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Jessie is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from September 30, 2011 to October 16, 2015. The series was created and executive produced by Pamela Eells O'Connell and stars Debby Ryan as Jessie Prescott, a small town Texas girl who moves to New York City to try to become an actress, more.


I feel so, SO sorry for you people who actually somehow enjoy this rancid excuse of a sitcom. You must have barely been subjected to quality entertainment in your lives, because this show is literally a piece of trash. The characters are all horrible stereotypes that I just want to punch in the face. The humor is nonexistent- every "joke" is forced and is not even REMOTELY funny. The plots are absolutely ridiculous and obnoxious. The point is, Jessie is a terrible show and should not even be on this list. Watch some quality cartoons, kids!

JESSIE is the best Disney Channel show EVER! It's funny how Luke is always trying to get Jessie to date him but fails continuously, Emma always talking about one direction and fashion, Ravi being nerdy but polite, Zuri the sassy but sweet 10 year old, beartrum the sarcastic and lazy butler, and let's not forget about Beautiful, creative, boyfriend losing, JESSIE Prescott! I like that, despite of the utter craziness of the Ross kids, JESSIE never quits. I think that parents are just over protective of their kids and take this show seriously, and forget that this show is MAKE BELIEVE the characters are fake, made up, unreal, played by actors and actresses ( Debby Ryan, Peyton list, Cameron Boyce, skai Jackson, karan brar, Kevin Chamberlain) that can all MOSTLY act. OK for 5 and up. And better than Sam and Cat and my little pony. Thanks! A Disney Channel and Cameron Boyce and Peyton list and Zendaya fan!

It's the most racist show on Disney Channel, Sam & Cat and My Little Pony aren't racist like THIS show is, It sucks and anyone who loves this show is mentally retarded. - nelsonerico6

Jessie and Good Luck Charlie are the 2 best Disney Channel shows ever. And the best part is that as if when the two crossed over they said "Hey, let's mate," 9 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day later out comes a show on Nickelodeon called Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, which is a combination of Jessie's characters and Good Luck Charlie's lifestyle. Also, nelsonerico6, Jessie isn't racist. It's a kids' show, if it were out to attack anyone, Disney wouldn't have it on the air. I know you said it because it has things from other races, well that doesn't mean it's racist. It means it's diverse. Maybe you're just racist against foreign people, and frankly, what you said about anyone loving this show being mentally retarded was equally offensive, and I'm shocked that THAT is still not deleted. Anyway, despite what he said, I LOVE this show (and I have an IQ of 131). It's cute and funny. Definitely beats Dog with a Blog, Liv and Maddie, I Didn't Do It, etc.

What the heck is this doing here! This is just complete disgust to me. Stereotypical! come on not even Blonde teen likes makeup glitter and wears expensive clothes. Not every Indian child is smart and Is socially awkward. Not every black girl has a sassy attitude and hates doing homework. I mean come on! What kind garbage is this. It's wrong to make stereotypes! Disney Channel is promoting kids to do this. They need to get their act like together. Also I wanna point out I'm still a child and I'm giving an opinion that sounds like a teenager made it

I love "Jessie! " It has been my favorite show on Disney Channel for the longest time. Most of the shows on Disney Channel, either are not entertaining, or the actors ruin the show completely. This show has brilliant actors who have brought the show to life! These actors have moved on to further shows because the show met the ending of the plot, and it reached maximum amount of seasons. It was continued an additional season because of the high ratings. The show has an amazing story line, and the actors portrayed the characters so well. The story is actually believable and was an amazing show while it lasted. I hope that one day one of the other shows will be as impressive as this one. But I would recommend: Austin and Ally, Liv and Maddie, Girl Meets World, Good Luck Charlie, Dog with a Blog, K.C. Undercover, Gravity Falls, Bunk'd, and Backstage!

Since most of the shows on this list are over and off the air now, I'll choose my favourite that's still running. Jessie is awesome to me because the jokes are so dirty. It has so many hidden sexual jokes and hats what makes it so hilarious. I'm 13, so those kind of jokes are the best to me right now. If you don't believe me I have some examples.

Jessie: Ew, that's the second most disgusting thing I've ever touched! Don't ask.

Jessie: Do you have an off button?
Luke: Yep, wanna try and find it?

Jessie: Am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me.
Luke: *reaches for her butt* I'm on it.
Jessie: Hands off it!

These haters should really go back and read some of the stuff they wrote because it's just ridiculous. I also love how they're stupid enough to put this show higher on the list than it would be by hating on it but my point is Jessie is a great show, much better than the new Disney like Bizaardvark, Best Friends Whenever, and Bunk'd. And I honestly don't know where people are coming from calling it "racist," it's a kid's show for crying out loud if it were "racist" Disney wouldn't have it on the air in the first place. I've been watching for five years now and I highly recommend this program to anyone who hasn't seen it and likes fun storylines and laughs.

I like it, it's funny, it is a little - a lot racist though. Luke's background is Spanish so their saying Spanish kids are stupid, Ravi is Indian, Indian boys are weak, Zuri has darker skin, all kids with dark skin are sassy and mean, Emma is a NYC blonde girl, NYC blonde girls are dumb and only like makeup, clothes, and fashion. NONE OF THAT IS TRUE! - Swiftdawn

They are all very funny and entertaining. It's a lot better than the other junk they got on Disney now. It should be a lot higher than 8. Jessie is on season 3 currently and I'm hoping it continues for 2 or 3 more seasons. The show is exciting and keeps me coming back for more.

