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121 Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire
122 Hannah Montana the Movie

Why is it placed here? This is a very cool movie!

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123 Buffalo Dreams
124 The Jennie Project
125 Cry Baby Lane
126 How to Build a Better Boy

115, that is stupid, I'd give it at least 10

This movie is really good

Never seen a better movie

I'd give it 8/10
The theme is very nice. It is simply where (the girl Keli burgland plays sorry I forgot her name)'s nemesis is making fun of her for not having a boyfriend. So than her and her BFF create a fake one on what they think is their dads video game company, but her works for the government.

The boy comes to her school and they are in love. But her BFF feels left out HE IS A ROBOT HOW DOES SHE FORGET SHE CREATED HIM

More stuff happen that's all I'm telling u

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127 Further Adventures In Babysitting

This should be 1, this is terrible best movie ever! Most of y'all haven't even seen it yet, I can tell because it's called Adventures in Babysitting. Sabrina is so great

It will be a upcoming sequel to the 80s classic teen movie, Adventures in Babysitting (1987). - kristyrosepetal4

128 Susie Q (1996)
129 Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight
130 Halloweentown High
131 The Ultimate Christmas Present
132 Zenon the Zequel
133 You Lucky Dog!
134 Zenon: Z3
135 Full-Court Miracle
136 Hounded
137 Jett Jackson: The Movie
138 The Swap

This movie is really good! It's about a boy and a girl switching bodies, it's similar to Freaky Friday. I would totally recommend this to everyone!

139 Tangled: Before Ever After
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