Gravity Falls

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Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation that first aired on Disney Channel, and then on Disney XD from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel in the fictional town of Gravity more.


I think this will be Disney's best show so far. I love it. There are a lot of mysteries and secret stuff in the show. It's funny and has a lot of references. It's mysterious and the whole show is a mystery, which you can solve if you follow all of the clues. I feel that this show will be like Avatar the Last Airbender on Nickelodeon, it will and has attract all sorts of viewers, not just kids. This is really good in the long run.

Gravity Falls is BY FAR the best show on Disney. Dipper is a smart, curious 12 year old who is dealing with his awkwardness. He's a cute, funny guy who is actually makes YOU laugh, not a fake bunch of people. His best friend is his sister, Mabel. She is so silly, and is dealing with popularity and mean, popular girls. They solve mysteries, and all kinds of supernatural creatures. The plot is amazingly smart, and DOESN'T tell you everything, so you can solve the mysteries.

The fan base is extremely intelligent. Did you know from three episodes, we figured out Grunkle Stan has a twin? It may sound extremely unlikely, but we have proof, such as in Stan's flashback, when he is wrestling, there is a boy reading, who has the exact same hair style. In the episode, where there is time travel, the man who opens the door to the former Mystery Shack looks different from Stan in the episode where he talks about his former girlfriend who ditched him for a hippie.

So, basically it is ...more

This is my favorite show on Disney Channel. I don't know why it's ranked at 16. Why did Jessie top Gravity Falls? Gravity Falls has an interesting plot, interesting, and relatable characters like Dipper Pines. You can't really relate to a rich nanny taking care of famous people's children. The show has no lessons or anything. Sure Emma is pretty, Luke is a good dancer, Zuri is sassy, and Ravi is... I don't even know. But are they really relatable? I know I can't relate to rich children living in a fancy home with famous parents. Anyway, enough Jessie hate. Gravity Falls characters aren't rich or famous. It seems like something a lot of kids would do, spending the summer with their grandparents. Dipper is awkward and trying to be mature, which is definitely relatable. And he's just so cute! That's what makes him likable. Mabel is funny and fabulous. And her pet pig Waddles is adorable. The only thing not relatable is the monsters they have to deal with. But they have to add something ...more

What mental patient made this list. How is gravity falls worst than Jessie and shake it up? It is like the only good show currently on Disney. All the other shows have characters that are mean to each other and the same plot for every episode. Gravity falls has characters that while they make fun of each other, they are just acting like normal siblings (never thought I'd use the word normal to describe this show) and you can tell they all love each other. Also, the plot is different for each episode. The fact that it has a plot makes it better than all other shows. Also, some episode end on cliffhangers, including the season 1 finale. Now lets move to the Halloween episode. The Halloween specials for the live action shows on both nick and Disney now have stupid problems that don't involve anything spooky or supernatural. In the first gravity falls Halloween special, the twins, candy, and Grenda almost got eaten by a monster made from discarded candy. Isn't that better than the main ...more

This show is so amazing, I have watched both seasons around 16 or 17 times...I'm a little obsessed with it. The characters are fantastic, Dipper or Mason (His real name which was a mystery for awhile to) is awkward and tries to act like a teen to hang out with his crush, Wendy, but also tries to find out mysteries of this town which gives such a good plot. Then there is Mabel, a funny twin of dipper who looks at the bright side of things and is very silly with her pet pig waddles, over time she struggles with happiness as puberty appears. I could go on for ages about the other characters and the twins, I haven't even said a small amount about them compared to how much there is, the story is so good with deep thinking and a good amount of comedy that makes me smile every time, the action is very interesting and gets you pumped up. The villains, oh gosh the villains are amazing and very scary with mystery and hidden messages to be uncovered. This show gets you attached to everything in ...more

Best show ever! Always makes me laugh. It's a funny mystery show but it isn't serious which gives it a funny factor. By far my favorite show. Only show on disney I watch.

One of the last GREAT SHOWS on Disney. Not only does it star a boy and girl same age so boys can relate to Dipper and how he strives to be mature (also being 13, enough said) with a crush on an older girl, while being awkward and really clever/intelligent. And girls can relate to Mabel with stupid girl things, don't really need to go into detail (me being a girl I can relate) the whole show is humanizing. But there is also an extremely we'll thought out plot where it seems every episode is intertwined with all previous episodes, and in the future some big secrete will be reveled. Personally I love mysteries and cartoons but you rarely every see both in one that is enjoyable. The jokes aren't corny and stupid kids find them funny teens/adults find them hilarious because they're kinda adult like. All the voices are perfect and I love when characters act shy, awkward, or lovestruck it just makes a show relatable and more realistically funny. Love this show I defiantly recommend it to ...more

"Gravity Falls" deserves so much better! This is probably one of the smartest cartoons out there and gives Disney Channel a bit of a darker edge, thereby appealing to older kids. The characters are really good, the voice acting is excellent, and one of the villains, Gideon Gleeful, has to be one of the best characters on that show next to Mabel. He's edgy, original, and adorable. You think that most villains would be ugly, but Gideon uses his looks to get his way, being only nine.

