The Lion King


Let's see father killed raised by friends gets revenge an interesting plot with interesting characters and an amazing film

My chorus teacher let his 4-year-old daughter watch this and he told us, " I'm letting a 4 YEAR OLD watch a movie about betrayal, killing, and manipulation! Uh-Oh." - Tsunami66

While, the Lion King is a good movie it is FAR from being one of Disney's best. There are huge problems with it. Like the main character, who is the most boring and generic thing in the whole movie. When compared to Anna, the protagonist of Frozen, there's just no contest, Anna is much more entertaining. Another problem is the music, most of it sucks. Be prepared is great, and I like circle of life, but everything else is just annoying. Once again compared to Frozen there's just no contest Frozen wins by a landslide, every single song is amazing. One other huge flaw is the botched up message. So Simba learns to face his past, but when he does he starts to lose, and every thing he was taught before is suddenly working against him. Nobody even helps him or gets backs him up much until they find out he didn't kill his father. So I guess the moral is never take responsibility for what you've done, because nobody will help you unless it turns out you really didn't commit the crime. How is ...more - Tacosarelife

Amazing story that is still great when you see it as adult, because it is actually pretty deep with serious problems such as life and death, finding our true self, accepting the past, understanding the balance in nature, doing what is right instead what's easier and so on. The movie is also very touching - who hasn't cried his eyes when Mufasa died, and is so beautifully done. And of course, the music is just brilliant - genius songs as The circle of life and Can you feel the love tonight are absolutely unforgettable.

YES YES YES YES YES! BEST MOVIE EVER! The Lion King is my favorite. Disney movie and favorite. Movie for so many resons. I love it so much and have watched it so many times that I can recite the whole movie songs and all. If you haven't watched this movie you have something wrong with you. All the characters are so good. Scar is the most evil creature I've ever seen! He kills his brother and blames it on his nephew then tries to kill his nephew too! And Simba is played so well. He thinks he killed his dad, runs away then comes back and avenges his dead father! Epic!

This is the first Disney movie, in fact, it is probably the first movie I have ever watched. Right from the opening scene, I instantly fell in love with it. Now that I'm 18 years old, No movie has come close to outdoing the Lion King. I don't care what other people say, it is the king of films. If you've never watched the lion king then shame on you. Pick up a copy today. Everything from the story, to the characters to the animation and the music is just simply AMAZING. Long live the LION KING, the greatest movie ever!

This movie is totally amazing I just wanted to say... That the voice actors are so amazing! Aren't you worthy enough to be first?! I always hope it'll be first and now it comes true! You should see the clip lion king with the song 'dance with my father' and it's truly awesome!
This movie is full of emotion that could make us laugh, cry, or whatever.
And I love 'can you feel the love tonight? '

Characters: All very developed, lovely and enjoyable, great and threatening villain. 9/10
Music:Some of the movies are not as strong as others, but the opening sequence, the villain song and the love song are excellent. 8.5/10
Animation & Designs: Specially on the beginning, the animation is one of Disney's best. In the other scenes, the animation are good, sometimes great.8/10
Story: Instead of just being inspired or based from a classical story, it's based from one of the greatest books of all time, Hamlet. 10/10
Voice acting: Great casting, fitting voices, wonderful use to them. 10/10

Everyone that says this movie is terrible because it's racist or sex promoting (in children) needs to calm down. It is a children's movie none of the jokes are there to influence children in any way because most of the jokes are there for the parents. Besides, I never noticed any racist or sexual jokes growing up watching the movie, (and I watched it A LOT) and the movie can't influence anyone if they don't see the jokes or messages. So please stop being so obnoxiously "politically correct" and enjoy life (your just being annoying).

I feel like this was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in my entire life! Laugh out loud I Love all Disney movies but The Lion King will always be my favorite... It is a classic and an absolutely amazing cartoon I watched it over and over again as a child. The lion King will always be one of those movies that you share with your kids, and they will share with their kids and so on an so forth! Timon and Pumba are amazing Characters they are hilarious and bring the entire movie together! Two Thumbs Way Way Up for this movie!

The Lion King is not only a great Disney film it is a great film period. It speaks to both old and young on different levels, even the great kings of the past would agree that this is the best Disney film and if other don't agree? Hakuna Matata! I wont cry over discrepancies over what the best Disney movie, so no worries... But in my opinion its a timeless classic & will be one of the films I never forget!

