I'm a guy and I'm 19 years old. Yet, watching Tangled affected me like no film ever has before. It is without a doubt THE best film of all time and so definitely the best Disney film :) It's a technical masterpiece and an unbelievably romantic story. How can computer generated characters evoke such powerful feelings? When the movie was over I felt like I had fallen back into a world I no longer wanted to live in. There is just no contest in my opinion

No words are enough to express what I felt when I saw this movie... Its funny, romantic, has action, and what more? It's a tearjerker too... There are scenes which go straight to the heart... It has more emotions than normal "people" films of recent times that too... Being animated... You do not want to miss this one!

They out did themselves... Awesome Awesome movie, great graphics, great songs, great characters, great actors, and overall great. Come on people who wouldn't like this film... Awesome. Love it! The best! I think it should be number one! Loved Maximus, awesome horse. I want a horse like that. But awesome job Disney!

Honestly I was amazed at the movie. Mostly because Disney has gone from amazing movies to crappy movies. But this movie takes the cake. The songs are catchy sweet have a story within them the story is long yet touching. I'm surprised at how much I like it laugh out loud I'm

This is my the best animated film. My dad usually hates animations, but he went along with my mom, little sister, and me to the movie theater to watch Tangled. At the end when we all came out, he said, "That was the best Disney movie ever. " and we all agreed. Why isn't this in the Top 10? This was Disney

Finally another classic... such a beautiful world to be immersed into. Ultimately a relatable tale of a girl growing into a woman and finding herself, finding her place- in typical Disney style. The best recent animated film for sure, brings back memories of the other classics I loved seeing as a kid. Rapunzel is so cute and relatable!
- being a 21 year old this movie is for girls of all ages!

Best.. Ever. Watch, gaze, be in awe of the wonderful rapunzel and flynn ryder because they are the most epic, most amusing, most profound and entertaining "prince and princess" couple of all time. Not to mention a kitchen utensil plays a flipping awesome role.

the most amazing movie EVER! everything was simply breathtaking and absolutely wonderful. and the lantern scene, the most inspiring and magical thing you will ever see in a very verry long time! :D this movie was made with very much love.

This movie carries the old light hearted Disney princess plot. Maximus rocks. "I see the light" was well written, well sung and the lyrics are far more relatable to the general relationships than "let it go". Never understand how Frozen got all the credits over this film.

Tangled is the best movie ever. I love her personality which is very diverse and she knows how to do a lot of stuff different from other classic Disney princesses. Eugene and her makes the sweetest couple ever with the best story ever!

Awesome movie! I absolutely love it and it should be in the top 10! One of my favourite Disney animated movies (: It's romantic, sweet, funny and definitely worth watching. The voice actors for Rapunzel and Eugene are perfect

Best CGI, prettiest princess ever, great musical score, not the best princess stories I've ever seen but it didn't affect me to vote, cause it's very romantic, touching, classical yet modern with its graphic.

TANGLED IS THE BEST ANIMATION MOVIE EVER! This movie is perfect. This movie consist of all, funny, sadness, and romantic! The theme songs are really amazing too, I love 'I see the light' song

Tangled had beautiful animation like no other CGI or Traditional animated film. As well as having a wonderful villain. Flynn rider was perfect, being the main source of both funny AND intelligent humor. - akarisoma

Tangled is my favorite movie! I love it! Awesome songs and storyline, great characters and it was spectacular at the end! :D

The best scene was with the lanterns and when Eugene cut Rapunzels hair! It was very magical and I can't stop watching it! I think more Disney movies should be like this! GO Disney!


This movie is like a dream. The never ending dream for every girl:) It was somewhere inside me, this colourful and sweet fairytail, and when I saw "Tangled" I realised it's so mine:))

THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Disney PRINCESS MOVIE OF ALL TIME! It touched the heart, it sang to the ears, and may I say that Flynn Rider definitely pleased the eyes. Best Disney Movie EVER!

It was so so so difficult to pick a favorite movie to vote on. Even though this is with the new Disney I'd say that it's right up there with Finding Nemo and Monster's Inc. It's so adorable.

I was really skeptical at first but... I really had to change my opinion after the movie! Well made both visually and Story-wise.. Im a sucker for happy endings as well :P

I like it.. Its good and I think it should be higher... I love her hair and think the dude is handsome... You should also vote on it too.. My. Kids also liked it it's their favorite movie...

Disney's best so far. Great princess story, with a male counterpart tale as well. Love, adventure, intrigue, and it's a musical to boot! (Should be ranked well above "Up" for sure! )

Tangled is like so funny and I LOVE that horse! I like the story and it does not even SOUND like Repunzel. I have got to say that it is hard to find a flaw in it... Which Disney princess is better than HER? And whose story is more dramatic than hers? Why isn't Tangled on the first?

I love this movie is a classic Disney film! And like after the movie I was just playing all the songs from the movie on repeat while doing homework and it was just HEAVEN

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! It's so adorable and Rapunzel is exactly like me. It has a great moral, always follow your dreams! I love Pascal and Maximus, I also think Eugene Fitzherbet is dreamy. Great plot, AMAZING SCORES AND MUSIC TOO! Best movie ever, if you haven't watched it, you haven't lived.

I Love This Movie, It's The Best Animated Romantic Story I almost cry when Eugene Die Saying To Rapunzel you are my new dream.

This movie Deserve the Oscar To Best Original Song.