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Good Luck Charlie is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from April 4, 2010, to February 16, 2014. The series' creators, Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen, wanted to create a program that would appeal to entire families, not just children.


This was another one of the only 3-4 good sitcoms on Disney Channel. It actually focuses on a little thing called REALITY, like being a Teenager and living in a middle class big family. But the family, unlike most where they are just completely flawless, with flawless kids and flawless everything, they actually have problems with their finances, and family troubles. They don't focus on small thing like, not being able to sing for a few days, or not liking a girl just because her breath is bad. (examples come from Austin and Ally) They actually show what it's like to be cheated on by a boy, or having a crush that you just can't get over but you are too shy to tell them, or puberty, and overall it focuses on a happy but not flawless family. This show focuses on two very good things, and that is to be a good example for your younger siblings and that overall family is an amazing thing.

I love this show! This is why.

PJ. He is the Funny, very stupid older brother. Although most disney shows have the stupid brother he actually is funny. When he is the only sixteen/seventeen year old to like the gurgles. A show meant for two year olds. And how he can cook. He is the only stupid character that is funny and people love. Unlike Logan in I didn't do it.

Teddy. She is the smart, pretty, sister of the Duncan family. With her on and off boyfriend Spencer and her best friend Ivy she is always funny. But her jokes aren't just funny but they make sense. And she doesn't brag about her smarts all the time like Avery in Dog with a Blog.

Gabe. He is the cute, sneaky, funny, prankster of the family. He is so cute when he's younger having the feud with Mrs. Dabney and always pulling pranks on her. And how he always made the jokes on Amy's cooking, Bob's fatness and baldness, and PJ's stupidness. He personally is my favorite charcter.

Charlie. She is the ...more - DivaDirectioner

I think Good Luck Charlie is the last great show on Disney Channel. It has a plot, while keeping the storyline simple and funny, the characters are hilarious and sweet, and I think it's very relatable and leaves good overall messages to kids.

First off, the storyline. Basically, the protagonist, Teddy, records moments in her life into a collection of videos to Charlie, the second-youngest child of the family. Teddy shows the family's relatable conflicts, her own personal problems, her secrets, what happens around as each day passes, and such and such. She gives advice to Charlie for her future self, and I think that's sweet. The whole family is sweet and funny, and they all grow up (especially Gabe to me). Good Luck Charlie is definitely a great show and is enjoyable for a wide range of ages!

Hi this is kamryn and I like this T.V. show cause it always makes my mom and dad laugh and it makes me laugh to! Charlie is so cute I love her so much, I wish that Charlie was my baby sister but I'm the littlest. I think that gave is funny he loves video games too! PJ is really funny and but he makes me laugh a lot! Teddy is really pretty and I think that it's funny how all of the little boys like her! Mrs Danny is very scary she yells a lot! Amy is very crazy she makes my mom laugh too! Bob is really funny because he always asks people to call him for his job! Ivie is So funny she likes country music too! Spencer is sorta mean and nice he is mean cause he cheated on teddy and nice cause he apologized!

Good plot lines, good actors, HOWEVER they take so much material from Full House that they might as well call it "Good Luck Michelle" (Michelle is the baby/ little girl in Full House)

1. In Good Luck Charlie the dad says "I'm not an exterminator, I'm a pest control specialist." Yeah, Jesse said that on Full House.
2. Michelle and Charlie- toddlers who occasionally talk.
3. The similarities between the names D.J. (oldest daughter in Full House) and P.J.
4. Stephanie, the middle daughter on Full House, is sarcastic, as is Gabe, who is also the middle child.
5. On Full House, Jesse is somewhat dim-witted, likes girls, and has a band. So does PJ.
I can name a ton of other similarities, but I think 5 points is enough. However, a lot of kids do not watch Full House these days (mostly teens and adults do), so I guess this all slips under the radar. And, honestly, I love Good Luck Charlie, even despite the extreme similarities to Full House. It's by far ...more - TheKatieLady

This is the best show ever. You need to try to watch it if you still haven't tried it. And then when I watched the very last episode of it, I was very depressed. That's how I love it so much. Also this was the first show that made me like Disney Channel. I really didn't like Disney Channel cause it wasn't funny for me ONLY MY OPINION. But even though when my sister watched it I was like its like a stupid show. But after 2-3 episodes I said I should try watching it. Then I really liked it. I just wish it didn't end that way. If you don't know why it ended it is cause there was a death threat for Mia "Charlie". I hate that person. MUST WATCH IT, APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES, AND It's THE BEST.

This should be below Jessie, for a bunch of reasons: Bridgit Mendler, as an actress, needs to work on her facial expressions a lot (tries too hard to make happy faces), the plot is so cheesy and weird, Charlie is more of a prop for the show, and a lot of moments that gross me out, such as the scene where Gabe is covered in baby food in the dentist episode. Really Disney? It is also worth noting that the show tends to recycle characters, and is just way too predictable. Meanwhile, on Jessie, the kids can act, I was actually convinced that Karan Brar was Indian for a while there, and it actually has a plot, I also stomach Jessie more than any other Disney show other than Girl Meets World. How this show is so popular with voters? I will never know, but I do know that it's really not so good. Watch Jessie instead! There, hope I helped!