Plus his plots to get what he wants are pretty original. He doesn't kill to get what he wants. He steals, manipulates, and even uses love. The only downfall is that he hasn't used hypnosis. But "Gravity Falls" is definitely one of the best shows on Disney today! - ElleWoods

I wanna know who is voting on this list, because they clearly have no sense of humor or any common sense for that matter. This show tells you to think deeper about things and it's a lot more relatable than a bunch of people who think they can sing, but they sound terrible even with autotune. Seriously, this series is the most underrated thing I've ever seen. It's not plothole-ish, it's funny, it's relatable, it's realistic, and the mystery... don't even get me started. It's awesome. There are so many twists and turns and you are almost quite literally part of the show. The viewers are along for the ride as much as Dipper and Mabel and it's such a close bond between the viewers in the show. It's almost inspirational how passionate the fandom is for the show. This show is for all the misfits really. All the other Disney shows all have unrelatable characters and there's so much drama in the fandoms. Gravity Falls is an example I hope Disney and so many more people choose to follow. It's ...more

GRAVITY FALLS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST SHOW EVER! I don't understand why you people voted Ant Farm, Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, Phineas and Ferb, Austin and Ally, etc... This show interacts with the viewers and has codes, conspiracies, and ciphers. I also love the love the family shares with each other. Let me just say, Alex Hirsch is a genius. I mean the way he makes me feel about cartoons... Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon should feel very jealous of this show! I have never felt such sadness for a movie or show ever! I didn't cry for Augustus Waters in the Fault in Our Stars, the grandfather's tear jerking speech in If I Stay, or when Hook died in Once Upon A Time, but when Mabel gave Bill the rift, I almost died. I know this show is ending and I know it will end with it going down in Disney's history as one of the best Disney shows in the whole multiverse! And if anyone says other wise,YOU SHUT YOUR TIME MOUTH! (just kidding). I love this show and I will miss it so much! Goodbye ...more

Yo you guys see Sock Opera. Can't stop watching it best episode. Plot line in this episode alone is deeper than anything in Austin and ally. For those who didn't see it, the episode starts with Mabel telling this guy who loves puppets that she love them too and ends up promising to put on a puppet show on Friday while dipper is trying to figure out the password to get the laptop. Cut to important part. Dipper tried too many times with the wrong password and has only on try left. Seeing he is desperate, bill returns and says that if he gets a puppet, he'll give dipper the password. Dipper thinks he wants one of Mabel's puppets and makes the deal. However the puppet he was after was dippers body and steals it. Making the real dipper a ghost like thing. Bipper ( as amble calls him) destroys the laptop and sets of to Mabel's show to destroy journal 3 Dipper follows him to the play but is unable to warn the others because the only one who can see or hear him is Bipper However, dipper ...more

This has the potential to be one of the greatest cartoons of all time. The show, at first seems directed towards the younger audience, but there is so much depth and symbolism in this show it's ridiculous. If you actually take the time to go through the episodes in order, you can see how well the characters are developed and actually understand how the symbols and hidden messages are connected with one another, and the plot of the story itself.
Needs more time on Disney to actually attract a large audience like the other shows, but there's already some 4 million views per episode and its gaining popularity fast. Gravity Falls will be one of the greatest Disney shows.

How are all these shows like jessie, ant farm and good luck charlie higher than this? This show is one of the best things to come to Disney Channel. The story isn't bad, there isn't a laugh track playing every second, and the characters actually have personalities, and they don't say crappy jokes every minute. We also can't forget the amazing animation style, voice acting, and mysteries for the fans to solve. Should be number one, and I'm starting to think that the majority of people that voted for the ones at the top were quite young. If they were, I can understand why they would like it. But if not, they should know a lot better.. - StormingShadow

Oh my god, this is like the best show on Disney Channel. It literally gave me hope for Disney... Well, at least until they showed "I Didn't Do It" and then I flipped a table and just fell into a lake. Yeah, that show sucks. ANYWAY. The show's got amazing characters, and its pretty witty. I laugh too much at it as well... Haha. So, if you continue saying that Austin and Ally (which stars a god-awful actor who CAN'T EVEN SING and some stiff-as-a-board girl who is just there) and Jessie and ANT Farm (DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON China ANNE MCCLAIN'S HORRIBLE SINGING. JUST DON'T) then I will seriously have to finally say I lose faith in humanity. If you're really just tired of Disney's crap, just go watch Sherlock or Doctor Who.

This has to be one of the most well-developed, written, and downright hilarious cartoons that has ever been aired on Disney Channel.

My only complaint is how it feels like it ends so soon, even though it came out four years ago (there's only 40 episodes total). But since every episode feels so unique from the last, I'd say it still manages to be fantastic.

This show gets a lot more serious in the later parts of Season 1 and a lot of Season 2, however, which might turn off anyone who might prefer a show like SpongeBob where it's almost entirely just whimsical fun all the way through.

My only question is: how exactly is this amazing cartoon below the likes of Jessie, Austin and Ally, and Hannah Montana (what I would consider to be some of the worst Disney Channel shows in existence). This is even below Phineas and Ferb (granted, I like Phineas and Ferb). This cartoon deserves the top spot on this list without a doubt.

