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61 Fun and Fancy Free

If you haven't seen Mickey, Goofy and Donald in 'Jack and The Bean Stock', 'Bongo' the circus bear, or 'Casey Junior and The Circus Train' you and your kids are in for a treat. This is Disney cartooning at it's best. You'll find all three shorts in 'Fun and Fancy Free'.

62 Meet the Robinsons

This was such a great movie! The characters were all so unique and the theme was brought in wonderfully! This movie is definitely getting onto my Christmas List!

I literally have lived my life off this movie, Keep Moving Forward, it has brought me out of who I was and helped me great what I am today. One day it will bring me to great success as an artist and computer scientist, and one day, I will be a legend in history!

I absolutely love this movie. Not only is it the best animated Disney movie, it's the best movie of all time. One time my brother and I rented it from the library, and we watched it probably about 20 times in the week we had it.

A truly inspirational story and the plot and was well thought out. It's a shame how underrated it is.

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63 Spirited Away

This is not really a Disney movie but is the best in this list. I guess most here haven't watched it.

The film was licensed by Disney. But that doesn't mean Disney made the film entirely. Disney film or not, it is a spectacular and beautifully animated anime film. - OnyxDash

Wait if anime is a type of from of Disney, than this should be in the top 10 lol. - htoutlaws2012

Hardly - GriffinDoge

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64 The Lion King 1½

Funniest lion king movie ever... Puts all the lost pieces together.

Well I think that this is the best! I love lion king it is my best movie and the other movie too but lion king is the first Disney movie I saw and lo

It's the funniest of the franchise its very lighthearted and funny compared to the original and its more like a buddy film about on the search of a perfect place to live without no worries


Kind of.


Not really, to be honest. I loved this film as a little one and after rewatching it, I still do. After watching the original TLK, I learned that Timon & Pumbaa, albeit funny, never really got that much character development. This film instantly made up for it. I was laughing my a** off the entire way through, especially at the fourth wall breaks when we learn that the duo are actually watching the film with us. This film is arguably one of the better direct to video Disney Sequels. Top 3, at best. - OnyxDash

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65 Dinosaur

Super movie, very good story about dinosaur life and there struggles. I watched it more than 100 times

Most violent Disney Movie ever to be made.

Quite an underrated gem. - OnyxDash

66 The Black Cauldron

This film is gold for Disney. No annoying songs, no being afraid to show people die and develop, and best of all, a story that is wonderfully dark and twisted. This movie is sadly underrated. In fact, Disney pretends this movie doesn't exist because it doesn't measure up to their idealistic fantasyland of making children believe no one can ever die. How about opening up their eyes to animation that can be seen by people of all ages? The people who made this movie were attempting to do just that, and it's sad that people think that singing, childish themes and other things all make cartoons just for children. These people need to get their minds out of the gutter.

All hail the Black Cauldron, king of Disney films.

This movie needs much more credit than it deserves! Just because it's darker than other Disney movies doesn't mean you should turn away from it!

What? This was the best movie ever made by Disney! Are you nuts?! This should be at least in the top 20...

Amazing and dark for Disney. Now I must say was a villain the skeleton king is

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67 Mulan II

This has to be one of the worst direct to video disney sequels out there

I also love this movie because it helps me become

Awesome movie should be 1

I love this~! It makes me cry in the middle because it is so awesome~!
I love it. Everyone should watch this~!

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68 Aladdin and the King of Thieves

I just loved this one! Aladdin and Jasmine we're so cute together, and lots of the questions asked during the 2 other films are answered, like where Aladdin's dad was. Truly put a happy ending to the whole series.

Honestly one of the best direct to video Disney sequels ever made. - OnyxDash

69 My Neighbor Totoro

I watched this movie, and I probably would have enjoyed it if it weren't for all the anime themes. The animation just set me off, but very great movie otherwise.

Not a Disney movie, but an amazing anime film that was licensed by Disney. - OnyxDash

70 Disney's A Christmas Carol

You can't go wrong with a cast that includes Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman and Colin Firth among others.

One of the more faithful adaptations of the Charles Dickens ageless novel. - jezza0

People tend to forget this one quite easilly because every man and his dog has done an adaptation of A Christmas Carol; Alistair Sim, Albert Finney, the Muppets, even Mickey Mouse among others. This is actually Disney's third adaptation alone.

But I have to confess I did tear up during the Ghost of Christmas Present segment when he shows Scrooge the joys of Christmas to the soundtrack of Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

it's okay

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71 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

I HATE this Cinderella movie. Take it off on the List. NOW!

This was a really good movie, actually. I think it brought cinderella's kind personality and her love with the prince more into the story. plus it had that dope mice song

72 The Brave Little Toaster V 2 Comments
73 Howl's Moving Castle

Absolutely adore this film, if ever I'm down or sick I watch it and it makes me feel better, it's animation is fantastic and a fabulous film, even if it is only translated by Disney I still love it to bits

I love Howl! He's so cute in his blonde hair and even more in his black/blue hair :p Sophie is a great main character, I loves the movie loads!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE! Watch it every year!

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74 Kiki's Delivery Service

What is this doing here? Even though Hayao Miyazaki makes great movies, this isn't a "Disney Movie", it's from Studio Ghibli!

This is definitely one of my favorite studio ghibli's movies

75 Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

Should be higher

76 Steamboat Willie
77 The Return of Jafar

Aladdin (and its second sequel that deserves to be very high on my list of "Top 10 Best Movies With Bad Animation" aka Aladdin & the King of Thieves) is among my favorite Disney movies of all time. And I am strongly disappointed about The Return of Jafar to the point where the fact that Aladdin became a very good man (which he always is) to the point where it belongs in the other Aladdin movies. I love the Aladdin movies (excluding this one) because they take place in magical Arabian deserts, it's gender-neutral, it's not too ridiculous, are very witty and show off the true power of Disney. - The Ultimate Daredevil

I love this movie because the aladdin became a very good man.

78 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure
79 The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

I mean come on, Ariel returns with a kid, there is action, the people have amazing voices and For a Moment is such a beautiful song.

How could you not like this movie?

I Love Melody, she is so cute I wish I was her

This is my favourite movie! Really, it is the best!


80 The Tigger Movie

I LOVE this movie! It is so beautiful and touching!

I LOVE this movie! It is so beautiful!

I love this film!

Help this movie out deep down you love it is so...KAWAII

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