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41 Robin Hood

One of my all time favorites, the songs are catchy and the dialogue is funny! Great all round!

An inspirational tale to inspire those to work for a greater good and to display good morals.

This movie is charming even though the animation is terrible. I've always loved it!

Prince John and sir hiss and prince johns grauds are funny

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42 Treasure Planet

The best, the way build and climax of the film is most exceptional, I've watched this so many times and it never gets old

Greatest movie to ever grace my eyes. I watched it as a kid and loved it. It's one of the primary reasons I became so fascinated with ships and sailing. The movie is top notch and there is absolutely no reasons not to nab it. Movie teaches you that you can always choose your path in life and that sometimes friendships are rocky but they are always worth it.

Watched it today for sentimental value. Damn near cried and it's not even truly sad. I this movie.

Definitely I love this movie! Because its teach us to how trust and sincerity of friendship.

This film is absolutely amazing. It's a shame Frozen is higher on the list than this.

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43 Oliver & Company

I don't care what other people say about it. I still think that this is the best Disney movie to ever be released. It was actually the first Disney movie I ever remember seeing at the cinemas.

I love this film, it's deep and I found my dog in the exact way that she found her cat. Makes me cry every time its amazing and I love it!

I love this film, it's funny and the kittens are cute. A very well written Disney film.

Cars 2 is trash

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44 The Nightmare Before Christmas

The nightmare before Christmas is one of my Favourite movies of all time and my favourite Christmas movie it should be Higher on this list and teaches us to be how we are and not pretend to be some one else by far I couldn't see Tim Burton make a better animated movie in his style.

Seriously people, use common sense. This one of my favorite movies! And the ending is so sweet!

Tim Burton this was different for Disney but it was very dark and edgy and I think one of the best Disney movies.

I think it's better than cars 2

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45 Dumbo

.. The scene where dumbo meets his mother and she sings "baby mine"... Saddest thing I have ever seen in my life!

This movie might be short and simple, plus it tries not to be anything big, but it really works. It has really nice animation, a good Rudolph the red nose reindeer type story, memorable characters, nice songs, and some really tear jerking emotional scenes that work so well. This is the only movie I truly consider perfect, and it's my favorite movie of all time.

Dude when I was 5 that 'baby mine' song was the saddest song in my life. I mean Pokemon heroes was not sad but that song was so sad even sadder than Mighty Jo Young.

Dumbo not even in the top 30? This list is a joke. - PeeledBanana

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46 The Aristocats

Yet another great Disney movie that can't go unnoticed!

Best disney movie ever!

Just rediscovered the Aristocats a few days earlier. No other movie had ever made me feel like a kid again, never like this one did. So underrated - though the Lion King would be my favourite.

Better than lion king 5 favorite

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47 Monsters University

I love this movie! It is awesome!

Feeling nostalgic about this one

Not as good as the original one.

Great movie

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48 Cars 2

This film was highly underwhelming. Instead of taking time with the storylines, Pixar just tried to get out a random movie for the public every year, and in my opinion, that's terrible moviemaking. - Mcgillacuddy

This should be lower. Please make it be lower. - BKAllmighty

Yeah this movie makes no since I like the first one better. But cars 2? It's weird because it's a mixed

Cars 2 is an adventures of the world only Tokyo, porto corsa, London

Racers of the world


Francesco Bernoulli. Italy

Lightning McQueen. United States

Carla veloso. Brazil

Shu todaroki. Japan

Nigel gearsley. United Kingdom

Lewis Hamilton United Kingdom

Jeff gorvette. United States

Raul caroule. France

Max schnell. Germany

Rip clutchgoneski. New rearandia

Miguel Camino. Spain

Porto corsa

Lightning McQueen. United States

Francesco Bernoulli. Italy

Jeff corvette. United States

Lewis Hamilton. United Kingdom

Carla veloso. Brazil

Nigel gearsley. United Kingdom

Shu todaroki. Japan

Miguel camino Spain

Max schnell. Germany

Rail caroule. France

Rip clutchgoneski. New rearandia

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49 The Great Mouse Detective

This is better than any Disney princess film. The characters were believable and their personalities were realistic and could be related to. Basil and Co. Are even a wonderful introduction to the world of Sherlock Holmes given the fact that they are their equivalents. Such a great, but sadly underrated movie.

