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1 Alex Russo Alex Russo Alexandra Margarita "Alex" Russo is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Disney Channel sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place, portrayed by Selena Gomez.

Alex is the reason I still watch Disney Channel NOW I like Disney Channel but she really stood out to me but not only her but the entire show and her actress, selena gomez, I love her and her sarcastic character, I just love sarcastic characters on T.V. unless they are handled really badly, but still I love the russo's and their wacky life and they wizard life, But I know alex can be mean at times but I know she is thoughtful as well as a great person to listen and give advice. Without her Disney Channel would collapse into dust and burn quietly so I think you and other people to vote for her until she leaves number 3 until she goes to number 1, right now when I am typing this jessie presscott is on 1 but jessie can be boring and sometimes unfunny at times, but I still like jessie, anyway Alex is amazing and should definitely surpass teddy and jessie and go to her place as number ONE,this is just my opinion so I am not saying I am the only one who is right I mean it is my opinon you ...more

Shes the best Disney Character! Why is she #2? She should be #1! Vote for Alex Russo! Shes is EPIC! And MUCH better than Jessie Prescott AKA Debby Ryan. GO ALEX RUSSO!

Gosh I loved this show! I wish that it was still on. :(

Alex is funny, and sarcastic, and even though she may be the "misbehaving" one and always rags on her brothers, she still loves them and I think that's really nice. Also, Selena Gomez is just an amazing person!

2 Jessie Prescott Jessie Prescott

I loved her she's the best especially when she was fighting Angela and
pushed her in the mud bath.

She's only #2 because of her (sexy) chest - DoroExploro13

How the heck did she get #1? She is stereotypical and sarcastic to the point of unnecessarily mean and snide. She's rude and immature, she doesn't look after the kids the way anybody would and the relationships between her and the characters make no sense. They always have some deep moment that doesn't connect for me because if anyone constantly put me down, cried about boys, or was so sarcastic and mean to me, I be emotionally scarred!

That's not fair! She is one of the worst Disney Channel characters ever! She sucks, she's unlikeable, selfish and annoying. She does not deserve her #1 spot! And Jessie is one of the worst shows Disney Channel ever did! I mean like why couldn't you use characters from really old Disney Channel shows, because almost every character on this list, sucks!

3 Mabel Pines Mabel Pines Mabel Pines is one of the lead characters of the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Kristen Schaal, and designed by the series creator, Alex Hirsch. She is inspired by Hirsch's own twin sister, Ariel Hirsch. She is a caring, boy-crazy 12 year old girl that spent the more.

She is just cray-cray. She's not afraid to be herself and that's what I admire about her. She does things that I could never do in public. She's more than just comic relief.

Silly, weird, and crazy. Not another stereotypical, pretty, and perfect character. Plus, she's animated and still managed to get #4! A truly distinguished character, with nothing but her dialogue that makes you love her. - keycha1n

She's better than the other characters on this list, but there is Alex Russo. But Mabel is one of the most memorable and likeable characters on Gravity Falls.

Mabel is one of the greatest characters on Disney Channel shows out now. Gravity Falls is the only show Disney Channel has going for them. - PopularStarfish

4 Ally Dawson Ally Dawson

I love Ally. I really relate with her- I had stage fright and couldn't go on stage without having a breakdown (it was up until 4th grade but still) but I eventually conquered my fear with help from friends. In addition, I am really awkward, I make corny puns and I'm a girly girl. I'm about to enter college, and Austin and Ally is one of my favorite shows of all time. Not just on Disney Channel, but on T.V. period.

She is smart, talented, clever and hard working. She and Austin get along really well. She also get's along with Trish and Dez

I love Ally! She's a great song-writer, a beautiful girl, a great pianist, and an amazing singer! Her dancing is hilarious! - MyNguyen

ALLY IS MY PRINCESS I LOVE HER! Shes so sweet pretty talented funny and I love this girl to death. No wonder Austin wants to do her ass so hard LMFAO

5 Teddy Duncan Teddy Duncan Teddy R. Duncan (Bridgit Mendler), Charlie's only sister, is the second-oldest Duncan sibling. Feeling that she will not be around as much when Charlie is grown, she produces and directs video diaries for her, hoping they will give her advice that will help her be successful as a teenager. She produces more.

