T.V Show Reviews

booklover1 In the post, I'm going to give my opinion on some of the most voted shows on this list. By the way, if you don't want your favorite show to be insulted, DON'T WATCH THIS!!!! I insult a lot of these shows. Also, this is the opinion of me, a 12 year old male, so if you're older, younger, or female, my opinion will probably differ.

Hannah Montana:

Before I review this: let me just say I have nothing wrong with the singing of Cyrus, Osment, or Musso. They are very talented and I just want to show that I don't hate this show BECAUSE i don't like their singing. Anyways, this show just isn't very good. It's not funny, it's rarely dramatic, andit's both silly AND awkward. But, suprisingly, it's entertaining like crazy. Like theres no reedeming factors at all except that, when it's on, you actually sit down and watch it. Overall: I'd prefer to watch it, but just for mindless entertainment. 4/10

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody:

God, this show is awesome. It's relatable, funny, has so many different and interesting characters,and has some awesome guest stars. This show is every young kids dream. There are some flaws, though, like it has some lame jokes, and Zack and Cody aren't always as cool as they often are. Overall: It's great, but not perfect. 9/10

Wizard of Waverly Place:

It sucks. The acting sucks, the plot sucks, the characters suck, everything sucks. The only parts I liked was when Bridget Mendler was on there (Who's acting career was ruined by Good Luck Charlie, but thats for another review), but that only lasted several episodes.The worst thing is the characters. NOBODY IS LIKEABLE!!! Alex is the Trouble maker, which I wouldn't mind, except she is not witty, funny, or charming, Justin is the annoying, weird, smart alec, who, like Alex, is not witty, funny, or charming. But the worst is Max. He's dumb, not funny, not likeable, and is annoying. Overall: Not funny or entertaining AT ALL. 2/10

If you want more reviews, give me some suggestions, and since I'm open to suggestions, as well as desperate, I can almost guarentee the show will be reviewed by me. I hope to even do more reviews even if I get no suggestions. What do you think of the shows I reviewed? Give your review below. :)


That's the best asnewr of all time! JMHO - visitor

Hannah Montana is real nonsense. Just my lousy opinion - Alexandr

I don't like any of these shows. How old are you? I'm not making fun of you. I never even watched these when I was younger. Why R U reviewing them? - visitor