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41 Kid vs Kat

Millie is hilarious in this.

This isn't even Disney

This was such a cool little short show I loved it its awesome yoo hhoo rock on

42 The Original Mickey Mouse Club

I'm still waiting for the day Walt Disney rises from his grave and takes revenge on what all of these horrible new shows did to his good name and classic masterpieces. I'm only sixteen, but I can recall a time when the name Disney meant so much more than it does now. - Aceacles

I think Walt Disney would be proud. Look at all the great cartoons. Kim Possible, Phil of the Future, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, Recess, Boy meets World, and etc... That generation has passed though and it's different for this generation. I imagine there also be complaining in about 10 more years. When Austin and Ally is history and they come out with something even more silly.

Just because I'm 13 I still love every mickey mouse

Even Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? That show is nothing but a disgrace to all the Mickey Mouse shows, the characters act like polar opposites to those in the other shows, Donald is friendly in it, when he should be angry, and it makes parents think Mickey Mouse is for babies, when in fact it's for all ages, what a disgrace. - nelsonerica


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43 I'm in the Band I'm in the Band I'm in the Band is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney XD in the United States and on Family Channel in Canada.

Either this or the Suite life of Zack and Cody should be at the top. I love rock bands like AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, Boston, Van Halen, etc. And Iron Weasel rocks like those awesome bands and that is hard to find nowadays. And this show was hilarious, it should be number 1 not Wizards of waverly place, and the only thing I liked about that show was the incredibly hot Selena Gomez

I just love this show, I wish people could see it the way I do, I like because this show is not about hot chics or romances, its just about rock and friendship, that's the weasel way! And, who doesn't love that? The humor it's just random but so clever, I will always love this show and how it showed me to be in a band

I'm sorry but I can't allow this to be number 37 much less on this list at all! This is probably one if the worse Disney Channel/ x D. The annoying and unfunny humor slog with the completely unrealistic and stupid plot this is a HORRIBLE show. I mean really, a kid just randomly joins a rock band with a bunch of immature grown men. So his parents were just ik with that?!?! I can't en begin how to explain how bad this show is, I'm so glad it was cancelled. I'm not saying that how's like dog with a blog or wander over yonder r good shows but you think that this show is EVEN worse than those shows and I think that that I saying a lot about how bad this show is.

Ogression, cursing, violence, and nutidy

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44 K.C. Undercover K.C. Undercover K.C. Undercover is an American sitcom developed for Disney Channel, created by Corinne Marshall and executive produced by Rob Lotterstein.

You have GOT to see this new episode on Disney Channel. It's about this spy family, mostly K.c(ZENDAYA! ), this family has a robotic girl and they need to do missions and not let anyone know about them. IT IS also damn hilarious. I love it.

Probably the best Disney shows right now. Good acting and characters have a meaning, but are not repetitive. Jokes can be kinda cheesy but still better then jessie. THIS SHOULD BE IN TOP TEN.

What an amazing show about a family of spies. K.C. undercover is definitely one of the best shows on Disney Channel. Everything about it shouts awesome! Go Zendaya!

Best Disney channel show of 2016 and 2017

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45 So Random

It's a rip off of All That, which was on Nickelodeon and was WAY funnier than this. - nelsonerica

This show sucked so much it didn't even get a full season!

You're not gonna believe this... You guys are all idiots this show is funnier than any other show ever to air on disney channel or nickelodeon or cartoon network or what ever other kids network

Kids version of ellen - opinionated4

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46 Disney's Mickey Mouse Shorts

I hope it has a lot more seasons! It's so funny! I'm glad disney channel brought it back!

I love the animated shorts. The best one is Stay'n Cool

Potatoland is my favorite episode. I HIGHLY recommend this series. - Drawbox

Love it - Trollsfan536

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47 Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

This show is funny and it needs to be back on Disney. THis show made me laugh when I was a kid, Mr. Whiskers was the funniest in the show.

This is the best show ever I used to watch this since I was 3 I loved him he is the best I wish this and fairly odd parents were still on Disney Channel in the morning am 14 now I still love it also kim possible emperors new school Cory in the house recess all the old stuff legends.

This was such a great show. I use to watch it as soon as I got home from school along with camp lazlo and Kim Possible.

��so sad this was cut off

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48 Dave the Barbarian

Kids these days! Liking horrible live action crappy shows! Dave and the Barbarian was a GREAT show. Kids don't understand what a great show is until they see one. Hey KIDS stop watching Jessie and ANT farm and go watch something actually good like Brandy and Mr. Whiskers or Duck Tales!

I love Dave the Barbarian

I am a thirteen year old girl who agrees with the people who hate Disney (minus Gravity Falls), Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network now, but I wish I've heard of this. #Bring back the good old days.

This was so random and hilarious

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49 Doug Doug Doug is an American animated sitcom created by Jim Jinkins. The show focuses on the early adolescent life of its title character, Douglas "Doug" Funnie, who experiences common predicaments while attending school in his new hometown of Bluffington. Doug narrates each story in his journal, and the show more.

The original Doug with Billy West was awesome. The Disney version without him sucked.

