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The Top Ten Best Disney Channel Original Movies

1 High School Musical

Love this movie. Just wanna make a point about Sharpay in general. Of coruse I love her queen. But I hate when people say she was the real victim. Think about hsm 2( I know different movie) . She pulls strings in hsm 2 and gets troy hired to work at lava springs and talk to basketball people all so he can get away from his friends and do a duet and date sharpay. She is self-centered and doesn't care about anybody else. So maybe that's why troy wants to date gabriella a sweet kind girl compared to Sharpay(also tried to not allow the workers to perfom at the talent show just so she can perform with only troy."What's the prize? Troy? The Stardazzle award? You have to go through all this just to get either one? No, thanks Sharpay. You're very good at a game that I don't want to play. So, I'm done here. But you better step away from the mirror long enough to check the damage that will always be right behind you." - ArianaMarvelHPVine456

High school musical is just a cute movie that is great for any age. There's something special about this movie that hits every other Disney Channel movie out of the park. You have great kids that you can look up to, amazing singing and dancing, and friends sticking together. And I don't think the amazing, blue eyed, talented Zac Efron hurts this movie in any way. Haha

This movie is too good to be true! 1st of all it has a great message about breaking free from the crowd and being you! I feel this is an amazing movie to watch at any age! Also has anybody else realized this is one of the only Disney Channel Original Movies to have a second and third movie made after it! I like the fact that it shows that one day all the high school fun will end! It's so true and realistic! Yeah sure no high school has everyone sing and dance in perfect routine to be honest I know I couldn't do that! But the story line is great!

Fantastic movie, & it's good to know that Disney is milking this and probably making millions from all the merchandise sold. Great plotline!

2 Lemonade Mouth

This movie is the best DCOM ever for a bunch of reasons. One of them is the acting. Bridgit Mendler does an amazing job playing Olivia, you can feel her pain and sadness. Adam Hicks's acting is really good too because when you watch Lemonade Mouth, you understand when doesn't like change and can get snappy about it but still has a heart of gold. Hayley Kiyoko brought just the right amount of fire and ambition and determination needed to play Stella. Naomi Scott played Mo perfectly, because you can definitely tell Mo is under much pressure from her father to be a perfect Indian girl but just wants to be herself. Nick Roux as Scott was an awesome decision, he adds just the right amount of caring and chill to Scott without going overboard. Blake Michael acts Charlie very well and with his acting you believe Charlie is very in love with Mo. Chris Brochu played a good antagonist as Ray. The supporting actors and actresses also do an amazing job. The music is great as well. All of the songs ...more

This is a great movie. I really enjoyed it. It's one of the best, especially considering the recent DCOM. This is coming from a teen who is well beyond her Disney years. It's really nice to see a great movie like this when it seems like Disney has lost it's touch. It has a true message. You don't see many movies like this anymore.


It is the best Disney Channel movie because it has the beatiful bridgit mendler in it and Mr. Adam hicks and it is awesome

3 Halloweentown

YAs you have a real childhood if you watched these

I love this and Halloweenton High


I loved this movie with all my heart. ❤️ - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

4 Camp Rock

The film is really awesome. However I how found a mistake, when Mitchie's mother finds a leaflet, when you look at the bottom of the page when it closes when they zoom out it closes again. It's been cut wrong.

I've watched this movie more then a dozen times! Its just awesome! I'll definitely watch it more times!

Best one! We rock! Camp rock!

I think this movie is definitely the best on THIS list but, why isn't lemonade mouth on here? In my opinion that is the best and should be on this list! BE HEARD! BE STRONG! BE PROUD!

5 Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Such a good movie, but I just wish I could find it somewhere, it is a really great movie and I suggest watching for anyone who hasn't, I grew up on this movie as a kid and I just know you will all love it.

I thought Wendy wu was a so good I wanted to keep on watching it, I wish it kept on coming on T.V!

Love Brenda Song. Saw her on the Suite Life and her acting was great. Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior has a decent plot and well-written characters. Vote for Wendy Wu!

Wendu Wu is really entertaining. It gives you a message that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. It is in a Chinese accent that most of the characters speak so you cannot understand but is in English so you should be able to. I recommend this movie to anyone even old people.

6 Phineas & Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

This movie of Phineas and ferb is awesome, I recommend giving it a look

Such a great movie - Margarida

I love this movie, this might be the best movie of all time. Here is the way you like this movie. The characters are great, the animation are great, the adventure are great, the songs are great. I want this movie all time. This might be the best disney channel movie of all time.

