Very good special effects, amazing music, good characters, and funny moments. Its like Disney/Pixar is actually rising from their downfall!

One of the best movies of all time! Should be up there with the lion king and the little mermaid. Beautiful, the characters are so relatable, the songs are amazing, the MANY morals are meaningful, it is modern, different, and kind of goes against everything Disney believes in. For example: love at first sight, (So Disney has been coming away from this for a while, but frozen has broken it off, with Elsa's famous "You can't marry a guy you just met" line. ), the guy saves the day in the end (which is what always happens, even if you don't see it at first. Just think about it for a moment... Okay, so you think the guy didn't save the day in the princess and the frog? Yes he did, because if he and tiana didn't fall in love, tiana would never had turned back into a human. And mulan? Well actually when the general guy spared her life, he also saved the story, so there. ) Okay anyways, in all Frozen is amazing, and people need to stop saying its lesbian because they are SISTERS! ...more

Frozen is boring as ever. Why is it at the 13th spot?!

There are still arguments on who the main character is! And I don't even know who it is, either! Elsa? Anna? Somebody tell me! Elsa and her powers always attract Emo teenagers AND those small six year old's that only talk abut Frozen. Seriously! Since it was a Disney movie, and my mum grew up around Disney (literally) I had to watch it! And I admit, I liked it at first glance. Then my entire class had to watch the movie Frozen when it was released! I was sick of Frozen.

And, I'm pretty sure the six year old's that watched it were only in for the merchandise! I mean, this movie ranked in SO much money from marketing. In fact, I STILL see the annoying Elsa and Anna dresses when I go to Walmart! I am sick of this movie! I hope this movie goes down on the list!

Awesome music, awesome animation, awesome characters, and a really good message and humor! I'm so glad they FINALLY have a Disney princess that DOESN'T marry the first man she meets!

While, the Lion King is a good movie it is FAR from being one of Disney's best. There are huge problems with it. Like the main character, who is the most boring and generic thing in the whole movie. When compared to Anna, the protagonist of Frozen, there's just no contest, Anna is much more entertaining. Another problem is the music, most of it sucks. Be prepared is great, and I like circle of life, but everything else is just annoying. Once again compared to Frozen there's just no contest Frozen wins by a landslide, every single song is amazing. One other huge flaw is the botched up message. So Simba learns to face his past, but when he does he starts to lose, and every thing he was taught before is suddenly working against him. Nobody even helps him or gets backs him up much until they find out he didn't kill his father. So I guess the moral is never take responsibility for what you've done, because nobody will help you unless it turns out you really didn't commit the crime. How is ...more - Tacosarelife

This movie has some great characters (My favorite was Anna! ). Elsa is very caring for her sister, and wants to stay away, so she doesn't hurt Anna. Anna is ready to meet people after being locked behind gates for years. She even wants to find true love, but we know what that true love is at the end. (Besides, I kind of crush on Anna). Olaf is funny and makes me laugh. Kristoff has a cool friendship with Sven, the reindeer. Hans is a great two-faced villain, who begins as a handsome prince, and then a prideful person who pushes Anna out to kill Elsa, which stops the eternal winter, so he can be the hero. The story is very fun and moving (Just like a lot of Disney movies). The humor is creative and funny. The songs are very good. I loved "For the First Time in Forever", "Let it Go", "Do you Wanna Build a Snowman? ", and "In Summer". Overall, I think this is a great movie that fits with the classics made by Disney. This is one of my favorite Disney movies, only behind Toy Story 2.

So glad stupid Anna and Elsa are not joining the Disney Princess franchise, great news! This movie is bad, really bad. I don't see how people love it, I watched it with my siblings and we left the cinema disappointed, it did not live up to the reputation of Disney. Tangled was way better, Tangled was amazing. Frozen was a cold gloomy miserable movie about two whiny princesses who could make their relationship work. So crap! I wish Frozen would disappear and all you Frozen lovers could never watch it again, that would be heaven and you all deserve it for making the world suffer with you Frozen obsessions, pretty soon the countries national anthem will be changed to Let it go, seriously let it go people the movie is two years old.

I do not think that this is the best Disney movie (movies from the time of Lion King or Aladdin are still far better), but it is still far better than some of you say, with its own qualities to share. It definitely has its humour, its songs are catchy and it has a good message to spread (finally a Disney movie when the villain wasn't looking or acting like a villain from the beginning! That's what bothered me most on the old great films.). I understand why do you hate it but I think the fanatic fans are to be blamed here, not the film. Also, the position of the film on the list is changing over time, so I'd advise you not to laugh at people who say it's on certain position where it isn't.

This movie isn't considered the best movie since Lion King for nothing. With an amazing soundtrack & storyline, a lovable & hilarious snowman that will make your sides hurt, and a smart and hidden villain, this movie instantly went up to my personal top 10. The beginning song is astounding and even though the villain is only there for about a fourth of the movie, it's still memorable. And I will have to speak to who's in charge of the Oscar's if this movie doesn't win one.

Frozen is my most favorite Disney movie. I like the cgi animation better than the hand drawn animation. I also love how the themes; True love can also come from family and the first guy isn't necessarily the right guy. I am aware that other Disney movies have conveyed these messages ("Lilo and Stitch" and "Enchanted"), but at least to me, Frozen delivered those messages a little better.

