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81 The Paper Brigade

Clearly the best Disney Channel Movie Ever! It needs to come on more. I haven't seen it in years.

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82 Rip Girls

I love this movies I wish they had it on DVD but the last time I saw it was June 13 like at 2:00

83 The Scream Team

Love this movie so much how can't people no comment on how great it is I remember watching this on Halloween and getting scared of he ghost with the fire this is an awesome movie just wish I could see it somewhere other than YouTube

84 Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure

She thought she had it all but later learnt the importance of things. Go ashley tisdale you rock

It's so fun and so pinky is for any age and cute.

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85 Johnny Kapahala: Back On Board
86 Up, Up and Away
87 Her Best Move
88 Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizard School

I like this movie because it has nice characters and I like how they use their magic. I also like the spells.

First, this wasnt a movie, it was a 3 part special, but it was a great 3 part special!

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89 Descendants 2


90 Dear Dumb Diary V 1 Comment
91 Adventures in Babysitting

Story line is good but it could be better if they had someone else play the role as Jenny. She was a little dull and over controlling and I think Sabrina carpenter could be better. The original one is better. Also Wildside is a good song and all but I think the beginning could sound more tuned. Sofia was great. I LOVE SOFIA

It is a good movie.

Although it hasn't released on Disney Channel, I saw it on watch Disney Channel and it was amazing! Wildside is a good song, the rap battle is epic and this movie deserves to be the 100th DCOM

I love Sofia and Sabrina.They sound epic together.

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92 Bad Hair Day

Funny. Monica's hair was so mess up and Liz was such a crazy pants. I love the characters and I love the plot!

This is such a cute movie 9/10 is what I'd give it

93 Model Behaviour

Justin Timberlake's movie debut! It's all goes up hill from here!

94 Sky High

lave it

95 Under Wraps
96 Wish Upon a Star

This is such a good movie! Its quite old though! Laugh out loud

My number one favorite ever on Disney Channel

97 Girl vs. Monster 2: Return of the Witch

This is not an actual movie I looked it up

98 Tower of Terror

It's the ONLY Disney Channel Movie that I've seen and actually care about.

Had Kirsten Dunst (Bring It On) and Steve Guttenberg (Zeus & Roxanne). - kristyrosepetal4

99 Avalon High

I have no idea why people keeps forgetting about awesome movie

This was the most unique and different movie. It was around the time where Disney Channel was getting diverse, they had my babysitters a vampire, wolfblood, and this, but then parents complained and ruined it.

This movie is nothing like any other dcom I've watched, I love it!

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100 Invisible Sister

Thank u! I'm so sick of these musicals. All of them stink. One song in the movie is ok but like 40 no way! High school musical camp rock and lemonade mouth are an exception though I love those movies. But teen beach movie was terrible I mean come on. Invisible sister was very different. I'm glad that this movie also didn't feature a blond actress as the main role. I also liked that we got a girl into science rather than another blond hair pink loving glamourous rich that wears girly clothes. Too many of those. Disney channel is big on stereotypes. This one doesn't promote too many. I enjoyed this movie and think it's underrated

I adored this I mean a science project that turns into invisible how cool is this. I'm getting really sick of this dumb Disneys singing movies. This has the diversity that Disney needs 2 have in its movies. Now come on I gotta be honest but Teen Beach movie is rip off of high school musical. That added music 2 teen beach movie 2 make it better. Yeah it wasn't. So I'm glad Disney is putting effort in with movies like Invisible Sister

This should be 2 after Adventures in Babysitting

This should be #1, I loved every part of it.

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