Well its the best dah why is this not in the top ten - indian

7 16 Wishes

16 Wishes should be first. It teaches one moral values. Personally I think 16 wishes must be the best

This movie is really good! The moral of the story is amazing. It's interesting for everyone and teaches a really good lesson of appreciating what you have, and the people around you because one day they might not be there.

It teaches an amazing lesson. One of my favorite movies!

This is the best movie I ever seen this should be number 1 cause no one beats Debby Ryan.

8 High School Musical 2

I like ashley tisdale and company

High school musical 2 rocks love you vanessa hudgens

This movie should be way higher on this list. Really teaches you some lessons and also has amazing choreography, singing and dancing. And also featuring the amazing Zac Efron.

I love it, it is sad when gabriella sings that song to troy and then leave because how the country club had changed him

9 Princess Protection Program

LOVE this movie SO much!
Possibly the best Disney Channel original movies along side High School Musical, Camp Rock, And Radio Rebel.

It's a really funny and super cute movie.

I can't help but smile when I watch it, plus Demi Lovato's smile is quite contagious.

And I love both of these girls so much, Demi is like my role model

I just think this movie is very great. It reminds me of my friends. Friendship is the value that we can get in this movie.

Starring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato the most loved pop stars and best friends in the universe! Very Good Movie!

Sort of like "See Spot Run" or "Our Lips are Sealed" but with a princess who is under some witness protection program (hence the title "Princess Protection Program"). - kristyrosepetal4

10 Kim Possible: So the Drama

So the drama is one of my favorite Dcom's Kim and Ron develop feelings for each other and become boyfriend and girlfriend at the end it's funny Kim and Ron kicking butt Kim and Ron dancing and having there 1st kiss that's why it's one of my favorites

This is way better than High School Musical and Camp Rock. This movie is amazing. It's one of those movies that will never get old.

Why is high school musical 1 place - simpsondude

I simply do not know why it's that low. SHould be much higher.

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? Freaky Friday (2003)
? Zombies 2

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11 Geek Charming

Geek Charming is kind of a similar story line to Cinderella but its backwards. You have this rich popular girl and this geeky nerdy boy. They meet up at school when this nerdy boy has toa project for class. They bond over time while doing the project and come to realize they like each other. It ends perfectly like it should have with them now together and a happy ending.
I'm not saying it was the greatest movie but it should definitely be in the top 5 if not top 5 for sure top 10. This was a great movie

Excuse me, how is this not first? THIS WAS AMAZING! It's so cute. This is coming from a 10 year old who watches Modern Family! I LOVE HER - maddyparrot22

Geek charming is nice story I don't know why it's number ten it's about a girl who is a shellfish person who has a sweet side to her self so now that I have told you about this fabulous movie put it up to 10 RIGHT NOW! Bye

Amazing and I loved the ending! Sarah Hyland was amazing and it just shows that no matter how different you are, you can still be friends and have social interaction with them!

12 Good Luck, Charlie It's Christmas

WHY THE HECK IS THIS MOVIE IN 65th place it deserves to be number 1 its just the best movie disney has ever had plus when the all family got together at the end it was the best part its a great movie along with Lemonade Mouth and The Suite Life Movie

Laugh out loud so funny watched it like 10 times

I Want A Full Movie Of Good Luck Charlie It's Christmas.

This movie is great for Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love to watch great family movies like this one.

13 Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Let's be serious. This is the 1st ever Disney series where the entire cast can act. Putting them in a movie? I cry every time at the end. Best dcom ever!

It is like so magical you have got to see it

This movie should be higher up it has a great life lesson

This is the best T.V. series to movie adaption Disney has ever made

14 The Suite Life Movie

There 's cole and Dylan sprouse in here!

