

It's a shark not a dino

91 Chasmosaurus Chasmosaurus
92 Yangchuanosaurus

Medium to large, Chinese dinosaur

93 Nanotyrannus
94 Hatzegopteryx Hatzegopteryx
95 Ornithocheirus Ornithocheirus Ornithocheirus is a pterosaur genus known from fragmentary fossil remains uncovered from sediments in the UK.
96 Dakosaurus
97 Eoraptor Eoraptor

This dinosaur is in last place. This was most likely the first ever dinosaur. Coincidence?!

Oh wait never mind

98 Pyroraptor
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