Andi Mack Review (SPOILERS)

Disney Channel has been going downhill since the premiere of Hannah Montana. They have created many laughy, crappy, racist, offensive, sexist. annoying, pandering, cliché, cheesy, mean-spirited, disgusting, weird, corny, stupid, and plain out bad dramas and sitcoms. Their modern cartoons are better, but even the Disney cartoons have some duds like Pickle and Peanut and Future-Worm. The only good shows that are currently on Disney Channel/XD are Gravity Falls (reruns), Star Vs The Forces of Evil, Milo Murphy's Law, Phineas and Ferb, Yo-Kai Watch, Pokemon, Mickey Mouse Shorts, Star Wars Rebels, Elena of Avalor, Good Luck Charlie (reruns), Mech-X4, Suite Life of Zack and Cody (reruns), Lab Rats (reruns; not Bionic Force) and MAYBE Descendants Wicked World and Beyblade. Notice how I only put FOUR live action shows on the list of good modern Disney Channel shows, and three of them are RERAN (with one of them on DXD) and the other also on DXD, but currently on hiatus? (though it is getting a season 2). That's because there are ZERO other good Disney Channel/XD live action shows that are currently being reran, put on hiatus, or airing new episodes.

That is, until Andi Mack came.

When I first heard about Andi Mack, I thought it would be another stereotypical teen sitcom that has mean characters. Then I found out it WASN'T actually a sitcom, or a cheesy drama, but instead one of those shows that don't have laugh tracks, but don't have excessive drama, like Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Except, this show DOES have actual drama. No, not like that new girl crap you see all the time. Shows that use the New Girl At School Who Gets Bullied By The Popular Girl and Starts Dating Her Ex suck. They're way too cheesy and predictable. Those types of shows are crap shows like Every Witch Way, Make it Pop, and possibly more.

But this show is different! it has REAL REAL drama! Seriously, who would've thought that Andi's sister Bex was actually her MOM? Plus, I love that she has a pixie cut, which shows girls that all hair styles are great, since Disney Channel seems to teach us that all beautiful people have long curly hair. The acting is actually okay. The show is way mature, its almost like Degrassi for kids, but without the heavy focus on school. It deals with teen pregnancies, sexual orientations, and many more. It also helps that it doesn't have a laugh track and it is made by the same person who made Lizzie McGuire, a great Disney Channel show. But, the show isn't 100% drama, it has very funny moments as well. Besides, the show labels itself as a dramedy. Due to being mature and serious unlike Liv and Maddie. Because of its maturity, the show has already received critical acclaim. If you search up Andi Mack, you will get tons of news articles praising it for being mature and possibly becoming the next Girl Meets World or even Lizzie McGuire. Imdb gave it a 8/10, and Common Sense Media even gave it a 5/5.

This and Tangled: The Series could save Disney Channel. The good shows I listed in the first paragraph are good, but they are constantly being overshadowed by crap. I think 2017 will be a great year for the channel. I mean they axed Girl Meets World, Best Friends Whenever, and are going to do the same to Liv and Maddie. They're rebooting DuckTales and That's So Raven, two great Disney shows. They have promising upcoming shows like Country Club, that Big Hero 6 series, that Hotel Transylvania series, and Billey Dilley (not writing the entire title). These upcoming shows, along with the good modern shows I listed in the first paragraph, Tangled: The Series, and Andi Mack could save Disney Channel.

All in all, Andi Mack is a great show that everyone should watch. 10/10.


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