The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Okay, maybe I like The Lion King more but it is already at number 1, it doesn't need help. This is easily my second favorite, and this one needs help. Maybe it does have some major flaws, yeah the gargoyles break the mood but everything else works extremely well. This feels like one of those dark plays based on classic books that are so popular nowadays. Combine that with Disney's best animation ever, and you got one heck of an animated feature.

This movie is so underrated. The music is absolutely amazing and the characters are realistic. I can't believe this isn't in a higher spot on this list, and I REALLY can't believe Cars 2 is above this. Move this up, this should definitely be number 1!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame features, what I consider to be the best Disney villain, Frollo. I'd watch it just for him! That aside, the story is complex, the characters well developed and the atmosphere both dark and charming at the same time.

It's more unknown than some of other other Disney films that's why it's so low. It should be much higher. The songs are great, the story is great for all ages and it's my all time favorite. If you haven't seen it, WATCH IT!

This is my favorite because the acting and music is so good, that and it's really dark, probably Disney at it's darkest. It goes into things like lust, temptation. Damnation, and hypocrisy.

I think this movie was the pinnacle of the Disney Renaissance. This definitely should be the number spot on this list (or at least tied with Beauty and the Beast as number one).

It was indeed the last true Golden Disney film, the music was so powerful, the story was heartwarming, and no film (except for Toy Story 3, Up, and Pocahontas) has been as fantastic.

I LOVE this movie so much! I have loved it sincce I was a little girl; and now thatI am older, it even prompted me to read the book by Victor Hugo. 500 Pages well spent.

It's almost insulting that this movie is so far down on the list when it should be in the top 3. Don't worry Quasimodo I'm still your friend.

I like how they too a risk and made a Disney movie about persecution and lust. I wish they would continue to do this, but they don't want to "offend" anybody.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I am a HUGE Disney Fanatic and this is definitely one of the most underappreciated Disney Movies ever!

A movie with mostly great songs, and not afraid to take risks or handle difficult themes. - schnippernyc

No! This film should be in the top 10! It was Disney at its greatest. Has the best visuals, music and characters!

What I like about this movie is that older people can watch it by themselves and not feel weird about it because its so mature. - aman28

How is this movie beaten by the worst Disney movie ever? Hercules had no good songs, the characters were extremely forgetful and to top it off it killed the Disney renascence. Hunchback had the best imagery, characters, and three of the best songs EVER! Vote on this damnit! - q1q1q1q1q1

Aah, I just love this movie too much. The story and the songs are just so good and the characters are realistic and relatable. - lahjakori

It greatly depresses me that this movie is so underrated. The music is perfect and the animation is beautiful. Move this up!

The gargoyles and their atrocious comic relief certainly weaken the film, but its execution is otherwise brilliant.

I to this day have no idea why more people don't like it. It is amazing and witty, also very cute with a fantastic message.

This is a very heart touching action packed amazing movie it is also my favourite movie

Incredible soundtrack, incredible story, how is this not more popular?

Best Disney Movie Ever! Greatest characters, great story, fantastic music, Disney at its best

Its been a while and I'm still wondering why this is underrated.

The Hunchback has a depth that few other Disney movies share. He is a character who does not recieve everything that he/she ever dreamed of, but learns that the reality of the world is not always beautiful, but that the things worth fighting for should be defended to the last.
Great music, wonderful plot, fabulous message, and deep characters.
Truly one of Disney's masterpieces.

My third favorite disney movie. It is just hard to explain why this feels awesome. - majormanafemale