Aladdin deserves to be number one. Every single song ("One Jump Ahead", "Friend Like Me", "Prince Ali" and "A Whole New World") is brilliant, the characters are beautiful and Robin Williams' charisma make the film classic Disney. Aladdin is a timeless piece, which can be watched again and again. I love it!

I totally love this movie. The hilarious scene of the movie for me is when the genie turned into a sheep and said to Aladdin, "oh I feel sheepish, alright you bad boy, but no more freebies. "i found the bad bit very amusing

Honestly, Aladdin is my life. It has always been my favorite movie and now I'm in Aladdin in my theater group (I'm Jasmine and I watch it all the time. It is THE Disney movie! Should definitely be NUMBER 1 on this list!

I love this movie it's so hilarious especially when Jafar starts laughing it's so hilarious he cracks me up every time with his laugh and oh yeah his face expressions are so hilariously priceless! And the sarcastic jokes are absolutely just funny!

Aladdin is the best! The scenery is diverse and who can resist Genie. Bottom line is, Aladdin has a breathtaking plot + setting, AMAZING music and the is exotic! A Disney's Classic - Go Watch It (Again)!

The musical touch is what disney is known for. Flawless execution with robin williams as the genie. A story line of some history adding the disney touch and this movie is jaw dropping.

I love Aladdin... I grew up with the movie. Robin Williams is also a very good actor, the genie was a great character. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I had (still have) a huge crush on Aladdin

Aladdin is the best Disney movie ever! A whole new world is THE best song written still to this day! It has been my favorite movie since I was 5! I can watch this movie over and over again, so should you.

I love this movie so much! There are some great songs and music in this film, and the voice actors are just perfect! Characters rock too and you really wish you were there!

Definitely my favourite Disney movie ever! I could watch this every single night and not get bored of it. If only I could find myself a guy like Aladdin haha.

Best Disney movie ever I am so in love with aladdin... I swear I'd marry him if he were real... Also the movie has a great message for children. Should be #1 on the list

I love Aladdin! Great music, great characters, great villain, and a great ending! Definitely my favorite Disney movie to date!

my favorite part of the movie is when the little gut in the beginning has a little tuperware box and he says, "listen, ppthh, still good!!!!!" i love this movie. my fave

Prince Ali, fabulous he... I love Aladdin, the songs are so great and catchy and it doesn't matter how old you are, you can still appreciate them... I especially love the Genie! - samoodle

! This movie is fantastic. I just watched it again yesterday, and the truth is, it has it all! The music, the animation, the clever lyrics, SOME OF HOWARD ASHMANS MUSIC (ahem, Genius! ), even great unused songs, a clever storyline, and a moral about being yourself and the importance of it.

This movie made me feel like an adult growing up, and makes me feel like a child, now. For better or worse, Aladdin made me believe in true love.

Top movie one of the best Disney movies by miles the genie is the best character in the movie he is like the best friend you can have

Love this movie so very much! The characters are so hilarious, especially Iago, Abu and Genie. It also has a wicked scary villain!

Wonderful movie for both kids and adults. As an adult I wasn't put to sleep by this plot or animation, it was simply wonderful

This is my favorite Disney movie of all time! Wonderful music, and a wonderful ending! I can't ever get enough of watching it!

Most of the Disney movies I grew up watching have just gotten old.. except Aladdin, its not my favorite but its definitely one of the best

Aladdin is amazing! I feel really sad that Jasmine gets barely any attention in the merchandise however.

Aladdin is the best movie ever in the whole entire world, and if you haven't seen it recently, watch it! I promise you will love it!

I love this movie I watch it over and over all the time when I'm free aladdin is like very girl's prince

Aladdin has such a pretty voice, and the genie! Wow! Amazing! He is super funny, and has the best lines.