Gravity Falls is my FAVOURITE show! The characters are relatable and the plot and story is awesome! Unlike some shows, all the episodes are related to each other and are predictable. You always want to know what will happen next. The characters are actually smart and realistic. The codes and ciphers actually make you think and sometimes they have clues for the next episode! The art style and the voice acting is really good! The jokes are also really funny. The best thing about the story is that there are secrets that all the characters have, and the evidence for that is spread out between episodes. Overall, you need to watch Gravity Falls! It's underrated. (why is it on the worst Disney shows list?! )

This is sad... The list is now controlled by brainwashed eleven-year-olds who are in grave danger of severe stupidity! Can't compute... Tzit! Tzit! Computer can't fight of these viruses destroying TheTopTens!

Seriously though, all the shows above are bland as tofu, and fake as Paris Hilton... Too stereotypical, but Gravity Falls is so much more! It's entertaining, unlike every other show on Disney... Guess I shouldn't be suprised that Austin and Ally and Jessie are so high up there, considering that this list is full of complete morons...

The main reason I'm voting for Gravity Falls is because it has no 'nerd' stereotypes or 'loser' and 'fashionista' stereotypes... All the characters are lovable and well-rounded - they're all unique! Even someone with half a brain can realize that... - Flowersocks2137

I'm sorry but Jessie and Austin and ally shouldn't be ANYWHERE. NEAR the top tens. This show however should! It's so funny and I like how creepy it is! The only reason people don't like it is because they'd rather watch "normal" shows ( spoiled brats that get whatever they want by blackmail and lying ) because it's too "scary! " Or inappropriate (which it can be at times but the new episode of SpongeBob aren't exactly innocent like they used to be) sorry, but that's just my opinion. - Thatgirl

Awesome show that capture's the viewer's attention right away. All the characters are unique and most are hilarious. *cough*Mabel*cough*Soos*
Besides, who doesn't love Dipper's moments as "Little Lamby Lamby" or "Disco Girl"

GRAVITY FALLS IS THE BEST. THE BEST. I may love GLC, but this is the best. It has mystery, action, suspense, humor, romance, and fantasy. The characters are so lovable and real, especially Dipper, Mabel, and Soos (in my opinion). The theme song is superb. Even though the main mystery of the series has been solved, the current episode arc is absolutely stunning. I know I forgot many amazing aspects of this award-winning series, but if I listed them all, I would be here for DAYS. So do yourself a favor and watch. But start from the beginning, or else it will make no sense. The show is very dedicated to the time and place. SO, in conclusion, Gravity Falls is the best show to reach Disney Channel (who kicked it away to Disney, a stupid move for them if they want ratings) ever. The end. *EPIC GRAVITY FALLS THEME SONG PLAYS* *WADDLES AND MABEL DANCE TO IT*

Gravity falls should be 1! It's funny and fantastic animation! There's not a lot of good mysteries Floating around but this has the best mysteries ever

Gravity Falls is an awesome show because it combines mystery, humour, and animation (which is easier to secretly add little hints)! The mystery is deep and intense and really intriguing! The characters are well developed and all have great personalities! The plot line is well thought out and keeps you thinking. Every time an episode ends I'm left with my mouth open and the gears of my head spinning like mad processing what happened in the past 25 minutes! If you haven't seen this show, you should because it's amazing!

Every show above this is TOTALLY WRONG, No one has taste in this show when saying the shows above this are the best, Those people are ignorant self-centered brats who love stupid teen shows that have singing and rudeness as well as laugh tracks, those shows are nothing like Disney's stuff, except for Wizards of Waverly Place, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck, Gravity Falls has a wide mixture of plots that no one ever wants to escape, it also has morals and nice characters, yet it's a cartoon, which Disney works with, Put this show at NUMBER ONE. - nelsonerica

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WHAT KIND OF PERSON WOULD CHOOSE WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE OVER THIS SHOW?! This show had many moments that made viewers cry, laugh, and relate about it. This show made impact on the world of modern Disney Channel cartoons. It was a beacon of hope, in the world of trashy shows like pickle and peanut. This show is the reason why many people started watching Disney again. This show was the best thing that ever happened to Disney, but it ended too soon. In conclusion, this show is the epitome of creativity and legendary. This show, unlike many other Disney shows, has a theme. That theme is to move on and grow up, but many people will never let it go, because it is better than any other show on Disney.

Maybe it's the secret sci-fi lover in me talking, but I see Gravity Falls as one of the best Disney shows--possibly an all-time high-ranker. Some of the more classics might beat it out, but come on, for the older audiences of Disney, this shows has the best sense of humor and an aspect of seriousness and the plot has a point! The characters are quirky and lovable, the inserted backstories add to the plot and reality, and overall, everyone is somewhat relatable. Disney needs to stick with cartoons that have a genre of more than simple comedy--no Disney show with living, moving, /on-stage acting actors/ is serious in the slightest. To be quite frank, most of them are crap, as could be said about Nick and Cartoon Network as well, but shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and The Legend of Korra pop up and have huge success. So what are you guys waiting for?