I think this movie is great, In my opinion I Think Suite Life Series deserves 100 of your votes

It was a great movie I wish they would make another one that's how good it is

15 Minutemen

When this movie came out, I loved it so much. I still like it. It's probably the best Disney Channel movie ever - jameshoward

I was so torn because there are so many good movies on this list. Halloween town and twitches, camp rock, 16 wishes, I could go on. But I am shoched that this movie is in 71st place. I've seen many disney channel movies, but this is truelly the only one I can watch 50 times without getting bored. The plot is great, the main characters are cute and quirky, and it sends a good message about friendship. Plus it is so entertaining. For once, they didn't ask jason dolley to play the dumb guy, and he did a great job as vergil. Charlie and Zeke are also amazing. Ugh, wonderful movie, I never get bored with it - dragonfly99

This is probably the best Disney movie ever made! I'm shocked that this is in 69th place! This movie has 3 main characters, Charlie, Virgil, and Zeke. Charlie is a genius who skipped a lot of grades. Virgil is a guy who was popular until he stands up to his friends for Charlie. Zeke is a guy who is kind of scary, but is good at building. I won't tell you any more so that I won't ruin the movie!

I loved this movie when I was 10 and I still love it now, I haven't seen it in along time but it was funny and it was suspenseful!

16 Radio Rebel

This has to be one of my favorite Disney movies; and their are a LOT of them. The actor Debbie Ryan really shined when portraying her character, Tara. A shy girl, with her own radio station? What could go wrong? What could go right...!? :) Don't want to spoil it! This movie really proves the point of whoever you are, you have a voice, and that there shouldn't be and stereotypes, (in high school). We should all be considered the same, in our own special, unique way. Go watch it right now on Netflix, on demand, or Disney channel! 10/10 recommend! Enjoy!

It's so mazing their some moral lesson that you can get and also debby have a natural talent.. The way she act it's so natural

Very empowering movie. I was ready to go through the T.V. and yell that I was radio rebel. This is a must see movie and it will really make you happy.

She really insipired me... She teach all of the things it really help me... And also help me to be myself.

17 Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

This has got to be the best movie ever demi lovato is drop dead gorgeous I love her to bits I have no idea why it is number 51

This is one of those movies that deserves a sequel and sadly they haven't made one yet. I would like to see Demi and Joe's relation develop more, as well as Nick and Dana and Tess and that guy she always argues with. Also, Kevin's character still needs a girlfriend, as well as some of the other characters who still needs true love. I wish the cast would all get together and make another movie.

This film is amazing, the boys and demi are just so talented, they taught everyone to follow and chase their dreams, love you guys x

Music was amazing and I wished there was a Camp Rock 3 because Demi and the guys are just amazing together. However the first one was better than the second. But it was still VERY good

18 Descendants

This should be higher - 23windomt

I grew up with stuff like Hannah Montana, That's So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and other shows like that, but Descendants is by far the most interesting thing to come out of Disney Channel since maybe Kim Possible (nothing beats Kim Possible, but still)

This is the best Disney channel movie ever. It deserves to be number one because it is the only thing Disney Channel has produced in the last decade that has a single original idea to it

This is easily the best one on this list! 96? Wow. I guess it's okay that Lemonade Mouth is number 1, but Descendants should be WAY higher than this! - Captain_Slendy

19 Cadet Kelly

its got hilary duff in it i think i don't need to say no more shes fab!

No idea how High school musical got higher than this masterpiece.

This was my favorite movie for the longest time!

20 Let It Shine

This movie by far is the best Disney movie of all time. Finally there is a movie that reaches out for both Boys and Girls. The music is amazing and most movies that I've seen on Disney are kinda, "eh" saw that happening. But this movie keeps you watching it til the very last part. Great job Disney with this 2012 movie, best Disney movie of all time!

I love this movie. I seen this 100 times. - 23windomt

This move was awesome. It truly captures the essence of Black people and I loved it. It was not discriminating and it also portrayed blacks in a good manner. The music is amazing as well. Rap and Pop go well together. Great job on this film, Disney!

This is the best of all

21 Twitches

Excellent movie with lots of surprises!

Good movie. Love lasts forever

I love magic and witches and stuff, so this movie would be my favourite.

Best Disney movie ever! Can't believe its number 44! Its full of surprises you would'nt believe your eyes! Come on people vote it! Show your taste!

22 The Luck of the Irish

Cute movie! Makes everyone feel Irish

All my sisters including I like a lot

Needs more recognition to be honest. A Great Movie. Better than some of Disneys newer work.

23 Tru Confessions

I just watched a little bit of it on YouTube, and it almost brought me to tears. It's so sad, and yet so deep in a non-Disney way. This movie and The Color of Friendship are honestly the best Disney has ever made! Shia does such a good job with the role of Eddie. He makes it seem like he's just like that character. The watermelon scene and when Eddie is on the floor crying just broke me down. And I think that the baseball scene was really cute.
You can't explain how great it is, all you can do is say it.
It sometimes comes on at like 2 or 2:30 AM, but I doubt I would ever be allowed to stay up that late. Ever.

