My Thoughts On Various Disney Movies

And a good day to you TopTenners! In this post, I will express some of my thoughts on various Disney (and Pixar) movies. This will be mostly based on my opinions, so I won’t expect everyone to agree. I picked several movies that I feel I want to share my overall thoughts of, and will try to describe these thoughts briefly, for your convenience.

Growing up, I didn’t watch a whole lot of Disney Animated movies. I mean, I still watched a fairly decent amount but nothing too big. Overall, I just wasn’t a fan of Disney musicals (excluding a few exceptions). I was more of a fan of the Pixar movies, because they focused more on the story aspect, and character development as well. They touched on subjects, that may be something hard for kids to fully understand but did it in a way that was entertaining, moving and overall great. Unlike the Disney Animated movies, where I felt as if it was more based off morals and didn’t have a focus on more personal subjects.

One of my favorite Pixar films is Ratatouille. It’s a very charming movie about a rat with a dream to cook. A simple concept but it ends up with some of the most realistic messages a kids movie could give. The whole concept of “Anyone can cook” is more of a metaphor on striving your dream. Not anyone can pick up ingredients and cook but anyone can have the gift to cook. Whether you were trained all your life, or just have the talent already inside just waiting for that opportunity, “Anyone can cook”.

Deeper meanings aside, the film is a very gorgeous looking film. Especially in the scene, where the main character, Remy, realizes he was in Paris. Characters are great, plot is well made and the jokes are, all around, quite humorous and charming.

Another Pixar film I really love is Toy Story 2. While the first one was an important landmark for film, and I, in no doubt, love that movie too, the second will always be my favorite (The third installment was pretty great too). While the first movie focused on the concept of friendship, the second focuses more on a rather deeper subject. In the film, Woody gets taken by a collector. It was there in the thief's apartment where Woody finds out exactly who he was. Imagine not knowing anything about your origin, and finding about it all after you just got taken from your home. That would be a very overwhelming day.

Overall, the films discusses themes of abandonment, with Jessie’s backstory, identity and figuring out where you belong. As well as growing up and themes of responsibility. All packed in a well made, colorful and unique adventure, with lovable characters and heartwarming moments. It’s everything good about an animated kids feature.

Now let’s discuss a Pixar film that I don’t really like so much. Cars 2. Now to be honest this movie was released way after I was a fan of animated movies. But so was Up, and I really love that film too.

Here is my main problem with Cars 2. It’s an obvious merchandise seller. The first Cars sold millions of toys, so of course the second installment will too. Oh look, now they’re making a third one. Chrissake, how many of these movies do we need!? That reason aside, let’s discuss more of why I’m not a fan of this movie.

First off, the main character is really unlikable. I have no idea why they decided to make the comedy relief of the first film, the lead role of the second. So basically, his whole plot is that he accidentally got himself working into a spy organization (in one of the most cliché ways ever) and he finds out that the world is much scarier than Radiator Springs. Then he feels upset that it seems most people think he’s an idiot (probably because he is) and then he almost ends up blowing up the Queen of England or something. It’s a very over the top movie. After watching it, I didn’t feel the heartwarming feel of some of the other Pixar movies. I didn’t feel like there was a clear message beyond the vague “don’t let other people tell you who you are” moral. It just didn’t have the charm or appeal as some of the other Pixar movies. It was overall, pretty pointless and a waste of my time.

In this next section of this post, I’m going to discuss, in a very brief manner, my thoughts on various Disney Animated movies.

Aladdin - I love this film. One of my favorite Disney movies (and one of their few musicals I enjoy as well). Great characters with an actual believable relationship between the love interests, an intimidating villain with a believable motivation and an overall really good soundtrack. Also Robin Williams, as the genie. That alone makes this film.

The Lion King - I really like this movie too. I appreciate the different approach with setting and character designs, basing it off african culture. It gives the movie its own unique setting. The soundtrack is amazing as well. I can see why this is the most loved Disney movie, because it really is a good film.

Frozen - Meh.

The Princess and the Frog - I remember when my sister would watch this movie all the time, but surprisingly, I never got sick of it. It’s pretty good, with a pretty good soundtrack as well. Took a well known (and slightly stupid) fairy tale and made it into a charming, well made movie.

Meet the Robinsons - I used to love this movie a lot as a kid. Going back to it. It’s pretty good, with a few rooms left for improvement. Most notably the overwhelming amount of unnecessary characters, which are obviously only there for comic relief. It has some very touching moments, and admittedly, the antagonist is one of the funniest antagonists in a Disney movie.

Beauty and the Beast - I’ve never watched this one. (Prepares to be attacked to death by angry Disney fans) Oh and I don’t care to watch it’s live action remake. *shrugs* So sorry.

The Little Mermaid - It’s fine. But not really one of my favorites. Oh and this is an example of a Disney musical, I don’t really care for.

So that about wraps it all up for this post. Please feel free to ask me my thoughts on other Disney movies, I may of not talked about here. Remember though, there’s plenty of Disney movies I haven’t watched yet, so don’t be surprised if my response to certain movie is, “i dunno, haven’t watched it”. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and have a good day!


So these My Thoughts On... Posts won't be a regular thing but I'll do these whenever a certain topic, I want to discuss, is on my mind. - cjWriter1997

I don't like Disney works, actually never had much interest in them...But The Lion King is great.
And among shows ( I don't watch them ), But when I was a little kid I sometimes would watch Recess - Ananya

I don't mind remkeremkws if done well as the last three were good
Jungle book A
Pete's Dragon A-
Beauty and the beast A - visitor

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