An actual Disney/Pixar film that isn't about princesses, superheroes, cheesy kid-human characters and random songs popping out of nowhere. The plot is more understandable than most Pixar films. Look at monsters inc, the plot is where some monsters create energy made of screams... And then, plot twist, the leader of the co-operation is evil. The end. And it's my second best Pixar film, but Wall-E takes the top spot. A robot in a time-scarred Earth is sent to rebuild and clean Earth, and the humans are send aboard a space cruiser to survive, and Wall-E's home is a shipping container full of scrap. But then, a large rocket disturbs the peace. A large white and blue robot comes out named Eve (Wall-E pronounces it ever). They then stow away on the human colony ship, with an evil computer controlling its movements...

Better than any plot in an animated movie.

WALL-E is the one of the best animated movies ever made. When I was little, I hated it because I didn't understand it, but I watched it again recently and I fell in love with it. The romance between WALL-E and Eve is so heartwarming, and it takes animation in a new direction by talking about something that little kids may not understand, pollution and destroying the earth with our habits

WALL-E is absolutely the best Disney Movie there is. It teaches so much about taking care of our planet, and what could happen if we don't try to take care of it better. I also like that it showed fat and lazy people in the movie, because that's what's going to happen to everyone if they give in to all these new technologies being made( like the hover board).

This is my absolute favorite movie of all time. I love how so much emotion is expressed through no dialogue. Wall.E and EVE communicate through various sounds, but you can tell what they're feeling. And you can tell that they're falling in love with each other. Pixar really made it work. I wish there were more movies like this. - SmashPrincess

WHAT!? Whats wrong with you people? Its about the first robot that has feelings! God, this movie is good! I love the fact that WALL-E has tank treads for feet. This is very close to my favorite pixar movie, ever! THIS is a movie that deserves more fame! And I've always thought what the other robots powers...

What? 15? THIS HAS TO BE NUMBER 3-1! Seriously guys, this isn't one of those childish animations where the characters burst into song all the time. It's masterpiece that actually goes into depth with the characters.

It was probably the first Disney movie that showed far into the future, that technology expanded a lot. And I like that sort of stuff. Also I thought it was very cute and great graphics for Disney movies.

I am really ashamed to see the best animation of history (only rivaled with spirited away and the lion king) in 12th place,
A total shame, especially when you see tangled! In top ten

The fact that they could make an animated movie about two pieces of metal falling in love and have the audience caring about them should be enough reason to be #1. - FedericoGuzman

One of my first animated Disney's, and probably my favorite! It's just so different than any other Disney movie, and I love it for that peculiar reason.

One of my favorite childhood movies. Every time my niece comes over, this is the go-to, all time, favorite of hers.

Can make you laugh or cry with so few words! Truly a piece of art with so many messages and such a lovely love story.

It's a romance that brings me to tears even with them not saying anything but each other's names... Now THAT'S power!

Should be above Frozen. I hate Frozen

I mean it's a little boring at times but also really sweet

There are many messages in this movie. If you really watched it, you know what they are. Great movie, and what an inspiration.

Are you serious! Wall-E at number 14! It should be in the top 3! One of the best animated movies of all time.

The sound effects are cool! I love the way he introduced himself and how he fell in love with Eve.

I really love this movie its just the best the future is emerging

In climax in this movie is am crying, very nice & my blowing movie

Wall E on 14th? I don't agree... it deserves to be under top 5

My middle name is ever so must mean I'm into it, best movie I ever saw

I watched this when I was very young I liked it a lot.

Best animated movie I've ever seen that's for sure. - sladetilldoomsday

Why this #10.. What about the moral + ideas?