Oh you haters of this program... you're just a bunch of dispassionate and narrow-minded liars with no respect for the opinions of its fans. I also love how they put Jessie higher on the list by voting for it just to hate on it like seriously this list is for Jessie fans and since I'm one of them, deal with it!

I don't know about this show. it's kind of annoying and Debby Ryan is a little bit to dramatic in the show. I don't know if it is just her normal personality, or if she's just like that in the show. if it's just her act for T.V. , whatever. she can't control what the directors tell her what to do! But I still highly recommend watching austin and ally instead!

Okay, but in my honest opinion, Austin & Ally is the annoying show, it wouldn't be annoying, period, but Dez is just too annoying to tolerate. - Jessie fan. - Toontownlover5


Guys, this show is literally the most racistly stereotypical show ever. They have a dumb blonde, a smart Asian, an immature Caucasian and the stupid other girl who might literally be the most brain numbingly stupid character I've ever seen. Not helped by the fact that there is a laugh track every five seconds. The jokes are completely stupid, there is absolutely no character development, and the entire show is literally just poking jokes at rich people. If you legitimately like this show you may need to re-examine your life because, oh my god this show sucks.

Jessie is the best show and I hope it never ends my best episode is when zuri (skai Jackson) gets the acting job instead of Jessie because of the clown that took all of her favourite sweet that was the best episode JOKES I can't choose a favourite they are all amazing. Who has watched the new one?

This show is wholesome, often witty and always filled heart. Jessie is show for all ages of kids who just want a great show that wont eat way at their brains and until they are mush. I can't wait to see what happens in season 2. Thank you Debby Ryan for staying true to yourself and your fans, we are all eternally grateful.

I love this show so much. I really loved panic attack room where zuri goes to the panic room with stuart and all of the kids except emma get stuck in the room because stuart changed the combination to get out while jessie and bertram are auditioning for downtown abbey and luke thinks their in love. And I love the one where zuri brings home the class pet and jessie loses them. And (last one) gotcha day is the dau when zuri got adopted.

Jessie is great my favourite character is zuri I definitely don't think it should benumber 11 I think it should at least be 3. I think they should put more of it on. It is my best Disney Channel show. Mr kipling is so funny and emma's fashion skills are just so the coolest. Jessie is just really funny and I just can't stop laughing, and luke and ravi are just booys.

Jessie is a great show for kids of all ages and it is the best current Disney channel show. All of the acting is great and the kids each have a wide range of personalities. I also like that it had realistic st

I think The T.V. show Jessie is amazing my favourite characters are Zuri, Jessie, Emma, Luke and Ravi I really enjoy watching this T.V. show Jessie is the best T.V. show ever and Jessie explains the T.V. show she is a talented person and the T.V. show Jessie deserves to win her singing voice and dancing is amazing and when she plays musical Instruments it sounds amazing and those people that don't enjoy Jesie why don't you?. You should enjoy it because nothing beats Jessie because it is an amazing show and it should win everyone vote for Jessie. Jessie has to win because the T.V. show Jessie deserves to win.

I, personally, hate this show. It sucks. SO glad it's over, you know why? Just read all this info and trust me, you'll agree with me. Someone below stated Luke's so RANDOM and funny. Now this person is right about something. Luke's randomness. This makes the show so random and not thought out at all. Jessie only has like 3 episodes with the guy and then he asks for her hand in MARRAIGE. and to make matters worse she says YES. AND THEN THEY HAVE THE WEDDING. "I do," says the guy. "I don't! " Says Jessie. What the heck!? Luke is ugly and can't dance all her can do is flips and spin on the floor, anyone can do that, he's nothing special. LIKE ALLL OF THE ACTORS ON THIS STUPID SHOW. Jessie- drunk crazy girl who babysits a bunch of lunatics who are spoiled. Bertram- fat butler who likes cheese and is lazy but doesn't clean the house and yet in everyone episode the house is CLEAN! See so unthought out. Zuri- crazy girl who has he same personality as Luke and in the later ...more

The only reason I don't live Jessie is ravi have these people who write it and no offense the people who love it ever Ben to India it is a good country but people really don't help the poverty I bet ravi was from a poor family:(

I love to watch Jessie it is in channel 435 in time Warner cable I also love other Disney channel shows like Jessie Austin and ally good luck Charlie dog with a blog and that's all the shows I watch in Disney.

Worst show on the channel by far, unlike many others who make me chuckle now and then, this show has never made me laugh once. The only thing this show can make me feel is suicidal urges. - Pleasegodendme

I really fell for this show on a beach trip, when it rained, and we were stuck inside with cable and the Disney Channel. It was so funny, with Luke always trying to charm Jessie, Zuri acting all crazy, Bertram the lazy, Emma the always fashion concious, and Ravi the unpopular, sweet and polite. And, let's not forget Jessie! I hope everyone likes her as one of their favorites on the show!

This Show is comedy. I love this show because its funny it's the best it has great actors and I hope it has more kids so the people could watch it more often. It's a very good show to.