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21 Good Luck, Charlie It's Christmas

WHY THE HECK IS THIS MOVIE IN 65th place it deserves to be number 1 its just the best movie disney has ever had plus when the all family got together at the end it was the best part its a great movie along with Lemonade Mouth and The Suite Life Movie

Laugh out loud so funny watched it like 10 times

I Want A Full Movie Of Good Luck Charlie It's Christmas.

I love this movie! It's the funniest, most realistic, and all in all best Disney Channel movie.

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22 The Cheetah Girls

I love this film. it should not be 46th. its funny, the songs are amazing and the girls look, sound and dance great. whats not to love?

This should be in the top 10, why is is 30? Girls used to fight over which Cheetah girl they were.

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23 Phineas & Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

I love this movie, this might be the best movie of all time. Here is the way you like this movie. The characters are great, the animation are great, the adventure are great, the songs are great. I want this movie all time. This might be the best disney channel movie of all time.

Well its the best dah why is this not in the top ten - indian

So good! Phineas and ferb is a good show and the movie was also really good

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24 Motocrossed

Motocrossed is an awesome movie. What makes it my favorite is that I just bought my first dirt bike four months ago, I'm still learning how to ride, and I want to be a great rider in the future.

I love this movie so much. I love seeing a girl standing up to odds that say that she can't be in motocross because of her sex. Andrea was awesome. The Father made me mad for most of the film though. This is my favorite DCOM Movie and I've seen almost all of them.

its just amazing disney thank you for this movie its just awesome disney needs to play the movie all the time


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25 Smart House

I really want a smart house! The concept is incredible, if impossible. Maybe someday they will invent such technology

movie I loved in my childhood. kinda cheesy, but hey, that's disney - missmegz93

omg it jus had a effect on my life so much i can belive this incredible movie i luv it so much i would sleep wit it

kinda techy but interesting - carvandog

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26 The Luck of the Irish

Cute movie! Makes everyone feel Irish

All my sisters including I like a lot

Needs more recognition to be honest. A Great Movie. Better than some of Disneys newer work.

27 Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Let's be serious. This is the 1st ever Disney series where the entire cast can act. Putting them in a movie? I cry every time at the end. Best dcom ever!

It is like so magical you have got to see it

This movie should be higher up it has a great life lesson

Love you selena gomez

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28 Minutemen

I was so torn because there are so many good movies on this list. Halloween town and twitches, camp rock, 16 wishes, I could go on. But I am shoched that this movie is in 71st place. I've seen many disney channel movies, but this is truelly the only one I can watch 50 times without getting bored. The plot is great, the main characters are cute and quirky, and it sends a good message about friendship. Plus it is so entertaining. For once, they didn't ask jason dolley to play the dumb guy, and he did a great job as vergil. Charlie and Zeke are also amazing. Ugh, wonderful movie, I never get bored with it - dragonfly99

This is probably the best Disney movie ever made! I'm shocked that this is in 69th place! This movie has 3 main characters, Charlie, Virgil, and Zeke. Charlie is a genius who skipped a lot of grades. Virgil is a guy who was popular until he stands up to his friends for Charlie. Zeke is a guy who is kind of scary, but is good at building. I won't tell you any more so that I won't ruin the movie!

I loved this movie when I was 10 and I still love it now, I haven't seen it in along time but it was funny and it was suspenseful!

None of these movies should be considered "good" but this is the only one I remember actually working as a movie. - SidDuhSloth

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29 Read It And Weep

I have finally found a movie that beats HSM! - panikkrazy

I wouldn't say these are necessarily "the best, " but they are decent. - dureckl

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30 Jump In

The movie was fantastic I wonder how much does it take for them to practice I love the movie so much I wish I could to that so I need practice to do double dutch whether I can do it or not. I will start buying to skipping ropes.

The actors in this movie are really clever. It would be really hard to learn some of the jumprope moves that are shown!

the movie was so great it made me want to get out of my seat and jumprope.

This movie made me buy a 30$ jumprope when I was 11 and I tried to do what they did. That proves how great it was!

31 The Suite Life Movie

I think this movie is great, In my opinion I Think Suite Life Series deserves 100 of your votes

It was a great movie I wish they would make another one that's how good it is

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32 Kim Possible: So the Drama

This is way better than High School Musical and Camp Rock. This movie is amazing. It's one of those movies that will never get old.

Why is high school musical 1 place - simpsondude

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33 Now You See It!

Is this really a competition people?! High School Musical is number one? Now you see it is by far better. Plus there's Life is Rough, and The Color of Friendship which are both far better.

This movie is the best movie I have ever seen on disney! But they don't ever show it anymore so now I am sad. Why do they play the worst disney movies, but they don't play the best!

I guess it's okay... The ending's SUPER MESSED up, though

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34 Quints

this is a very family oriented movie that shows a teenage girl's struggle to catch anyones attention caused by the births of her five brothers and sisters

I love this movie because i love stuff about multiples and wish this movie would come out on DVD

I love this movie. I think it's so cute! They should show it on Disney Channel more often

35 The Cheetah Girls 2

I LOVE THE CHEETAH GIRLS! I AM 16 YEARS OF AGE AND ONE OF THE BIGGEST FANS EVERRR! like my bbf jawn bought me the movie for my birthday!@ i watch it everday !

I really don't like this movie I think olivia could of done a lot better. Its just everything is so fake I just think its boring and crappy but the songs are not that bad though

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36 The Thirteenth Year

it's really cool and sad at the ending

Love to be honest. Needs more recognition

37 Phantom of The Mega-Plex

I love this movie! I wish they would play it again cause I can't find it anywhere! Can anyone please help me find this movie!

They need to show this movie, I miss watching it and its not on DVD at all. I hope they play it for Halloween this year.

Disney should definitely play this more often, it's so great!

38 Cloud 9

I'm voting again, my first vote a couple months ago was Minutemen. But anyway, Cloud 9 is by far the best Disney Channel movie for me right now. I mean, it was truly great! I can't wait to see what Dove Cameron will do next because she was great in this movie. Great snowboarding film, and different from most Disney Channel movies - dragonfly99

I just watched the movie. Kayla and Will are so cute together! Especially when they kissed! And also in real life, Dove and Luke, together. Just think about it...

This shouldn't be so low down, it's amazing, but it's new, so it should work it's way up the list soon! Nothing's Impossible.

Love this movie so much. It's my favourite, I can't believe it's this far down.

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39 The Color Of Friendship

I was like 9 when I watched it. It was like two in the morning. I cried at the begging it just gave an emotional impact on kids and adults this should be number one. It gives a great message to people all around the world. One of the greatest movie of all time.

Just wonderful. Too bad Disney's too vain now to produce anything remotely close to this. Their new movies nowadays are... Stupid, to put things lightly. They should show more of their old ones, like this one.

It has such an amazing message behind it. It teaches you about something important. Disney movies don't do that any more. It is so well acted and is clearly the greatest DCOM ever.

its ah-mazing nothing else left to say.

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40 The Cheetah Girls - One World

Best movie ever

Loved watching THE CHEETAH GIRLS: ONE WORLD on Blu-ray Disc and DVD. - kristyrosepetal4


I love the're music

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