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41 I Could Have Been a Dreamer I Could Have Been a Dreamer
42 Strange Highways Strange Highways

Come on, this has such a doomed-to-death feel to it, such a powerful song, the tempo, vocals, everything. Astounding song.

Not a fan of the whole album however the doom of this song is so good! It has a dirty slow pace which just works so well for it

43 Faces In the Window Faces In the Window

Come on, guys, listen up this diamond of power metal! Especially the bass line. And Goldy's guitar. And Dio's vocal, of course.

44 Kill the King Kill the King

I can't belive this wasn on the list.
This song is the best Ronnie james dio song at dio and at rainbow because of the melody, the speed, the way dio songs, because of everything, its perfect.
I am very dissapointed.
Rainbow in the dark #2. Pfft!
That song is just overrated.

45 Why Are They Watching Me
46 Sunset Superman Sunset Superman
47 Metal Will Never Die Metal Will Never Die V 2 Comments
48 Time to Burn Time to Burn
49 Feed My Head
50 This Is Your Life

This one of most favorite dio song, this song is so beautiful! Ronnie did a amazing job with this song, it has also made a point, like this is your life you are not going to be here forever, do what you desire and be happy:).

51 Eriel

What a lyrics! What a music! What a song!

52 Gypsy Gypsy V 1 Comment
53 Losing My Insanity

This is one of the best I've heard from dio overall... it makes a melodic rhythm that reminds me of the times of knights and sorts... -PMH

V 1 Comment
54 Invisible Invisible

How can you left this one out? One of the originals.

55 Another Lie Another Lie
56 Hide In the Rainbow
57 Lord of the Last Day Lord of the Last Day
58 Push Push
59 Along Comes a Spider V 1 Comment
60 My Eyes My Eyes V 1 Comment
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