"Holy Diver" Album Review

Alpha101 Rest in peace, Ronnie James Dio. You will forever be remembered as one of the best and most influential vocalists in room history, and you inspired many.

"Stand Up and Shout" has a pretty good riff, a nice solo, and chorus that I can't help singing along to. Yes, it is one of my least favorites on the album, but I still enjoy it a good deal.

"Holy Diver" is the second best on the album. It's riff is incredible, and one of my absolute favorites. It's a very atmospheric song, and also, one of Dio's most impressive. I always get the urge to stand up and start singing whenever I hear the song, and not many songs have that particular effect on me.

"Gypsy" was one of the first songs that I heard on the album, and it's one of the best on the record. Not only that, it's one of the best in the history of heavy metal. I know that's a ludicrous statement to make, and I do say that more than I should, but I really mean it with this song. It's incredibly catchy, edgy, and just a plain out joy to listen to.

"Caught in the Middle" has fantastic lyrics, and Dio's vocals are at his best on this one. It's easily one of the strongest songs in Dio's career, and it's pretty close to being perfect, which I can't say for many songs, especially today.

"Don't Talk to Strangers" was, initially, my least favorite song on the album, but it's slowly warmed up on me. The soft opening is beautiful, and when it speeds up, I simply can't sit still.

"Straight Through The Heart" has another great riff, another fantastic opening, and more well-written lyrics. The drumming, while nothing really special, really gave the much needed backbone to the song, and the vocals were, yes, nothing short of amazing.

"Invisible" was the only weak song on the entire album. It left a lot to be desired, and, yes, while it wasn't bad, I could not enjoy it at all.

"Rainbow in the Dark" is my favorite Dio song. The opening is easily recognized by almost all, and Dio was absolutely perfect in this one. If I had to recommend someone a song that best explained music, then this would be one of my top choices to give them. It has everything, and there was not one single time that i wasn't entertained while listening to it.

"Shame on the Night" was a great closing track for the album. It wasn't one of my favorites, but I can't deny that it wrapped up the album perfectly.

This is one of the most consistent albums that I've heard. There was only one song that I did not enjoy, even though it wasn't horrible. Almost every song is a masterpiece of it's own, and the album flows smoothly. If you're looking for an album that will last through the years and not get old, then you will enjoy this one.

9/10 - Great Album