She's cool. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

Best actress ever. She can act and sing and Bridgit Mendler portrays her really well. Teddy is smart and talented. I think she should be higher that 3. I also love the way she loves her family. She is hilarious playing Teddy. Good Luck Charlie is one of my fave programmes ever! I am so glad there are still re-runs of it!

Teddy is smart and talented. She is the normal girl in this house

I love her acting and singing. she shows you that how embarrassing your family may be you have to love them!

6 Austin Moon Austin Moon Austin Monica Moon is one of the two protagonists of Austin & Ally. He is a singer and dancer who became an overnight internet sensation after he uploaded a video singing a song that he unintentionally stole from Ally Dawson. After apologizing to her and pleading for her to write him another song, Austin more.

The best character and handsome

He acts like a five year old, he can't sing, and his hair is so fake, it burns my eyes. - Thatgirl

I kinda think Austin is awesome. - AinezoChan

He is a great actor, singer and dancer! So talented! He can actually act along with the rest of the cast from Austin and ally. I also love his band r5!

He is funny and the best singer

7 Liv Rooney Liv Rooney Olivia "Liv" Rooney is one of the two main protagonists of the Disney Channel original series Liv and Maddie, along with her identical twin sister and best friend Maddie. She is 16 years old and is the oldest member of the Rooney children. Liv also has two younger brothers and two parents who work at more.

She is like a model pretty I love you your number #1 fan

Annoying voice. Bratty. Self-Centered. Ugg I can not STAND her

She is really pretty but not mean (like they stereotype in most of thetv shows and movies)she is always good to people

I love her

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8 Dipper Pines Dipper Pines Dipper Pines is the main character in Gravity Falls which the show aired from 2012 to 2016. He is the brother of Mabel Pines

Really well done character.

Dipper sould be in top 5!

Written by Marco Diaz

How are Alex and Jessie higher than Dipper Pines? Unlike those two, Dipper had funny, memorable lines and is RELATABLE. He's an awkward, sweaty, preteen boy in the transition from boy to man. In all honesty Dipper is a better role model than those typical teenage Disney girls and he learns actual valuable lessons that aren't cheesy or bland. They're executed better. Also, I absolutely love his voice crack. All in all, he should be up in the top 3.

Dipper, alongside with Mabel should be at least in the top 3 - Gilad_Hyperstar

9 Gabe Duncan

Gabe is more... Sneaky and well, he does what he can to get out of punishment. So Gabriel Duncan, along with Luke Ross, should move up.

Gabe's sarcastic and sneaky personality makes a very funny character on Good Luck Charlie.

Gabe is amazing and who doesn't love Gabe's personality. He steals everything and when he does things to Mrs. Dabney that are kinda funny.

He is not a remake of Luke Ross Good Luck Charlie aired before Jessie and Luke is more of the flirty troublesome type Gabe isn't flirty

10 Maddie Rooney Maddie Rooney


Maddie I think of you the number one star and really pretty your like me I love sports

I love her character! She and Liv (mixed together) remind me of me.

Maddies pretty

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11 Zuri Ross

I think zuri because she has got her imaginary friends and she not always kind but she is a nice person to me and she just and she comes up with her own words like heck to the no that's what makes me laugh out loud

Its sad she's #2 on Disney Channel Characters You Want To Punch. I don't understand she's the typical 7 year old and is sassy, cute, funny, and has a big imagination

She is funny and cute and has an attitude you cannot compete with. She got a better actress as she grew up. Skai Jackson is the best person for the role.

Zuri is smart and speaks her mind also her and bertram are really funny It is cute how she is always tries to make a lot of money

12 Luke Ross


I can't believe I used to have a crush on him when I was 9... (luckily, it only lasted for a day) He is very disgusting and creepy. You little kids only like him for his looks

I love Luke Ross a great dancer,actor and hottie and cool he is my favorite charmed one he dream boy. So when I called him once I said I love him so much. He is the one for me. I called him yesterday and we both like dancig Bye

Luke is Ravi's sports coach, and helps Ravi train. It also help that he has a crush on nearly every girl he sees, such as Jessie

13 Maya Hart

Maya Hart is such a good character because she shows that just because you're white doesn't mean you're privileged. She had a tough childhood but still is a decent person and she is a good contrast to Riley, the main character.

The best character on any Disney show! She is so hot and funny! And her singing is great! I love Maya's sarcasm and the way she tease Lucas!

I think she is awesome. She knows sing and act. She is one of the prettiest girl on Disney Channel.