Doug aired on Disney for like 2 years

Um if it is not on disney what is it on

Don't start saying it did not air on Disney and it only aired on Nick. Doug had its run time on Nick and then Doug went to Disney to air new episodes. So basicly it switched networks - YoshiApple

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50 Violetta

Violetta is an amazing show, much better than the likes of Austin & Ally, Dog With a Blog and ANT Farm. Unlike most Disney shows, Violetta actually teaches you good life lessons, while the others teach you that dogs can talk and that its possible to become an internet sensation with one song. Also, because its an Argentine show, it opens up doors to new cultures and languages. Everything is so Americanised nowadays, that it's a breath of fresh air to see this show, full of diverse cultures and nationalities, air on Disney Channel. It encourages children to learn about other countries, languages and cultures, for example, since the original songs are in Spanish, kids will pick up some new knowledge about that language by listening to the songs. The acting is brilliant, and while the dubbing isn't fantastic, its not the worst in the world either. Martina Stoessel and her co-stars are amazing singers and dancers, and this is shown frequently in the show. The characters, storyline and ...more

Violetta is the best show ever. For one it's better than all of those new shows like Austin and ally and shake it up and it's originally in Spanish and most people are hating on it because it's so out of sync but it's because it's in Spanish and they have dubbed it in English.

Nickelodeon has a better show somewhat similar to it but with a bigger plot.

Austin & ally is better I used like this show but after watching it it's just about couples having problems and it goes over and over again but most of the songs are cool even though I don't get a single word. I just don't find the show so interesting

I really like Violetta. It made me want to learn Spanish.

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51 Sister, Sister

This is the best show ever, it's great, I feel so sad for the people who haven't watched it yet, it should be at least 4th place

I love this show, it should really come back on Disney, I watched all the episodes on YouTube and I wish they made more! Plus I really love Tamera, She's so funny

Great show! Again should not be down here!

This deserves to be in top ten. I grew up with these girls

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52 The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is an American Saturday morning original animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television that ran from January 17, 1988 to October 26, 1991.

I LOVED THIS SHOW! I would wake up at like, five thirty and watch it every day. My old room is painted Winnie the pooh :-)

Back in the day this was the best Disney Channel show besides DuckTales and gummy bears

Ok I know that I'm 13 but I love Winnie the Pooh I don't watch the shows but I have a HUGE Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear

More like the old adventures of loosy the poop

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53 Aladdin

I Like the Movie and I Enjoy this Show

I remember when him and Hercules teamed up

Alladen is my favrout Disney movei yet

54 Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck Darkwing Duck is an American animated action-adventure comedy television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation that first ran from 1991 to 1992 on both the syndicated programming block The Disney Afternoon and Saturday mornings on ABC.

HOW IS THIS ONLY NUMBER 50 this was my child hood even though I grew up in the early 2000s it has that disturbing mix of action and it is a great show

This needs to be higher.

55 Andi Mack Andi Mack Andi Mack is an American comedy-drama series that premiered on Disney Channel on April 7, 2017. The series was created by Terri Minsky and stars Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Sofia Wylie, Asher Angel, Lilan Bowden, and Lauren Tom.

I've only watched about an episode and a half of this show, but it is so adorable! It doesn't have a laugh track, the friend is sassy but not overly so, the actors are all pretty decent considering their ages, and I love the twist from the pilot episode. I just love how likable and relatable all of the characters are, (except for maybe Amber), even the strict and uptight mother/grandmother is lovable. She doesn't seem uptight in the "boring parents who are so old fashioned and passive aggressively hate their kids," stereotype that Disney so often uses, but she seems uptight in the fact that that's just who she is. It isn't her only character trait though. She seems like a genuinely sweet lady who's just really strict. The characters aren't over exaggerated either. They feel like actual people. Even Andi's (biological) Dad is really cool. Sure he's kinda weird, but it's a good kind of weird, and I really want to see him and Andi develop a good father/daughter relationship. Their little ...more

I absolutely adore Andi Mack! I think it should be much higher on the list. It has wonderful ethnic diversity (without stereotyping), very likable and believable characters, mature themes that not even Girl Meets World had the balls to tackle, great acting and beautiful camerawork and cinematography. I personally think it's way better than Girl Meets World. I really like Andi- she seems like a pint-sized version of Bay from Switched at Birth. It made me gain respect for Disney Channel after Austin and Ally ended.

Look's like Nickelodeon has got some competition. Nickelodeon is known to be the highest rated kids' channel in all demographics, but Andi Mack, an amazing show, is currently the #1 show for girls in all demographics. - Cartoonfan202

This NEEDS to be in the top 10! This show is one of the best Disney Channel shows created. The acting is great, the characters and storyline are interesting, the camera quality is actually good, and there's no laugh tracks! This is a great show. If you haven't watched it, you need to.

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56 Smart Guy

Should be #1 I wish this show was still on air! We need more shows like this Hannah Montana doesn't teach you real lessons like this show

Man this. Is a great oldie really miss watching it, brings back the high school days!

Another show forgotten probably because it was a black show in the late 90's

I was born in 2002 and I agree with whoever wrote the third comment, except for Gravity Falls, my first half of my childhood had all of the good shows and I still remember that half, and I never knew how good those days were until they were gone. Now they're really going to disappear forever on kid's T.V.. 2016 is going to be a sad year for me when it comes to kid's T.V., because Gravity Falls (the only good kid's show left) will be ending. 😭

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57 Lloyd in Space

This made my Saturdays

58 Mike's Super Short Show

I really appreciated this show. It hot me into movies more

59 Adventures in Wonderland

This show rocked my socks off and it waay better than Hannah Montana!

I like the movie didn't realize there was a show but I'm guessing it was also good

I'm glad to be born in the 90s

60 Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

I have seen a fwiw. But... It it great

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