Beauty and the Beast


Great in every aspect of animated film making. Beautifully animated, great score and songs, fantastic storytelling aspects that are much deeper than people give it credit for, especially when you realize Belle isn't the main character, the Beast is, it definitely becomes much more than just a love story, it becomes a redemptive story that asks the question 'what does it mean to be human? ' Not to mention a great cast of characters. None of them feel hokey or out of place (I'm looking at you Hunchback gargoyles). I know Lion King is always going to be the forerunner, and even I think that is my personal favorite, but when discerning the best as objectively and unbiased as I can I think Lion King lacks some of the deeper story elements that BatB has, which puts it over Lion King by just a touch.

This is my favorite Disney movie of all time! So when I was 2 my mom put the Beauty and the Beast movie on for me. I was terrified of it! The beast scared me to death! But then my grandma took me to see the new movie and I loved it. My mom has loved this movie since she saw it in the theater as an adult. And now this has just been the type of movie I can watch over and over and over again and never get tired of watching it. The plot to the movie is amazing about how its not about what is on the outside it is the inside that matters. This is just an amazing Disney movie and animation is so perfectly done. I just love Belle's personality and thoughtfulness to the beast. Plus, Gaston is just one of the best Disney villains and so is Lefou. This is the best Disney movie ever! Hands down!

This is by far my favourite Disney film ever! I think it was one of the first Disney films I saw growing up and I probably love it just as much (maybe more) today. The protagonists are loveable characters and the songs are all brilliant and memorable. I also think Belle is the best Disney Princess as she is a good role model for young girls since the film is based more on Belle's kindness and intelligence than her beauty - the whole film in general being about seeing past appearances as beauty is only skin deep - which makes the film have a good message. Basically I love this film.

This is definitely up there for my fave Disney movies. I can't really say it's my favorite though just because I have ties for favorite. This, little mermaid, and Anastasia are tied for first. Belle is just such a strong, smart, and caring woman and I think that she is an excellent role model and she later learns that beautiful people can be found in ugly bodies. A very good message for girls in today's world if you ask me - doctor11

It's charming, yet simple. The princess isn't just sitting around crying, waiting for her prince to come. And the prince isn't impossibly perfect. It has beautiful animation and music. There is subtle but clean humor and also a lot of symbolism that actually has real meaning. The story is wonderful and unique. All in all, the best Disney movie.

This movie is a masterpiece. The songs, story and animation are unforgettable. It also teaches good moral values, that you shoudn't judge a book by it's cover. Belle is truly the ULTIMATE Disney Princess. She is smart, out-spoken, doesn't conform to her society's view of what women should be like. She chooses reading and adventure over marrying an arrogant man and doing dull housework and putting up with his ineptitude for the rest of her life. A classic 10/10

Beauty and The Beast is my all time favorite Disney animation. The beautiful scenes are mesmerizing! I love Belle, because she is a free spirit and loves adventure and excitement, just like me! She is wise too, she knows that Gaston is a real jerk, who comes off as a very handsome wolf in sheep's clothing. The enchanted castle is wonderful to see and I also like all the household enchanted figures that help guide the Beast in knowing that Belle is the..One..that will break the evil witches spell on the Prince of the castle.

I firmly believe that this film is the best animated motion picture ever made. It has an almost flawless story, the animation looks fantastic, the characters are all written so well, the score is great, and the moral is solid. Being the first animated film to have been nominated for Best Picture I would say I'm not the only one with this opinion.

This is my favourite Disney animated classic of all time though it is only one year older than myself. Everything about it is just brilliant, from the music right down to the animation and although other animated classics have been released since, this is one of the best Disney renaissance films to date.

Love this movie! 1 of my faves and I'm in grade 9

Along with The Lion King and The Little Mermaid, this is one of the best Disney movies yet! It teaches that there's more to people than what they look like, and the movie is just so beautiful. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it 110! It's just that good! It should be #3 behind The Little Mermaid and The Lion King with The Little Mermaid at 2 and The Lion King at #1 of course!

Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful movie and it has so many good messages both to children and adults. It has the best musics, best songs, best story and best characters. It's classic and timeless.. A perfect animation movie, a masterpiece. No wonder it got the academy award nomination for best picture despite being an animation film.

I am angry that this isn't higher on the list. Belle is pretty much the best princess ever, willing to sacrifice herself for family and willing to face a angry mob for the man she loves. If this isn't at least in the top three next time I check I think I shall discredit this site.

To add to the comments posted here, did you know that this movie was the first animated movie to be nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Picture in an era where animated movies being nominated in that category was unheard of. Also, it won the Golden Globe for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy).

It is my favorite Disney movie of all times because it has a pretty, beautiful, hot, sexy, sweet, and friendly girl as the princess and a prince who is a part king gentlemen, carnivore animal, and a ruler put togethor. I think girls are hot, sexy, and friendly, but every girl I like right now is dating someone and that is a pain in the something I do not want to say but anyways Walt Disneys Beauty and the Beast has this magic mirror that if any character wants to see something they say it to the mirror and shows it to them I like the end of the movie and the song on the credits

Scincerley Ryan Warden

This movie is adorable! I watched it more when I was older, but the songs are so cute! The people who made it were an all male group, so the way they captured Belle was very interesting from a man's point of view, instead of a woman's. Well done guys! Well done! :')

My favorite film in the canon, even though I'm a guy. Great heroine (Belle), a complex hero (Beast), a well-developed villain (Gaston), fantastic songs and score, excellent animation, and lovable side characters make this a Disney classic.

A fairytale romance with award-winning songs and three-dimensional characters. Not to mention it was the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture. A movie classic!

most original characters, a disney princess with a brain. The Prince actually has depth, with a good dose of grey morality. And for once the villian is not completely evil, just a selfish swine. Best romance of them all.

So beautiful, I still cry at it and I simply love the soundtracks. It's just really romantic and the way love can change somebody... It's amazing, may sound like a naive love story but it's pure and honest

I love this movie and Belle is my favorite Disney princess! Out of all of the Disney princess movies, this one actually teaches a lesson: its what's on the inside that counts!

How could this movie not be at the top?!? It has everything that makes Disney movies so special: fantastic animation, award-winning songs, three-dimensional characters, singing candles! THE WORKS!

Easily one of the greatest movies of all time. The tale as old as time is my favorite movie even in my teen years. An amazing story with an amazing theme done in an amazing way!! 10 out of 10!!!

This movie was designed with love and care, and it really shows in the quality. A true classic among classics, the "tale as old as time" is one of, if not, Disney's finest. I'd recommend it, but you've probably already seen it.

love this flim! my twins love it so much there age 2 and every nite we have 2 watch it b4 bed and again in the morning. its there 1st disney flim they have watched. it beats peppa pig and fifi flowertots everytime!