One time my sister had this show on and I had no choice but to watch it. Some of the characters were super annoying, but she was alright.

14 Riley Matthews Riley Matthews Riley Matthews is the main character and title character of Girl Meets World. She is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. Riley and August Matthews are Cory and Topanga's only children, of which Riley is the eldest. Her father, Cory Matthews is her ninth grade history teacher more.

She is so funny and pretty. I wanna meet her. She is the prettiest girl on Disney Channel. I love her.

She is so pretty. I total crush in her. I wanna meet her because she is super actor. I love Girl Meets World.

Riley is my favourite character on Disney Channel, but I think she and Lucas are stupid couple. No offense Riley (Rowan).

So funny I love girl meets world

15 Amy Duncan
16 Rocky Blue

She's slightly better than Cece. But she's still a bad character who acts mean to Cece even though she's friends with her.

Amazing person and personality supported by an even better actress Zendaya

You are so good dancer great singer and amazing acting

Wish the show was still was on

17 PJ Duncan

PJ is both funny and dumb. He always acts like he has no idea what's going on. Good luck Charlie is my favorite show,
Although I have to say, my favorite character is the mom (Amy Duncan). PJ Has to be at least in the top 5 best disney
Channel character.

PJ is the best comedian. He is so dim witted in such a good way. He is also really handsome and get's along with his other family members really well.

He is crazy and funny If I'm ill and good luck Charlie's on he makes me laugh

He is super funny good luck charlie is my favorite show

18 Zack Martin

Pretty good

I love him! he is very funny:)he should be at least in the 10s

19 CeCe Jones

I like her. - AinezoChan


20 Trish De La Rosa

Her character is the mainstream irresponsible one that every sitcom has.

Trish was so funny with her jobs in the old episodes

She's Ally's best friend. - AinezoChan

I love what a badass Trish is.

21 Charlie Duncan

Charlie duncan is so cute how can you not love her

How could she not make the list? She is SO cute!

She is so cute! I love watching her talk and act and tell the best jokes ever! Best four year old I have ever seen in my life!

She's adorable!

22 Star Butterfly Star Butterfly

I love star funny cute can make your day better

Star is bubbly, funny, and is just awesome! Even though she has her crazy moments, she's also sassy and totally amazing. And her big blue eyes make her look so adorable (though she's 14). How could anyone not love her?! Star Butterfly is one of my favorite characters on Disney.

Honestly she should be number 2-1

She is the best Disney princess of all time.

23 Harper Finkle

Harper is so unique and quirky and funny and she is an iconic queen. periodt

24 London Tipton

Why isn't London higher? She was hilarious! And no matter how mean she was, she always came through in the end. - dragonfly99

London Tipton deserves and needs a spin off movie. It would be like Sharpay's fabulous adventures, it could have to do with fashion or her on a vacation or something.

London was really the deepest character Disney ever had. She wasn't just born dumb. Her parents were never around to raise her and teach her values. The closest thing she had to a father figure was Mr. Moseby

London Tipton was really the deepest character Disney ever had. She wasn't just born dumb. Her parents were never around to raise her. The closest thing to a father figure she had was Mr. Moseby

25 Andi Mack

Why is she here? If any andi mack character should be in the top 20 it is cyrus. And he didn't even make the list? Like wtfff. Also andi is super annoying, she can't ever deal with things not going her way. There are way better characters on disney channel so how is she 16

YESS Andi is an amazing character! She's assertive, relatable and adorable. Andi Mack is the show that saved Disney Channel!

I love Andi. She reminds me a lot of Bay Kennish from Switched at Birth. Andi Mack and Raven's Home made me gain faith in Disney Channel sitcoms again. - ausllyaddicted

26 Bailey Pickett

It's funny how Debby Ryan acts a character on the top of the list and one at the bottom.

Love Bailey Pickett and Debby Ryan. Who would not love Bailey?

She is Jessie

Good. Jobbb baileyyy

27 Avery Jennings

Avery always embarrasses herself for Wes and is also a great designer

I just like Avery.


28 Dina Garcia
29 Kim Possible Kim Possible Kimberly Ann "Kim" Possible is a fictional character who appears in the animated television series Kim Possible, voiced by American actress Christy Carlson Romano.

Why isn't Kim higher? She is a really good character.

Kim rocks! She is definitely deserves to be number 1.

