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Austin & Ally is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Disney Channel on December 2, 2011, and ended on January 10, 2016. The series was created by Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert, the writers and producers of the Disney Channel sitcoms Sonny with a Chance and Jonas.


Best show on Disney since... A LONG TIME! I'm so happy that so many people love this show its amazing to watch, and the acting has improved, I've loved it since the first time it aired. Season 1 was OK, and wasn't that popular which I think it should've been. But when season 2 came along, MAN THIS SHOW EXPLODED into something absolutely awesome! Now it's one (or the most popular) of the most popular shows on Disney Channel! After every episode it just gets funnier and better! It's never boring it's so entertaining. I'm also definitely liking the romance this season, and of course, the comedy is so funny. :D

So this is the BEST show of 2011-2012 but it still managed to be on the worst Disney channel shows list? I honestly love this show when season 2 came out and I'm sure all 13 year old girls can relate to liking (a lot) love interests In T.V. shows an movies an I really love AUSLLY. That's mainly what the show is about in season 3 and I really love it. It should be the best show of 2013 seriously and 2014 because the air date for season 3 is late October. If you like Austin and ally there will be a unblocked kiss in the finale which I'm pretty excited about. (FOR THOSE SAYING ROSS LYNCH CAN'T ACT, SING OR DANCE your ALL... UGLIES ( I can't use a bad word here sorry laugh out loud) because HE'S AMAZING AT WHAT HE DOES and he's awesome in teen beach movie WHICH BROKE A LOT OF RECORDS IN DINEY HISTORY so if you don't like him or him in Austin's and ally go watch teen beach movie because it's awesome and yeah! AUSLLY FOREVER k I'm done now

Disney has not had such a great show like this in a wile. Not only do younger kids watch it but a lot of 14-18 year olds watch it to. There's singing, dancing, music, jokes and hopefully soon there will be some romance. This I my absolute favorite T.V. show and as the second season continues it just keeps getting better and I am never not excited to watch it. Some people may not be a fan but there are more who are a fan (like me :) ) and I hope we will all continue to watch and support it. I know I will

I wouldn't go so far as to say that I personally enjoy this show, but I would definitely say that I'm glad it's on Disney. My younger sister watches the Disney Channel, and since she's been watching Austin&Ally she's gotten really interested in music and she's even started to try writing her own songs. She's only eight and the songs are about what you'd expect, but any show that can make kids really get interested in music like that definitely has my support.

This show is my favorite! :D INCREDIBLE! AMAZING! The best show on Disney Channel now in my opinion! Great music, lovely characters and a very clever plot between two opposites who complement each other (besides they have incredible chemical together! ). All the actors are very funny for me is definitely the best!

Austin and ally is a awesome show! Its always has a good song that would never make you stop liking it, the dramatic and funny moments are great!

Ally is although a shy character but that is the best part of her! Good job Luara!

Austin played by Ross is a super fun and cool character, he makes me smile!

Then there is Trish, she can be quite selfish but... That's what makes the show so funny!

Lastly, Dez! He is so funny and silly! That's the best part of him!

I can't wait to watch more!

This show is amazing! It also is disneys remake of their hit show HANNAH MONTANA. One eppisode of this show, and your hooked. This is an all famous cast, and even though you don't usaly hear dez sing, they are all amazing singers. I could watch this show for hours, the plot line is always awesome and the jokes always get you laughing. Remember: keep calm and love austin&ally!

I love the mew austin and allys the new ally is so awesome she totally rocken the black and blond hair her and austin will be a very good couple and I'm so happy that she got over her stage fright austin is and awesome dancer and a good singer but like I said austin and ally belongs together austin and keria should break up and austin and ally should get together. Ps can't wait to see the new austins and allys

I love Austin and ally every show is SO romantic, cool or funny awesome show really deserves to be the1st I don't get why some people hate the show I mean Austin - great singer ad dancer ally- adorable songwriter singer Trish - gets a job every day not my style but I still love her dez- cool funny that's all you can't miss this show

I hate how people are saying Austin and ally shouldn't be number one. This show is amazing and the best one so people should just deal with it

BEST SHOW ON THE DISNEY CHANNEL SINCE That's so raven, I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY Love this show! Season 1 was pretty good, but season 2, WAS SO SUPRISING! It was almost like it was a completely new show because season 2 is AMAZING! It became so hilarious, and I'm definitely loving the romance between A&A.
It's never boring, each episode just gets better and better every single time.
I RECOMMEND this show to all kids, per-teens, and teens!

