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1 Dear X, You Don't Own Me

Song just sounds inspiring, well put together, and amazing message behind the lyrics. Dear x, you DON'T own me!

This song is epic and deserves to be way higher on the list. It's much better than Rise Up in my opinion.

It's their best song, it should be on top.. way more better than Rise up... AWESOME LYRICS

Awesome song in every meaning of the word! - LarkwingFlight

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2 Things Left Unsaid V 4 Comments
3 Rise Up

This is an Japanese song for encouraging all of the young ones to keep learning and seeking for their dreams, which is definitely suitable for the opening performance of 2012 London olympic games~

Hey! Say! JUMP Is boyband/idol group who always do hard work for their dreams since children. And bring so much inspiration for all fans around the world. Arigatou Hey! Say! JUMP, I hope you all guys can performance in 2012 London Olympic Games.

We're bout rise up!

4 Once and for All

Great way to start your day with this song right here and to talk to god

This song will clean all your shame

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5 Someday

Amazing. Simply outstanding. One of the best songs I've ever heard. This should be #1. - Alpha101

It's just amazing.. brilliant music, heartwarming lyrics.. a perfect example of what a good song should be like.
"Someday we will rise above the pain of this world
Someday the grave and death will lose their sting
There'll be no more tears and no more shame
And all our scars will fade away
Only love will remain, someday"

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6 Worth the Pain
7 After the World

This is actually the best song from disciple... The emotionally beautiful lyrics, music and all are just brilliant - arpanvinayak

Our wedding song

Love this song

8 Deafening
9 Game On
10 My Hell

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11 Scarlet
12 Erase
13 Remedy

This one should be #1, or at least #11

14 Invisible

I really like the song, I never went theough depression but I feel it would really help people with depression cope with their problems. The song is also awesome, my favourite song from disciple and the first one I heard from them.

This should be number one

15 Battle Lines
16 Scars Remain

This shows us how we view others from hard times

This is my FAVOURITE Disciple song!

Best song in my opinion

17 One More Time
18 Draw the Line

Awesome song with awesome meaning... Can help people stop their satanic addictions - arpanvinayak

It's a great song from their new album, O God Save us All. Check out the song because I guarantee that when you hear the song the you will love it. Even the lyrics of the song make it great

19 Outlaws
20 Before You
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1. Scars Remain
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3. Dear X, You Don't Own Me
1. Dear X, You Don't Own Me
2. Things Left Unsaid
3. Deafening
1. Someday
2. My Hell
3. Erase

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