My own brother has special needs and at the time that the movie aired on Disney Channel, I was an 11 year old who was going through my own emotional break downs. This movie continues to hit home not only for me, but for my whole family and I really wish Disney would bring back the original movies based on real life situations. This movie is really powerful. It is sad, but the sadness is overwhelmed by the the triumph of a family bond like no other. Definitely a keeper in my collection!

This movie is so sad! They also don't play it enough on disney channel they should play it much more often.

Great, inspiring, and it teaches us all a little something about life and love and family. It's definitely the best Disney movie. They need to make more like this to help guide this young generation - stessco

24 Cloud 9

I'm voting again, my first vote a couple months ago was Minutemen. But anyway, Cloud 9 is by far the best Disney Channel movie for me right now. I mean, it was truly great! I can't wait to see what Dove Cameron will do next because she was great in this movie. Great snowboarding film, and different from most Disney Channel movies - dragonfly99


I just watched the movie. Kayla and Will are so cute together! Especially when they kissed! And also in real life, Dove and Luke, together. Just think about it...

This shouldn't be so low down, it's amazing, but it's new, so it should work it's way up the list soon! Nothing's Impossible.

25 Descendants 2

The closest Descendants has ever gotten to a classic. This movie is NO WHERE CLOSE to Ariel, but it really is good! I thought it was like every other modern Disney movie, but I was wrong, and I'm glad I am!

All 3 Descendants as well as Zombies Should be in the Top 10.

Between this, the first Descendants movie, and Zombies. This one was amazing.

I love this movie I have honestly watched 15 times and I'm never board of all the actors do an amazing job and I hope there is a descendants 3 in the future.

26 Girl vs. Monster

Pretty good movie, decent songs...

I love the songs, especially "Fearless", it's just so catchy!

Best movie every saw loved it so much if you enjoy monsters that aren't as scary you will love this movie

I can watch over and over

27 Another Cinderella Story

I love this movie

I loved this movie but its not a Disney. Channel original movie

I really like this movie, it's so fun and sweet. And I also like Selena Gomez and I LOVE Drew Seeley. TRY to see it

Totally LOVED this movie. 💖
Better than the Cinderella movies that were cartoon

28 Jump In

The movie was fantastic I wonder how much does it take for them to practice I love the movie so much I wish I could to that so I need practice to do double dutch whether I can do it or not. I will start buying to skipping ropes.

The actors in this movie are really clever. It would be really hard to learn some of the jumprope moves that are shown!

the movie was so great it made me want to get out of my seat and jumprope.

This movie made me buy a 30$ jumprope when I was 11 and I tried to do what they did. That proves how great it was!

29 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Most amazing movie ever! Most of these Disney channel movies can be childish but High School Musical (especially the third one) is more about growing up and is really suitable for all ages. I love this movie to the moon and back. The singing, dancing, choreography and just the romantic little moments and friendships are just so awesome I've watched this movie so many times and could pleasingly watch it so many times more. Oh and Zac Efron is super hot.

My favorite disney channel movie of all time! Just re-watched it, cried twice and had to keep on rewinding because I just loved one of the ending scenes. It came out in theaters on my birthday and my friend took me to see it, right away I was hooked. It also has amazing music numbers/songs.

This movie was theatrically released and therefore should not count as an official Disney Channel Original Movie.

Other than that, this movie was great!

Love all high school musical movies should be nr 1 the songs and everything is great and the cast are such great actors. I'm so happy that I found out about high school musical. I love all high school musical 1 2 and 3 they are all so exciting interesting and fun love it

30 The Color Of Friendship

I was like 9 when I watched it. It was like two in the morning. I cried at the begging it just gave an emotional impact on kids and adults this should be number one. It gives a great message to people all around the world. One of the greatest movie of all time.

Just wonderful. Too bad Disney's too vain now to produce anything remotely close to this. Their new movies nowadays are... Stupid, to put things lightly. They should show more of their old ones, like this one.

its ah-mazing nothing else left to say.

It has such an amazing message behind it. It teaches you about something important. Disney movies don't do that any more. It is so well acted and is clearly the greatest DCOM ever.

31 The Cheetah Girls

I love this film. it should not be 46th. its funny, the songs are amazing and the girls look, sound and dance great. whats not to love?

