Best movie by far, should be number one without a doubt. Do not know why it is in the 20's! The songs make me cry because they are that good!

I don't understand why Tarzan always appears fairly low on these Disney lists - it's quite frankly depressing. It's a toss up between Tarzan and Beauty and the Beast for me, but Tarzan just about has the edge - it was so much more than a romance and I loved it for that. (And to second everyone else - it's got a BRILLIANT sound track. )

This is by far, the greatest animated movie I have ever experienced in cinemas. The way the music and animation is orchestrated is by far superior to any other movie there has been. I believe it's a massive shame how Disney has taken away the British elements of their movies as this brought a heart to the films and now the not only annoying American voice but one you cannot take to serious has destroyed the franchise. WHAT HAPPEND TO DISNEY?!

Why are there so many Pixar movies on this list. They are fantastic, but they aren't made by Disney. They are made by Pixar, a division of Disney. I will give an example. Just because Goldeneye 007 was made for the Nintendo 64, does not mean it is a Nintendo game. It is a Rareware game. I voted for Tarzan based on opinion. I just simply like it more than any other of Disney-animated movies, but it is nothing compared to Pixar's work.

One of the greatest of all Disney films Tarzan should be only one or two behind the lion king. It is a classic and is definitely a lot better than some of the more recent Disney productions.

Why the heck is Tarzan not one of the TOP TEN?
Tarzan is such a wonderful movie with such a wonderful message. It's got comedy, romance, action, drama. Everything! The soundtrack is so beautiful and memorable and the storyline and animation are just... Breathtaking. Tarzan was my favorite Disney movie as a child and still is.

I could watch this movie over and over without it ever losing its impact on me, the emotions of this movie are so powerful, especially when guided by phil collins beautiful songs... I cry in only the first few mintes of tarzan, it brings me such a great feeling every time I watch it.
Not to mention, I love how Innocent and sweet tarzan and jane's relationship is, there characters are both so intriguing.
This is a beautiful, heart warming film...

The movie really touches me. Disney made a movie that is so good that you feel what Tarzan is feeling like when that his parents died. The feelings plus Phil Collins songs make you want to cry. Best movie ever!
- PePsMeX

This list is convoluted, pixar and Disney animated movies are two different things and FROZEN IS NOT BETTER THAN TARZAN, this is by far one of the best Disney movies ever made, the story is by far one of the most touching things you'll ever come accross in an animated movie, and 'you'll be in my heart' is miles better than 'let it go'

Tarzan was one of the first Disney movie I watched in a theatre.
It was fantastic.
Many foreign version of the songs are wonderful
Tha best one is japanese version.

Everyone here is so right, the music just edges this film for me... Phil Collins is just a genius. And the plot is exceptional. Wont lie, might be the most impossible decision I've made though. - Shaners

Brilliant soundtrack, brilliant film and a fun story to boot. Watching Tarzan is like being a little kid again. It's simply a fun film

My absolute favourite Disney movie, everyone can relate to it: whether it's family, relationships, commitment, love, growing up it has something for everyone! The storyline is brilliant and it has some of the most loveable characters (my favourite being Terk and Tantor. ) Phil Collins wrote the music for this movie which makes it even better, the lyrics are so beautiful and I can't see any other music that would fit in with Tarzan as well as Phil's does. Fab movie.

Beautiful movie. Beautiful songs, beautiful story, funny as well, and has you routing for all the main characters. - kaisietoo

This movie will always be my number one. I loved it as a child and I love it now.
Tarzan has breath taking visuals, a beautiful soundtrack, loveable characters, and a very well put together story, It never fails to make me cry and will always be in my heart.

What makes this movie amazing is the sound track. Phil Collins was the perfect match for the tone of the film.

I'm wondering why the heck this is all the way down here at number 32? Better than a lot of the stuff up there! Should be right behind Nemo!

I wanna know can you show me! Phil Collins songs fit well with this movie. - htoutlaws2012

Why was this movie not on here? It's one of the best Disney movies of all time and has one of the best soundtracks...

Jane Porter's much more interesting to look at unlike that Anna (Frozen) who's too ugly to look at anyway, right?

THe music of great Phil Collins alone has the potential of taking it to top five - Philfan

Jane Porter's the biggest main all time reason why Tarzan's far better than that dreadful Frozen movie!

I love this movie. It's touching, sad at times, and very beautiful. And Phil Collins' score is beautiful. - punyraisin

Phil Collins wrote wonderful songs for this movie! It's great! - funkymonkey

This movie is underrated, not overrated like Frozen.