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1 Lemonade Mouth

This is a great movie. I really enjoyed it. It's one of the best, especially considering the recent DCOM. This is coming from a teen who is well beyond her Disney years. It's really nice to see a great movie like this when it seems like Disney has lost it's touch. It has a true message. You don't see many movies like this anymore.


It is the best Disney Channel movie because it has the beatiful bridgit mendler in it and Mr. Adam hicks and it is awesome


I recommend it for absolutely EVERYONE! 111

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2 High School Musical

High school musical is just a cute movie that is great for any age. There's something special about this movie that hits every other Disney Channel movie out of the park. You have great kids that you can look up to, amazing singing and dancing, and friends sticking together. And I don't think the amazing, blue eyed, talented Zac Efron hurts this movie in any way. Haha

This movie is too good to be true! 1st of all it has a great message about breaking free from the crowd and being you! I feel this is an amazing movie to watch at any age! Also has anybody else realized this is one of the only Disney Channel Original Movies to have a second and third movie made after it! I like the fact that it shows that one day all the high school fun will end! It's so true and realistic! Yeah sure no high school has everyone sing and dance in perfect routine to be honest I know I couldn't do that! But the story line is great!

Fantastic movie, & it's good to know that Disney is milking this and probably making millions from all the merchandise sold. Great plotline!

Best movie ever!

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3 Halloweentown


I love this and Halloweenton High

4 Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Such a good movie, but I just wish I could find it somewhere, it is a really great movie and I suggest watching for anyone who hasn't, I grew up on this movie as a kid and I just know you will all love it.

I thought Wendy wu was a so good I wanted to keep on watching it, I wish it kept on coming on T.V!

Love Brenda Song. Saw her on the Suite Life and her acting was great. Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior has a decent plot and well-written characters. Vote for Wendy Wu!

This movie is great as me as a child.
But the scene where that stone statue is a bit creepy.
But why does souls possess in different people.
But Food Boy is great in my opinion.

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5 16 Wishes

16 Wishes should be first. It teaches one moral values. Personally I think 16 wishes must be the best

This movie is really good! The moral of the story is amazing. It's interesting for everyone and teaches a really good lesson of appreciating what you have, and the people around you because one day they might not be there.

It teaches an amazing lesson. One of my favorite movies!

Movie I meant my bad.

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6 Camp Rock

The film is really awesome. However I how found a mistake, when Mitchie's mother finds a leaflet, when you look at the bottom of the page when it closes when they zoom out it closes again. It's been cut wrong.

I've watched this movie more then a dozen times! Its just awesome! I'll definitely watch it more times!

I think this movie is definitely the best on THIS list but, why isn't lemonade mouth on here? In my opinion that is the best and should be on this list! BE HEARD! BE STRONG! BE PROUD!

That is my favorite under all of them

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7 Geek Charming

Geek Charming is kind of a similar story line to Cinderella but its backwards. You have this rich popular girl and this geeky nerdy boy. They meet up at school when this nerdy boy has toa project for class. They bond over time while doing the project and come to realize they like each other. It ends perfectly like it should have with them now together and a happy ending.
I'm not saying it was the greatest movie but it should definitely be in the top 5 if not top 5 for sure top 10. This was a great movie

Excuse me, how is this not first? THIS WAS AMAZING! It's so cute. This is coming from a 10 year old who watches Modern Family! I LOVE HER - maddyparrot22

Geek charming is nice story I don't know why it's number ten it's about a girl who is a shellfish person who has a sweet side to her self so now that I have told you about this fabulous movie put it up to 10 RIGHT NOW! Bye

Loved this as a little girl. Still love it.

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8 Princess Protection Program

LOVE this movie SO much!
Possibly the best Disney Channel original movies along side High School Musical, Camp Rock, And Radio Rebel.

It's a really funny and super cute movie.

I can't help but smile when I watch it, plus Demi Lovato's smile is quite contagious.

And I love both of these girls so much, Demi is like my role model

I just think this movie is very great. It reminds me of my friends. Friendship is the value that we can get in this movie.

Starring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato the most loved pop stars and best friends in the universe! Very Good Movie!


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9 Radio Rebel

It's so mazing their some moral lesson that you can get and also debby have a natural talent.. The way she act it's so natural

Very empowering movie. I was ready to go through the T.V. and yell that I was radio rebel. This is a must see movie and it will really make you happy.

She really insipired me... She teach all of the things it really help me... And also help me to be myself.

This is my absolute favorite DCOM next to Descendants. It's awesome, original, and inspiring.

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10 Twitches

Excellent movie with lots of surprises!

I love magic and witches and stuff, so this movie would be my favourite.

Best Disney movie ever! Can't believe its number 44! Its full of surprises you would'nt believe your eyes! Come on people vote it! Show your taste!

Twitches is the best movie ever and I love this sooo much

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11 High School Musical 2

I like ashley tisdale and company

High school musical 2 rocks love you vanessa hudgens

This movie should be way higher on this list. Really teaches you some lessons and also has amazing choreography, singing and dancing. And also featuring the amazing Zac Efron.

Gaberlla and troy are a cute cupple.

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12 Girl vs. Monster

Pretty good movie, decent songs...

I love the songs, especially "Fearless", it's just so catchy!