Moreover, frozen doesn't just have an excellent storyline, but fabulous characters. The chacters are really what makes the movie so brilliant. The characters are well rounded and because of their diverse personalities, relatable. There are many people who find themselves relating with one of the characters.

Lastly, the songs are just brilliantly written and catchy. In the end, frozen is a fun movie to watch for a wide variety of ages.

This is literally the best movie I've watched in a long time. I loved Elsa so much. Wait, no, I adored her. She was the best character disney has ever created. She has superpowers, she can sing, she has real, complex emotions, is relatable, and she's absolutely gorgeous. Frozen has really awesome catchy songs. Let it Go is my favourite song. I listen to it every day. It also has great animation and voice actors. They really fit the characters. This is going to revive disney animation.

I am obsessed with this movie! I especially loved Olaf! He was the best character in that movie! I loved Elsa's magic! It made me want some too! Anna was so funny and clumsy, making me realize that not all Disney Princesses are proper and sophisticated. I loved the whole story line, and the sisterly love, which is one of the strongest forms of love. To be honest, my sister is my best friend, even though there is like a 2-3 year gap between us.

I liked Frozen. In fact, I really liked Frozen. But after suffering through two-and-a-half years of 'Let it Go' everywhere, I am beginning to get sick of the movie. And that's not something that usually happens with me and Disney movies. So, for a little bit at least, this movie needs to go away. - BKAllmighty

Frozen gets way too much hate these days. Guys, it's wrong to hate a movie just because it's popular. Sure, some of the fans are obnoxious, but nobody can force you to watch this movie. If you look beyond the hype (which doesn't occur much these days, due to the criticism. Almost everyone I know can't stand this movie), you will see a truly great and magical Disney movie. I'm gonna get a lot of minuses for this, but hey, it's my opinion. It's a great movie, and I'm not changing my mind.

Great story with good lessons! Not a stereotypical story! Shows what true love truly is and shows situations that parallel real life ( parents dying in an accident, sacrificing for children/siblings, thinking you love someone, having someone betray you)! Great songs, cute characters (Olaf and sven :))! Watch it again and again without getting bored in French and English! Great songs LET IT GO sooo touching goosebumps, strong protagonists, defined female roles, brave honorable gorgeous elsa, adorable feisty innocent anna!
Fourth disney movie (besides nemo lion king toy story) to sadden my soul deeply! Kudos Pixar singers and Idina Menzel!

Frozen is my favorite Disney movie because of the lovable main characters and the beautiful yet tragic storyline! I love a bunch of Disney movies but this one I could watch every single day I never get tired of it. Plus the songs are all really well written and amazing!

This stupid movie is not that good. The songs are so ANNOYING! They are terrible. Don't even get me started with Do you want to build a snowman, Or let it go. I will literally explode. I saw it and never want to see it again. In my opinion Olaf is the only good character. But what I hate most is.It's EXTREMELY OVERRATED! Seriously. Since it came out it has gotten so much attention that everyone nearly forgot about all the other movies released earlier like Wreck it Ralph, CARS, Cars 2, Tangled, Toy Story 3, UP, and so many more. Thanks to frozen these movies are all forgotten about.

In my opinion I don't think this shouldn't be on the list. It's really over rated and the songs from the movie get stuck in your head. I used to really like it but after watching the film quite a few times it gets annoying. I was expecting this to beat the Lion King on this list because it's so popular. I'm actually quite surprised that this is not higher up the list.

Those asking why this is so low: "Mulan". Not that I think "Mulan" deserves to be so high I always found it very overrated and it only got worse when people started hating on "Frozen" and shouting from the mountaintops how we should all be loving "Mulan" instead.

I love this movie so much. This movie is so much better than Mulan. Mulan is not supposed to be in this list. Mulan is a bad Disney movie. Mulan is so depressing and really gets everyone's attention and made people obsess about it. Frozen kicks Mulan's ass. Frozen and Tangled are better Disney movies than Mulan. Geneva Frank has obsession on Mulan as well.

This is my favourite disney movie and its brand new! I went in to the cinema expecting the same princess love story's as usual and instead I actually enjoyed the movie. I love how instead it's sisterly love and this movie has some of the most surprising twists I've ever seen in a disney movie.

The snows glows white on the mountain not a footprint to be seen The kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm a queen The wind is howling like this twirling storm inside wouldn't keep it in Heaven knows I tried Don't let them in don't let them see Be the good girl you always had to be Conceal don't feel don't let them know We'll now they know let it go let it go can't hold it back anymore let it go turn away and slam the door I don't care what they're going to say let the storm rage on the cool never bothered me anymore - Symbole

Unfortunately nobody cares a bout any good qualities this movie may have anymore. Hating it has become cool; that's why it's not higher.

I thought this would be number one. I am a boy and I thought this was a decent movie. I think most girls under the age of 10 agree with me. What did this gross like hundreds of millions of big ones. This is probably the biggest Disney movie ever. Again I am surprised. But I'm not sure how long this has been up either so...

Frozen is my favorite movie of all time! Elsa, my favorite character of all time, is a wonderful character that I relate to a lot. Frozen has an amazing story, characters, songs, and animation, with perfect touches of comedy. Frozen explores the true meaning of love and sacrifice in a beautiful and magical way. It is a must see movie!