Lion King has and always will be my favorite film, Its just so beautiful. The film used desert, Savanna and jungle and made incredible settings. And in these setting were a range of colors, characters and animals that just made the film a joy to watch. Add that to the fantastic soundtrack and a heart breaking story of a prince who ran away thinking he had killed his dad when it was the evil uncle it gets 10/10 from me.

This is a great movie and always will be, I never thought much of it or even respected it until I actually saw it. The Lion king has great animation, music, and a story or plot that is like no other, but what captivates me the most about this movie is the amazing metaphor you can see in this movie about equality which we as humans can easily be translated over to our own lives. 100 out of 100 for this one, it really moved me.

I was brought up with lions and heard about Elton john doing the music I think lions are personalities in there own wright which has been proven today I am on ketchup with ELTON JOHNS music and I suppose without having grand children who nose when I get too see the film but I still am of the opinion it is great as I love lions no matter what people say I think they are cute.

Come on, you doesn't love the Lion King!? The film has great music, a great story and amazing animation! I get goose bumps watching this amazing film and even tear up when Mufasa dies, still!

Why this movie is good, its far from a masterpiece. The main character has the personality of a potato, and just like Doug Walker said: the moral gets completely screwed up at the end. When he goes to face his past he starts to lose, and everything that is taught to him works against him, until it is revealed that he didn't kill his father. How is this confronting his past? It's a past that never happened, like the film is saying if he did accidentally kill his father he deserved to be punished. It baffles me how everyone says this is the greatest Disney film when other Disney musicals like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Frozen are just sooo much better. - Tacosarelife

The Lion King was awarded "best kids movie" for a long period around 2002-2014. That was just a guess, but I know it did get a movie award. There are other good Disney movies including Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast or Mulan, but I think The Lion King does deserve to be number 1 because of all the awards and hard work on the great movie. Apparently, The Lion King is based on Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

Rarely there are things for which can be said that they are the best in it's class. It's even harder to say that for some people. However two things are a fact, Walt Disney is the best director, screenwriter etc. In the cartoon world and The Lion King is his greatest work and from that we can deduce that this movie is the best cartoon that was ever made.

Lion King is the best movie and I will make my kids and there kids watch it because this movie and T.V. shows from here 2 late 2006 was the best era for anybody child hood, I love this movie and will always treasure it, it mean a lot to me tthat people will never understand, most of the time toy story finding nemo and lion king are always tied but anybody who just is a movie person will say lion king is better than all and most definitely earns its spot as #1

NOTHING CAN BEAT THIS MOVIE! I have it on my phone and I watch every single day and cry every time! It has everything, great songs, a awesome villain, love, relationships, a really touching story. Especially the song To Die For, which is the song when the stampede scene comes in. It gets me every time!

This is the best movie of all time! It is very heartwarming, and teaches a beautiful moral! It teaches that you should never give up your responsible, and the movie is just so beautiful. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it 120! It's just that good! The next three movies right after this should be The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Fox and the Hound!

It's no competition, this is and will always be Disney's greatest creation. True 90's innocence, the epitome of collaboration between the best in music and passionate animators. Unfortunately these types of films are long gone, a sad note in our modern world. I will always remember the Disney Renaissance as the greatest in animation.

This is THE BEST disney movie. I didn't see it until I was twelve, and I really regret not seeing it earlier. Disney really outdid themselves this time, no one could ever improve on it. It almost makes me cry whenever I think about it, even though it's probably my favorite movie.

Lion king is by far the best film Disney has ever put out. Charming characters, interesting storyline and not to mention one of the best soundtracks of all time. I have the trilogy box set that I always watch when I'm feeling down. Never mind my favourite Disney film, Lion king is my favourite film ever!

Well from every comment about Lion King is amazing but I believe that Lion King is Legend! Because the story line the actors but my favourite character would be MUFASA so strong and worthy and lastly the music! Is epic and makes you feel good inside...

I do not know about others, but I am just hooked to Lion King. I am so crazy about this movie that if someone offers me 100 movies in exchange of Lion King, I will walk off. I do not understand why no one else even tried so far to make any animated movie like Lion King. May be great creations in the world do not come in plenty.