Best movie every saw loved it so much if you enjoy monsters that aren't as scary you will love this movie

I Love it! it sends a really great message that you'll have to watch the movie to see.

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13 Another Cinderella Story

I loved this movie but its not a Disney. Channel original movie

I really like this movie, it's so fun and sweet. And I also like Selena Gomez and I LOVE Drew Seeley. TRY to see it

I love this story I wish that they are going to make another Cinderella story

I love this movie, but it's come on Disney Channel a lot, it seems like a DCOM, but sadly it isn't.

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14 Teen Beach Movie

This movie makes me melt my sister used to watch it 402636 times a day I hate this movie and the second one too - Nlough6

Best movie ever made.. it should be in the top ten love Ross as Brady in the movie ;-)

This is by far the WORST Disney Channel Original Movie. It does not deserve to be on this list. Same with each High School Musical. - doctorman

It's not the worst, like it's bad in my personal opinion, but it's not the worst, trust me I've seen worse. - Anonymousxcxc

I just turned 18 and I adore Teen Beach Movie. Ross Lynch is such a babe!

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15 Let It Shine

This movie by far is the best Disney movie of all time. Finally there is a movie that reaches out for both Boys and Girls. The music is amazing and most movies that I've seen on Disney are kinda, "eh" saw that happening. But this movie keeps you watching it til the very last part. Great job Disney with this 2012 movie, best Disney movie of all time!

This move was awesome. It truly captures the essence of Black people and I loved it. It was not discriminating and it also portrayed blacks in a good manner. The music is amazing as well. Rap and Pop go well together. Great job on this film, Disney!

This movie is the best Disney Channel movie that has ever came out. It teaches good lessons and is very inspirational. The songs are uplifting and the cast is perfect, they all brought a different part to the movie that made it great. The only thing I don't like is the fact they never gave this movie a sequel, yet High School Musical gets 2 sequels and a spin off.

The movie is awesome it touch every angle of everyone's heart. I truly love the music and story inside. Great job.

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16 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Most amazing movie ever! Most of these Disney channel movies can be childish but High School Musical (especially the third one) is more about growing up and is really suitable for all ages. I love this movie to the moon and back. The singing, dancing, choreography and just the romantic little moments and friendships are just so awesome I've watched this movie so many times and could pleasingly watch it so many times more. Oh and Zac Efron is super hot.

My favorite disney channel movie of all time! Just re-watched it, cried twice and had to keep on rewinding because I just loved one of the ending scenes. It came out in theaters on my birthday and my friend took me to see it, right away I was hooked. It also has amazing music numbers/songs.

This movie was theatrically released and therefore should not count as an official Disney Channel Original Movie.

Other than that, this movie was great!

This one is my favorite out of all three High School Musicals.

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17 StarStruck

StarStruck is the best movie ever its 10/10 and Sterling Knight is so cute and I love him so much he is perfect it is a spectacular movie and it has the coolest songs ever love you Sterling

I'm very suprised with this... The best movies have got less votes... This movie is great, Sterling Knight is a great and amazing actor and he's so cute and this movie has beautiful songs. StarStruck is one of the best Disney Channel original movies

I really love it with my heart. Wonderful movie I don't know what to say but I wish it to be available in the market till the day I die & if it will, I promise I will see it till the day I die. I am a kid who wrote this

It's so amazing it made cry and happy all mix up emotions. Its one of my best childhood movies and I love it.

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18 Cadet Kelly

its got hilary duff in it i think i don't need to say no more shes fab!

No idea how High school musical got higher than this masterpiece.

This was my favorite movie for the longest time!

19 Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

This has got to be the best movie ever demi lovato is drop dead gorgeous I love her to bits I have no idea why it is number 51

This is one of those movies that deserves a sequel and sadly they haven't made one yet. I would like to see Demi and Joe's relation develop more, as well as Nick and Dana and Tess and that guy she always argues with. Also, Kevin's character still needs a girlfriend, as well as some of the other characters who still needs true love. I wish the cast would all get together and make another movie.

This film is amazing, the boys and demi are just so talented, they taught everyone to follow and chase their dreams, love you guys x

Music was amazing and I wished there was a Camp Rock 3 because Demi and the guys are just amazing together. However the first one was better than the second. But it was still VERY good

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20 Tru Confessions

I just watched a little bit of it on YouTube, and it almost brought me to tears. It's so sad, and yet so deep in a non-Disney way. This movie and The Color of Friendship are honestly the best Disney has ever made! Shia does such a good job with the role of Eddie. He makes it seem like he's just like that character. The watermelon scene and when Eddie is on the floor crying just broke me down. And I think that the baseball scene was really cute.
You can't explain how great it is, all you can do is say it.
It sometimes comes on at like 2 or 2:30 AM, but I doubt I would ever be allowed to stay up that late. Ever.

My own brother has special needs and at the time that the movie aired on Disney Channel, I was an 11 year old who was going through my own emotional break downs. This movie continues to hit home not only for me, but for my whole family and I really wish Disney would bring back the original movies based on real life situations. This movie is really powerful. It is sad, but the sadness is overwhelmed by the the triumph of a family bond like no other. Definitely a keeper in my collection!

This movie is so sad! They also don't play it enough on disney channel they should play it much more often.

Watched the movie, and it is amazing.

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