Austin & Ally is AMAZING! It actually has an interesting plot. Unlike those other horrible shows out there they actually found people who are talented in both acting and singing. My opinion is that shake it up should be kicked off this list! It got cancelled already by the way.

The characters have a lot of personality, Ally makes a lot of good jokes but I have to admit sometimes Austin's acting is a little bad. He is a great singer and dancer though, and I like how Trish is sarcastic and doesn't really care about her jobs unless it involves money. And Dez is the best personality, he's so random!

I love this show. I record, like, every show that comes on when I don't have time to watch it live or something like that. I am SUCH an Auslly fan and season 3 just ended and I am SO EXCITED to see what was in the note that Austin gave Ally before leaving! Seriously, all girls are required to have a crush of Ross Lynch and Laura Marano is the cutest thing ever! The show is perfect and it's just great.

Austin and Ally is the best show ever, the only one I really like. I love the characters and the actors, who are very talented. Plus, the music is awesome, love the soundtrack of season 1

Austin and ally is the best show ever I've watched all there episodes so far and I love the actors and their acting I can't wait for the rest of season 2 like campers & complications!

Love Austin and Ally they are like a perfect team, I just want to watch more and more and more of Austin and Ally like. I hope that Austin and Ally get together very soon I want more Austin and Ally.

Austin & Ally... AMAZING SONGS! Not the best acting, but a few laughs. I fell in love with Austin's Voice, then Ally's writing! DON'T.. TOUCH.. MY.. BOOK.. Are there cheerleaders there?

This is the best show on Disney channel, I love it so much. I don't know how this show would get on the worst list, because it is the best

Actually, this show is the only one which is good. The plot line is funny, the songs are catchy, they all are good (I mean, great) actors. Also, for those "Auslly shippers" (like me) we find something different in the show... We find a combination between Comedia, Drama, Romance... There are no words to describe this show... It's just Amazing!

Is the best series I've seen in Disney channel I hope they continue making more seasons of this beautiful series is the best because with the charisma of Ross Lynch and Laura Marano as that of Calum Raini like the songs are unforgettable Ross sings in the series are moved and Very Parents have many feelings and happiness gives me hope that they achieve this award ganae all of the best series of the year Top Austin & Ally

Should do a concert tour of Austin & Ally by the Mexican Republic in Special Sonora as in the United States of America

Ugh this show us extremely annoying. It has unlikeable stereotypical characters. Every joke they make is unfunny, and it gets repetitive. The characters are the WORST I've ever seen. Austin is the stereotypical pop singer, Ally is the stereotypical "shy but not so shy" girl, Trish is the stereotypical lazy person, and Dez is the stereotypical idiot. Most of their jokes are mean spirited, and the show as a whole is bad for kids to watch. It shows them that people can get off scott-free for doing the wrong things. Why would anyone let their children watch this? By the way, if you disliked this, and you are under the age of 13, you are clearly a Ross Lynch fangirl. This show should NOT be #1 because a "cute" person is the main character in the show, or stars in it. This applies to Good Luck Charlie too. Gravity Falls should be #1.

I LOVE this show so much! I feel the casts's chemistry with each other and even though the show can be very corny at times, it is a very funny corny that people will fall in love with like I have.

Ross is the cutest guy ever! And him and Laura are even cutter! That is the best show ever it rocks! And it has so much romance that makes it the number 1 show on Disney Channel since a long time!

Austin & Ally is definitely the best kid show to hit television!