I really love this movie. the little detective mouse reminds me of the Sherlock Homes.

Just saw this movie and I regret not seeing it sooner! I loved the characters and the animation was flawless. The plot left grasping for more. Best mouse detective movie ever!

Not worst than tarzan or again, hercules

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50 Bolt

Great good brilliant. The best animate movie I've seen. Miley Cyrus' work. Love for the reason multiply and just love. Wonderful one. Yeah

Smooth, funny and well thought. The dialogues are the strongest part of this movie in my opinion. A brilliant combination of characters. The Bolt and Mittens expressions and movements are so real that I could only think of someone spending their entire life with dogs and cats to be able to reach such details in animals behavior and animate it.

this movie is so inspiring and funny you haved to see it

Never really enjoyed this movie

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51 A Goofy Movie

What is this film doing down here? It's the best film Disney ever made. It's funny. Has awesome characters and an interesting storyline. Max is a great character and his character development is good as well.

It made me laugh, and I'm in my teens. I love this movie. I'm glad Roxanne forgave him too.

Love the movie, it's so funny and it never gets old still makes your day.

I watched this yesterday. Always loved it. Whenever I think of Goofy, this comes to mind first. - BKAllmighty

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52 Brave

I really genuinely LOVED this movie. Disney may come out with some crap at times (Teen beach movie, Lemonade mouth, high school musical) but genuine and REAL disney can make me happy cry. I am seriously a huge disney fan and I personally love this list, defiantly the best movies I have ever seen were: Finding Nemo, Brave, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Monsters Inc, and I can tell Frozen is going to be off the hook! Brave throbbed on my heart. The first disney princess to: Not have a prince, have a movie describing her mother relationship with her, come from Pixar, have awesome but messed up hair, and to look pretty even with natural beauty.

Insanely good animation, a fearless unique princess, NO romantic crap and a wonderful story about family and fate. Pure brilliance.

Is such a great movie, fun to watch, easy to connect to, and really hard to forget, this one and Tangled are my favourite Disney movies of all time, but I had to go with this, because it made the life of a princess so approachable.

I like the villian was mor du why he to be mean and brave movie was my favorite Disney Pixar movie all time

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53 The Rescuers

I love the rescuers it's my favorite movie and I also love the rescuers down under I am so excited that
Both of the are coming out in a 2 movie collection on august 21 and
Pocahontas and Pocahontas 2 is coming. Out in a 2 movie collection too on august 21 too.

Should be way higher then 55, both these movies are wonderful

Great story!
I wish I could watch it now

The rescuers was my favorite Disney movie and my funny moment was the 2 one because Joanna ate the eggs when my favorite Disney villian was pricvel mcleach

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54 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

I love this movie and all the disney movie's but this is my favorite.
My list.
Lion king 2
Lion king
Hunchback of notre dame.
Beauty and the beast.

I loved the lion king and the lion king 2. That's why I want to be a lion. IT'S ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES EVER! I wish they made more and more lion kings.
I don't want them to ever end and I want to keep watching them over and over again. I loved all the lion kings. It is my all time favorite Disney movie ever and that will never change.

It was so awesome that when I watched it, it LITERALLY felt like 5 minutes, and I couldn't believe it was OVER! I watched it over and over again, and never got bored xD I thought Kovu was so hot! - Splashstorm

This should be Higher up on the list

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55 The Princess and the Frog

Lol... I'm too old to watch Disney movies, but I swear. THIS WAS MADE FOR KIDS MY AGE!
VooDoo Mamma: How's your grammama, Ray?
Ray: Oh, she got in trouble for flashing the neighbors again!
VooDoo Mama: L like dat girl! She got SPUNK!