Good luck Charlie and Jessie are the only two Disney shows that appeal to me. Other shows like Ant farms and Shake it Up don't teach you anything but to be rude and stupid. Good luck Charlie has great great great actors. Mrs. Dabney is my personal favorite. The episode plots are realistic and funny. I haven't gone more than 5 minutes of watching the show without laughing. Teddy's video diaries teach you a decent lesson in each show. Great for kids and adults and I'm 18.

This is a great show. Considering it was on in the era of Jessie and Austin & Ally makes me respect it more. Despite all the shows about fame and riches, Good Luck Charlie is a show about a family. Just a family. Sure this family gets into weird, unrealistic situations, but that makes it all the funnier. I personally love Gabe and Amy the most, but there is really no "weak" character in this show. So if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and get Netflix and watch it. It is just that good. This show deserves to be higher than Suite Life of Zack and Cody. And it definitely deserves to be higher that WoWP.

I'm sorry but this show SUCKS I mean like yeah what we want to see is a self centered mom a dad that can't even take care of his kids a brother who is really stupid, a girl who is to focused on something that's just going to go into a box and collect dust. a boy who clearly has some problems if he's a trouble maker in such a nice house with a not so good family. and lets face it the only character that's some what funny is the baby and she did't start becoming funny until half way through the season. and most of the "problems" could be salved so easy if they would stop being so stupid "oh no she put the lap top in the dish washer keep" KEEP IT OUT OF REACH OF A BABY ANYBODY WOULD KNOW THAT IT'S KIND OF OBVIOUS but hay. - assassinknight

It is awesome watch it it is the best show on Disney Chanel my opinion is to watch good luck Charlie every day for the rest of my life it is an amazing show everyone I now watches it and I think you should to is so awesome I love it and you will to it the best show ever it's amazing I watch it every day and when you start watching it you will love it love it too

Good luck Charlie is a great show. Charlie is the cutest girl and is funny. Gabe is funny and weird. Teddy is cute and funny and nice. Pj is funny and weird. Amy is funny and weird and entertaining. Bob is funny and weird. I love to watch good luck Charlie every day. It is the best show ever. My favorite character is Charlie then teddy then Gabe then Amy then Pj then Bob.

Very inspiring show, and heartwarming, but NOTHING compared to Gravity Falls, Gravity Falls has fixed Disney Channel and has a LOT of HUGE ENTERTAINMENT VALUE compared to THIS, It's Just Full House toned down to low level, It's good, but Gravity Falls NEEDS TO BE WAY HIGHER!

I think good luck Charlie because it is really funny on the things they get in like bob is just funny, Amy makes it all about herself, pj is just so silly and never knows what to do with himself, Teddy always gets herself in silly things, gabe is always bad, Charlie and Toby are just so cute!

I don't know why this is #16. This should be #1. Good Luck Charlie is the best show ever. My whole family laughs at this show like crazy! The other shows are so dumb above this, except for Phineas and Ferb. Good Luck Charlie is just hilarious!

I love Good Luck Charlie! It is such a great show for all ages and I love it because the kids aren't brats or disrespectful, so I love it even more! So furious because they are ending the show but they cast is getting old but still mad and heart broken that it is ending:( I'm literally going to cry

I love this show I keep on wondering to myself why are they cancelling this?
I mean don't they know how popular this show is, even my mom loves this show it's funny for all ages. Even when I have already seen the episode I always wanna watch it again. GREAT SHOW AND I GIVE 1 MILLION THUMBS UP TO IT!

An International Show. When was Hannah Montana remade into a Hindi sitcom. Garnered so many views when on air. The only believable show to have ever been aired on Disney Channel. The only show that touched people of all ages. You grow up with the characters. I shall miss the show dearly.

Good Luck Charlie 2010-2014

Good luck charlie is one of the best Disney Channel shows yet! I especially love the character Teddy, played by Bridgit Mendler because shes a very versatile actress! Good luck charlie is entertaining and sends out important family messages that I think are awesome! It totally beats those new crappy shows like Jessie, with that lazy Debby Ryan!

This show is amazing! Other shows on Disney don't make you laugh like this one does. They know how to joke around and they don't do stupid jokes like other Disney shows. The show has something to offer everyone! If your going to start watching this show you will definitely ENJOY!

I agree, Good Luck Charlie is a very great show and I was bummed when it ended. It was realistic, funny, creative, and the plots were fantastic. Loved every single character, (especially the mom) And my dad enjoys this show as much as me, that's saying a lot. Very well-done show, nothing bad to day about it.

One of the most heartfelt, but no comparison to Gravity Falls, which is truly the best Disney show as a fact. - nelsonerica

Bridgit Mendler and the cast are awesome. Good that the show isn't over yet. I's absolutely fun and enthralling. Bridgit is how can I say, "clean" she is a great singer AND actress. She still didn't committed any mistakes in her career unlike Miley Cyrus. I wish it never ends.

I honestly loved this show. And I still do enjoy it. In my opinion it has better jokes, not stereotypical and never repeat plot for each episodes. It was the first Disney series to have two moms instead of a mom and dad. It gave me another version of life and I mean come on the humor was GREAT

It's a show were kids and grown ups laugh, if there's anything like a disney show, its making all laugh, and they did a great job, sure there's a lot of adult jokes but that was the fun part even kids would laugh at them... it's a great show and its too bad they had enough of it

This show is hilarious, I was skeptical back in 2010 when all the previews were coming out but boy was I wrong. Watched every episode and it sucks to have come to an end, I really hope they somehow create another show that associates with this.