Kim is a complete badass and I love her. Why the hell is she so low on the list?

She's my childhood. - AinezoChan

30 Chyna Parks

She is really pretty she can sing she smart she is my favorite actor

She's smart, fun, talented, good actress and good singer and shes pretty

Love your voice and sense of style

31 K.C Cooper


You are colll you are a teenager spy I vote for you

32 Justin Russo Justin Russo Justin Russo is a singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist from Upstate New York. Russo began his career as a musician at the age of 18 by joining his older brother's band Hopewell, which focused mainly on psychedelic rock balladry and lengthy "shoegazing" soundscapes.
33 Bertram Winkle

I hate Bertram, but you saying that he's the best is your opinion.

34 Perry the Platypus Perry the Platypus Perry the Platypus, also known as Agent P or simply Perry, is an anthropomorphic platypus from the animated series Phineas and Ferb.

Perry is awesome! I love the show Phineas and Ferb!

What no way he sucks

He's awesome!

35 Olive Doyle

She is so funny.

She should be higher

By far the best A.N.T Farm character!

36 Hannah Montana Hannah Montana

Nope! Hannah Montana sucks, she's overrated, annoying, sexist to boys and is even worse than Barbie, which is also bad. - AinezoChan

Shes a great singer

She is the worst! Her actress is the scum of the earth. I'm not even sure that Miley Cirus isn't a devil or demon or whatever.

Ih HANNAH MONTANA ME Taylor grace poeschel rember I meet you and
the cast that was amzing trip to me iam 24 yers old I love all you're music
i was waching you on tape life I got all stuff you look like ashley tisadle
to me I love it my favorite ep. lilly want to kown you're secert and more
gest star on wizards wavely place you're enemies mikayla skeech ka ka
slena gomez love on hannah montana thnak you give me you're breslt
make me happy and my miley cyrus magzine you just siged 7 thing
music video love it 4 ever still lison you're music on youtube still my
bigs 1 old time fan I love you 2 ok still on mileyworld fan for good love
will you say ih to emily osment and you best frand on the perfomes
ka ka mandy see you later bye fan 24

37 Brooks Whetworth
38 Raven Baxter Raven Baxter

This was a great show

She's funny - AinezoChan

39 Bill Cipher Bill Cipher Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. He is known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. He more.

People don't give actual reasons to hate Bill Cipher. They only hate him because of his powerful fanbase. I love Bill Cipher with a passion. He is witty, creepy, intense, insane and comes whenever in need. - The Ultimate Daredevil, a die-hard Gravity Falls fan that gives Gravity Falls a 9/10 (a 9 for the animation, a 10 for the sound, a 10 for the story and an 8 for the characters)

He is one of my favorites on Gravity Falls (Mabel is my first! ) He is so funny and insane!

Bill cipher is the best I just want to kiss him I would be his wife

He is creepily cool

40 Chase Davenport Chase Davenport Chase Davenport (Billy Unger) is the team leader and the second-youngest of the four. He has incredible intelligence and is so hot and is able to access a vast database of information at any time. Chase can take control over his siblings with his override application in emergencies. He also has a magnetic more.

He should be higher this show is really awesome

He should be higher. This show is really awesome

41 Milo Murphy Milo Murphy

Phineas's successor!

42 Gretchen Grundler (Disney's Recess) Gretchen Grundler (Disney's Recess)
43 Cody Martin

Cute and smart

Adorkable Nerd and pretty funny! How is he so low? - Organ

44 Sofia the First Sofia the First

My fave pre school Disney character. - AinezoChan

45 Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana Miley Ray Stewart is the fictional main character in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana, portrayed by Miley Cyrus.
46 Farkle Minkus Farkle Minkus

H should be first on this list. He is funny, smart, nice and kinda cute.

So funny! Love him

47 Ravi Ross

Ravi should def be higher! He’s the best character ever! And an icon for Indian Americans

48 Bella Thorn

? She's an actor not a character

She has the brain of a rat

The one who played CeCe Jones. - AinezoChan

She is great dancer

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49 McGee
50 Phineas Flynn Phineas Flynn Phineas Flynn is one of the protagonists of the animated television series Phineas and Ferb. Voiced by Vincent Martella and created and designed by Dan Povenmire, Phineas first appeared along with the rest of the series' main characters in the pilot episode "Rollercoaster." Phineas, along with his stepbrother more.


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