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21 Violetta "En Mi Mundo"
22 Mighty Med "Mighty Med Theme"
23 Wander Over Yonder "Wander Over Yonder Theme"

Even though it repeats the same thing, it is UNBELIEVABLY catchy.

The best theme song that repeats the same thing.

24 Cory in the House "Cory in the House"
25 Lilo and Stitch: The Series "Aloha, E Komo Mai"
26 The Next Step "Stand Up"

Love the next step.

27 Phil of the Future "Phil of the Future Theme"
28 K.C.Undercover "Keep It Undercover"

This should be next to Take On The World. Either under or above. U tell me.

Love the theme song

It's so secretive it amazing for K.C UndercoveršŸ˜

29 Best Friends Whenever "Whenever"

This song is ok

30 That's So Raven "That's So Raven (Main Theme)"

So catchy

31 Jonas "Live to Party"
32 The Little Mermaid "Under the Sea and Part of Your World (Instrumental)"

This show was so beautiful! Definitely did justice to the film!

33 Timon and Pumbaa "Hakuna Matata (Remix)"

Not the same version from the film, but good enough for the T.V. series.

34 Wolfblood "These Veins of Wolfblood Grow"

Hate the show, love the theme.

I love this show and wolves

35 Sofia the First "I Was a Girl"

Weird title, awful show, awful singing = CATCHY!

36 I Didn't Do It "Time of Our Lives"

This song's much better than some stupid Sofia the First song.

37 Gravity Falls "Weirdmageddon Theme"
38 Fish Hooks "Ring the Bell"

I liked this song :P

39 Even Stevens "Even Stevens Theme Song"

I love the clay animations, and the song is amazing!

40 Mickey Mouse Club "Mickey Mouse Club Theme"

The original Disney Channel show.

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