Sleeping Beauty


Great non-traditional animation, awesome music, perfect atmosphere...
A high-quality animated movie in general!

The first boy I ever fell in love with was Prince Phillip! Who doesn't love the fact that he's the first Disney PRINCE to have a loveable personality? The voice of Aurora not to mention the incredible artwork must not go unnoticed! I love this film and watch it often

The sleeping beauty is the best Disney princess. The villain is amazing in so many different ways. It's a great family movie and great for girls! I think this is the best animated movie Disney has ever created!

I love this movie. It is exquisite! Ever since I was a child I have loved it. I used to have it on VHS and watch it every weekend. Now I have it on DVD and I still watch it and I�'m 16.

! This is my favourite movie ever! It is such a classic and the song 'once upon a dream' stays with you forever. I absolutely adore the love story in this. It has everything in it.

Awesome symbolism in the story: 3 fairies, slaying a dragon with the sword of truth- think about it! Plus, who can beat good versus evil and true love conquers all?

The best movie of them all I would watch it every single day if it was on T.V. I love all the fairies in this movie and maleficent is so pure and evil and she wants to take over the world and I would atch it for days on end I love all of the Disney movies because of one man named walt Disney

Best looking hero and heroine, the story line is classic suit the classic Disney animation very well - elletequila

I love the fairies. I HATE Maleficent so much

Well for giving us one of the best villains in Maleficent sure. - htoutlaws2012

One of the Best Disney Movies Ever

I just have questions for all people in charge of Aurora - majormanafemale

Such an amazing movie, Sleeping Beauty should be around 20.

I love this movie I watch it all the time.

My all time favorite Disney movie!

This movie is a true Disney movie

Beautiful visual style, shows almost perfection. And the one of the most iconic of Disney villians and a Marc Davis creation at its finest, alongside Cruella De Vile

Princess aroura was my favorite disney princess too and my favorite Disney song is I wonder and once upon a dream

Trish isn't pretty enough to play sleeping beauty, you should call the place stinkid beauty.

Ohhh... I just love this movie... Especially aurora... A very good movie it is... - archiesweirdmysteries