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141 Doug's First Movie

DOUG! forget about you mate.

142 Disney's Teacher's Pet V 1 Comment
143 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

We should try to get the votes up on this. It's very underrated mainly because it's more violent than usual Disney fare, and I think that's a very biased way of judging a film, thinking that Disney is all just for kids and should always stay that way. - Mcgillacuddy

I love this movie very much because it's very greatful movie

What are you doing down here, strangely amazing film but there are a few things that were weird in the film like producers were smoking pot and taking crack. I do reccomend you watch and vote this up.

It is amazing to me - lolsy

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144 Brother Bear 2

It's so unbelievable that this is so far down the list I love this movie the last scene just takes me everything I am 15 and I love this movie so much I only recently watched it but ever since I watch it every night before I sleep and sometimes even when I'm tired or upset I watch this honestly should be up with the top 10! X it should definitely be up there at number 3!

This movie sucks some serious ass

145 Princess Mononoke

So Good Ashitaka an San so cute together. Animation is great just like all Ghibli movies. One of Hayao Miyazaki's greatest films

Best animated movie ever!

Really good

146 The Prince and the Pauper
147 Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin
148 Tinker Bell

This should be first because the story of Tinker bell is Amazing. For me it's the best.

I hate how they ruined the awesome tinker bell from Peter Pan, and gave us a super annoying, goody two shoes tinker bell. It sucks.

Disney fairies and princesses, I hate them. I really hate this movie it's for baby girls and I am a boy.

My favorite Disney serie with 6 movies and a short one I so much love all the characters I know them by heart now and I love them all the story are all amazing and the first one Tinkerbell is really funny with Tinkerbell trying to change her power my favorites characters are Tinkerbell Vidia and Fawn!

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149 The Proud Family Movie V 1 Comment
150 Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams
151 The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue
152 Leroy & Stitch
153 Ponyo

I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I watched this movie on netflix expecting it to suck dick but it was awesome

Me and my sister used to watch this all the time it's a good one

Quite possibly the best film ever! - trsryryryry

154 Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

It was a good movie but the show is just stupid not a good choice :(


155 Kronk's New Groove

The original is so much BETTER cheap knockoff of a original masterpiece.

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156 Mars Needs Moms V 1 Comment
157 The Wild

Damn funny! That koala HAS THE BEST SENSE OF HUMOR!
WISH THERE COULD BE PART 2 - isoldmysoulforrocknroll

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158 Planes

Are you mad this film is brilliant and shows how practice makes perfect and winning isn't everything and just being accepted can lift a person chunky style..

159 Home on the Range

Used to watch this all the time

I enjoyed it so much

This movie sucked like a straw

Love iit! 👍🏻

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160 Chicken Little

Worst disney movie ever made

Why isn't this beloved? It is THE film in the Disney canon.

I HATE This With Burning Passion

152!? How?

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