Finding Nemo


This is likE one of my favorite movies of all time-- some bits are funny and some sad. I like how the setting was based in Australia Because I have travelled to Australia and it is such a beautiful country. I didn't expect a Disney movie to be set in Australia. I recommend that you should vote for Finding Nemo!

This movies is one of the greatest animated films I have ever seen in my life. It is up there with lion king and the rest of the amazingly animated films. The ending is breathtaking. I prefer not to ruin for those who have not seen the masterpiece as of yet!

When does Finding Dory comes out? This movie is awesome, and also helped me through my roughest times... This movies like this one, are one of the greatest and should be at least on top with next to Lion King.. It also helped Talia... Remember at your roughest times " Just keep swimming "...

Rest In Heaven, Princess

Finding nemo is an animation wonder! Such beauty and divine, and much work was put into this Jewel of animation! Such imagination was put into this piece of artwork! This is the center of animation! This is the heart and soul of crisp animation, of glorious plotting, and just good storytelling

This movie reminds me of when I was a little kid! It's cute and stuff, like all Disney movies are, and it does have some adventure stuff (without Finn and Jake, though). I loved the ocean scenes and the great animation. Awesome story too. Watch it.

Greatest animated movie ever seen.

Finding Nemo is the best animated movie of all time. I mean come on it deserves to be at least in the top two.

Finding Nemo is still the best Disney movie I've ever seen in my life.

" Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming swimming, What do we do? We swim swim swim.! " I love Dory. Finding Nemo, is the best Disney Animated movie end of story - carringtonNichole07

It's me biggest brave/tangled maybe frozen fan... Out of all the movies on this list Nemo has to be my favorite! Who doesn't love dory!? I'm sure we can all agree Disney and Pixar did I great job on this!

Finding nemo have some really funny parts in it. And the cast is really great. This movie is great for kids and some time even adults. I love this movie a lot thanks bye

Come on guys, Finding Nemo was the best movies you ever saw when you were young. It was just so interesting. I really like movies that show the point of view of animals and this was the best. Lion King, be prepared!

Without a doubt best Disney movie ever and one of the best movies of all time. It illustrates the power of unconditional love and never giving up. I love this movie so much and sea creatures are awesome!

I really loved this film no wonder it's the most selling movie on dvd of all time. Me and my family love the film and still love it in 2012. So cool

This movie is just so enchanting. Sydney is wonderful, the ocean is awesome, the adventure is magical and the animals are so amazing! It must be number one, it is better than the lion king.

You could tell they put a ton of effort into this movie. Great voice actors, beautiful soundtrack, emotional story, the designs are well done, and the movie itself still makes me laugh.

There's such an extensive list of reasons to love this movie that a 10,000 page essay wouldn't be able to do it justice. Find me a person who doesn't love this movie and I'll feed them my gym socks. - BKAllmighty

Finding Nemo is a really beautiful movie, I love see to Nemo and his father finding him, and making Everything for find her son

Absolutely brilliant film, emotional and exciting definitely the best animated film ever! Brilliant cast!

Finding Nemo is the best animated movie ever! It was well casted, had a beautiful musical score, the story was presented very well. Love the humor! It is my childhood!

Finding Nemo is the best. It has fantastic humor, good casting, and one of the most important life lessons. These all put together make a fantastic disney movie!

I love ellen in this movie! She is the best! I love her talk show! Watch it all they time! Nemo is super cute too!

Absolutely my favorite Disney movie! Dori is what made this movie! I love putting this movie on for the "kids"... So glad they're coming out with Finding Dori! - SociallyxxDistorted

Eight? Eight? Eight?
Of course I disagree... This lovely film deserves much more than 8th!

Great great great great great not only is it the best Disney movie it is the best movie ever!

I love finding nemo so much because it is funny sad and exiting all in one movie well good