This should be in the top 10, why is is 30? Girls used to fight over which Cheetah girl they were.

Little chessy but very good


32 Motocrossed

Motocrossed is an awesome movie. What makes it my favorite is that I just bought my first dirt bike four months ago, I'm still learning how to ride, and I want to be a great rider in the future.

I love this movie so much. I love seeing a girl standing up to odds that say that she can't be in motocross because of her sex. Andrea was awesome. The Father made me mad for most of the film though. This is my favorite DCOM Movie and I've seen almost all of them.

its just amazing disney thank you for this movie its just awesome disney needs to play the movie all the time

I like motocrossed because I love motocross I want disney channel to play it more often.

33 Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time

How is Teen Beach Movie 22 and this 49? - 445956

34 Descendants 3

Amazing ending to a wonderful Trilogy. Hope Zombies get a 3 movie trilogy as well. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

Descendants is the best! I love Evie.

This movie is nothing amazing but, it's modern Disney Channel. Compared to High School Musical this is gold - girly-dog-girl

Good movie - Margarida

35 Smart House

I really want a smart house! The concept is incredible, if impossible. Maybe someday they will invent such technology

movie I loved in my childhood. kinda cheesy, but hey, that's disney - missmegz93

omg it jus had a effect on my life so much i can belive this incredible movie i luv it so much i would sleep wit it

This movie has a wonderful plot and is STOLLY inc. approved.

36 Phantom of The Mega-Plex

I love this movie! I wish they would play it again cause I can't find it anywhere! Can anyone please help me find this movie!

They need to show this movie, I miss watching it and its not on DVD at all. I hope they play it for Halloween this year.

Disney should definitely play this more often, it's so great!

37 Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zenon zucks!

38 Read It And Weep

I have finally found a movie that beats HSM! - panikkrazy

I wouldn't say these are necessarily "the best, " but they are decent. - dureckl


39 Adventures in Babysitting

SEEN IT! 10 OUT OF 10 MOVIE! - FuffleyandPeetah

Story line is good but it could be better if they had someone else play the role as Jenny. She was a little dull and over controlling and I think Sabrina carpenter could be better. The original one is better. Also Wildside is a good song and all but I think the beginning could sound more tuned. Sofia was great. I LOVE SOFIA

It is a good movie.

Although it hasn't released on Disney Channel, I saw it on watch Disney Channel and it was amazing! Wildside is a good song, the rap battle is epic and this movie deserves to be the 100th DCOM

40 The Proud Family Movie

Best Disney channel original Movie

41 The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl

What is this doing here? It's not Disney. Not even close. Scooby-Doo is closer to being Disney than this, for Pete's sake! - BKAllmighty

Ah ah like one of my sorta favorite child hood

Even though it isn't a disney movie, it was still pretty good! - FuffleyandPeetah

Fine not great really one time watch

42 Brink!

Brink! Is a really good movie! It should be in top 10! I really liked it. And it has a great message.

Brink should be in the top 5 it is one of the best movies disney has made

How is Camp Rock ahead of Brink!? This was a really good movie.

People are stupid this should be in the top 10 for sure! ITS BRINK! Its cause the majority of the votes are coming from little kids that didn't start watching T.V. till 2005!

43 Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

I like the movie soon much

44 Gotta Kick it Up

This movie is my top favorite next to HSM2 it's an awesome movie I hope they never take it off of disney channel.

I luv this movie and the reason why is i do dancing!!!

This movie is so inspiring!
I love it all!


45 Dadnapped

Emily Osment is one of the best actresses of all time and every single character in this movie was in another Disney Channel Show. (Jason Earles, Emily Osment, Phill Lewis, David Henrie, & Moises Arias)

It's better than most of the movies above it

Great but of course can never be true

This movie splashes comedie with drama and suspence in this riveting thriller that kept me on the end of my seat. The end was a total shocker and I just totally love EMILY OSMENT'S Performance!

46 Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off

Not bad. I actually forgot about this one. - BKAllmighty

47 Tangled: Before Ever After
48 Going to the Mat
49 Double Teamed

I love this movie it is such an amazing show about friendship, basketball and sisters.

this movie was way fun to watch. it is kool how the two girls wern't realy twins!


I love it so much I play basketball to

50 The Thirteenth Year

it's really cool and sad at the ending

Love to be honest. Needs more recognition

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