I really loved Mulan, and still do. She has shown that, just because you're a female, you can still do things that a lot of people think are "male things". Basically, Disney's way of calling everyone who thinks only men are capable of certain things out. She was supposed to be a housewife, but she was a soldier to save her injured dad, loving someone so much that she broke and bended rules even when she, and everyone else, thought she wasn't good enough. She faked being a man, and every day she never knew if she would be discovered, and she was immensely brave. She knew what might have happened if she were discovered, but she still faked being a man. And she tried and tried and never gave up, but Disney also did a great job at showing that she still had flaws and that she was still human. Totally recommend it.

I really like Mulan and the message it gives. She is probably on e of the greatest role modles for gilrs and women, out of movies of course. It also gives you a taste of what it was like for real women in ancient China. Great movie, but I am very surprised that it came in 5th place

Love conquers all, but Mulan is the first Disney movie to show that romantic love is not the only kind of love to conquer all.

Mulan is more than just a girl dressing up as a man and do men's stuff; it is about what you are willing to do to save those you love - even if you are putting the family's reputation and honor as well as your own life at risk. In other words: Mulan is about Family Honor vs. Family Love.

Mulan is a fun and relatable heroine. She is nothing special and is not portrayed as such either. She does not get her man in the end by being a pushover - she gets him by being herself: a non-ladylike, strong and smart woman with a great deal of courage, bravery and sense of moral and justice.

WOW I can't stress out how much I love Mulan! She's a great role model for girls all ages. Look at all the other Disney princesses, skinny, wearing pretty silk dresses, and showing NO heroism, whatsoever. Look at Mulan, wearing men's armor, fighting like a true warrior oh, and I forgot, SAVED ALL OF China AND PROVED GIRLS CAN DO MUCH MORE THAN LOOK PRETTY! Not to mention, those great funny moments, and the songs, especially the songs. I can't get the " Lets get down to business, and defeat... THE HANS" song out of my head! I've memorized the whole song laugh out loud. A movie that every girl ages 5-16 has to see.

The characters in the movie were realistic and funny. The evil villain actually looked evil as well as had the potential because he was clearly strong and the movie had shown him kill people. Mulan is a great role model to all women and any one else who is branded as a person that cannot due something they strongly believe in because of simple differences such as gender. It's also good for all ages and won't make a person want to tear their hair out because it's so annoying. The values are good and the plot is unique to all others. This is by far the best movie!

Mulan gives a powerful message that depicts that anyone, not only men, can do whatever they want if they set their mind to it. It also gives a sneak peek into Chinese history in a fun, exciting manner. "Mulan" can show today's society that judging oneself and others based on characteristics will get you nowhere. It's songs pose a new statement/layer to each and every major event or diversity that Mulan must overcome. All in all, an amazing movie that young kids and adults must watch.

I absolutely love Mulan because it is so different from the other Disney princess movies where people seem to get what they want so easily. In this movie a girl dresses up as a guy Togo fight in the army so her dad doesn't have to. That doesn't just show bravery or defiance. It also shows the love she has for her family. Oh and don't even get me started on the second movie!

Mulan is actually a distorted ripoff from the famous Chinese folktale. Of course there is no denying of Disney's powers to alter adapted stories and turn them into something stunning, but the plot is unoriginal and it is way too far from the real event. Chinese people actually dislikes it. A contortion of Chinese traditions. I think it's the less successful movies during the Disney Renaissance

If you think this movie is just perfect and deserves more votes and praise, do yourself a FAVOR and research the original poem. It wasn't about self-esteem or feminism and there was no annoying dragon spirit or stupid songs. The original Mulan only acted out of necessity and family loyalty (not "honor"), which is still admirable without going all Tumblr like this movie did.

I love this movie so much! Unlike most other Disney movies, Mulan is based in a different country, and the main girl in the movie doesn't just stand there waiting for some-one to rescue her! It is an underrated movie because young girls already think that women should be pathetic and not able to fight for themselves!

Mulan is an amazing hero! Unlike the main female characters in most other Disney movies, she shows true courage and heroism. It is full of emotion, trust, and love, which every movie should have. She gives a great name to not only women, but also Asian women as well. As an Asian woman, this really means a lot to me.

Mulan is my favorite princess movie because their is a wonderful story behind it. Most princesses are usually saved by the Prince. Then, they kiss, get married, and a 2nd movie comes out. Mulan was nothing like that. Just imagine, a girl trying to impress her family ends up saving China!

Mulan is amazing. And it shows that girls aren't just weak and girly like in a lot of the other Disney princess movies. Mulan was based on a real woman that fought undercover as a man in the war. I think this movie also reaches out to girls of different cultures and races as well. They should definitely make more movies like this :D

This is without a doubt the best Disney movie ever! She's a role model, She pushes through everything she faces. Every other Disney movie with a girl in it goes and cries and waits for everything to be okay but she doesn't. She goes and saves all of China. This should be #1. No question.

Everyone is going to question me on why Mulan and The Princess and The Frog ars my two favorites and not Beauty and The Beast. Honestly, it's not just because of the plot and feistiness and feminism but diversity. Tiana is black. Mulan is asian. Two brilliant protagonists that aren't white.

Yes, I love how this movie had a woman as the main character for once. When most of the time it is a man that is always the main characters because of sexism in this world. I love how this movie shows how a woman can be just as good as any other man and kick some butt :P

Mulan is beautiful and well done! She is the only strong disney princess and in most ways she is not a princess at all I guess. But think about it.
Ariel: found a boyfriend
Show white: found a boyfriend
Jasmin: found a boyfriend
Merida: umm... She didn't get a boyfriend but she screwed up in the first place and practically did nothing important.
Every other disney princess: found a boyfriend

This film encapsulates the paradox of life, really: how to honor your parents and yet still follow your own path, how to defy gender roles and still uphold them. Mulan may well be the greatest role model ever in a Disney movie, which is why it gets top pick.

Everything I watched it suggested Mulan, and when I finally watched it I instantly fell in love with it. I watched Mulan so much that memorized all the words to the songs, and the songs are always stuck in my head. I would rate this 5 stars out of 5!

Mulan is with no doubt my favorite disney princess. Wait she isn't a princess you say Disney? Well that is so stupid. Mulan is a kickass warrior that makes all the men look like amateurs. She shows that woman are fearless, strong and resilient. The Huns are attacking? No problem. Send this girl in to get the job done. She is an amazing role model that China should be taking notes on in this movie. She's capable, great at fighting, and her brains and rebellious nature are amazing assets to the film. nothing but respect for my slay queen.

Everybody's saying, oh, she overcame female standards! That's not what this great movie is about. This is about a girl with strengths and weaknesses going to fight for her elderly father. She succeeded. I think that this movie had nothing to do with female blah blah male blah things.

One of the first Disney movies to show a girl actually do something active and kick butt. Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel all lay back and let friends and men do most the work. Mulan gets right into the action no second thought. Love her!

Mulan is exciting, it has everything from action to drama. I love this movie to death, the songs are amazing and Mulan's Decision gives me goose bumps. I love the characters; I admire Mulan and Shang in every way possible, Mushu cracks me up and I really like the humor in this movie.

Mulan was very inspirational to me I watched mulan 1 and 2 when mulan 2 ended I cried my eyes out, it was by far the best Disney movie of all time. If I could make any new movie appear I would make it Mulan 3

Great art direction, great music, great voice acting, great story, great... Well everything! Without elaborating further, this is definitely my favorite animated Disney film, and surely my favorite Disney film period.