Probably the best movie I've ever seen! It shows the good side and bad side of love. The bad side was the love for money, fame and power, while the good side was love for family, love for a friend, and of course the true meaning of love! My favorite part, when Ray the firefly finally be with Angeline!

Coolest Disney movie ever! Probably first kids movie that a good character died. LOVE IT!

Actually Bambi was the first one to kill a major character. I thought everyone knew that. And of course Lion King killed off Mufasa. Fox and the Hound killed off Tod's mother. And Brother killed off Sitka (the older brother).

I love that movie I do not mind qatch it 1.000.0000 times! Best songs ever! And you learn things like if you have a dream you have to chase it,sometimes the things aren't going as well we thought but most important thing is that love comes from nowhere but you learn that love is more important than the things you want!

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56 The Sword in the Stone

No one ever talks about this movie, but I loved it when I first saw it as a kid and I still think it's great. Maybe the best songs aren't here, but it bounces along with a nice blend of action and humor that makes for an entertaining watch. - Dave0the0Suave

My mom loves that movie. Great movie, but the worst part is Madam Mim. She is usually the main reason why viewers turn off the T.V., leave the room, hit mute, or hit fast forward when they watch this movie. What is up with her? She is NOT a funny character and she doesn't deserve it. She is the most annoying character from the movie. She annoys Wart, Merlin, and Archimedes the whole time and never loses a day of sleep over it. Her character makes the movie worse. If any character had to be dropped from the movie, it would be Madam Mim.

This is so the best movie ever!!! I love Merlin and Archimedes.

I love this movie. I've always found Madam Mim annoying and she just needs to SHUT UP for good.

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57 A Bug's Life

Best of the best... I will never forget this movie

This film is so underrated. It's right up there with Wall-e and The Lion King. I actually think the song Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith would be a good song for the end of the movie when Flik and Atta are holding hands. Put on the end of this movie at the part where Atta gets crowned queen and play Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith along with it. Just a suggestion. I found it pretty cool to do that.

I was disappointed not to see this at #1 or 2 (2 is MonstersInc) much less outside top ten! - eglum84jets

Flik is annoying and he is a total nuisance. Heimlich is a fat idiot. Slim has very annoying sarcasm. I can't stand Atta for every reason. Manny annoys me with his aggression. Gypsy is to sassy for me. Francis is a spoiled bratty ho that needs to shut the heck up. Rosie is too snarky and fiery at times. Dim is totally dumb. Tuck and Roll are D-U-M-B. Oh and the Queen UGH! P.T. Flea UGH!

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58 Brother Bear

Love this movie, can watch it thousands of times, in future will surely make my kids watch it

So beautiful yet sad and sweet. Far deeper than most since it doesn't have anyone "evil" or villain, it's just about the battle of hatred inside each person and the lesson to learn of understanding about everything living. A piece of art!

Really? This film should be in the top 20! I love this movie and what I love about it the most is that it doesn't revolve around a love story and purely focuses on family :) On the other hand, Brother Bear 2 was pretty awful in my opinion...

Brother Bear is so underrated - booklover24

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59 Meet the Robinsons

This was such a great movie! The characters were all so unique and the theme was brought in wonderfully! This movie is definitely getting onto my Christmas List!

I literally have lived my life off this movie, Keep Moving Forward, it has brought me out of who I was and helped me great what I am today. One day it will bring me to great success as an artist and computer scientist, and one day, I will be a legend in history!

I absolutely love this movie. Not only is it the best animated Disney movie, it's the best movie of all time. One time my brother and I rented it from the library, and we watched it probably about 20 times in the week we had it.

A truly inspirational story and the plot and was well thought out. It's a shame how underrated it is.

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60 Spirited Away

This is not really a Disney movie but is the best in this list. I guess most here haven't watched it.

The film was licensed by Disney. But that doesn't mean Disney made the film entirely. Disney film or not, it is a spectacular and beautifully animated anime film. - OnyxDash

Wait if anime is a type of from of Disney, than this should be in the top 10 lol. - htoutlaws2012

Hardly - GriffinDoge

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