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101 Stitch! The Movie
102 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins

I remember the animated series of this movie, so nostalgic.

103 Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion
104 Recess: School's Out

Man, I'm surprised that so many people forgot about this one - Mcgillacuddy

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105 Fantasia 2000

This is underrated, but awesome

106 Melody Time
107 Pooh's Heffalump Movie

Such a good movie! All the characters are so cute!

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108 The Jungle Book 2
109 The Secret World of Arrietty

My favorite disney

110 Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed In at the House of Mouse

So awesome I love this movie I died laughing at Jafar when he told Mickey that he wanted the lamp he said the lamp get me the lamp! Like lol he was so hilarious in this movie too bad Maleficent missed out on the Christmas fun!

Nostalgia. House of Mouse takes me back..

111 Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World
112 The Wind In the Willows V 1 Comment
113 Valiant
114 Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
115 Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast V 1 Comment
116 Mickey's Christmas Carol

This movie is one of my absolute favorites to watch around Christmas time. I love it so much. - SmashPrincess

117 Tarzan & Jane

The movie is called Tarzan and Jane sitting on. A. Tree

118 Doug's First Movie

DOUG! forget about you mate.

Lol I thought everyone nitpicked Disney's Doug because it was originally a Nicktoon.
But I know Disney changed many things. (maybe because it moved to a different channel I dunno? )

119 Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
120 Donald In Mathmagic Land
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