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That's So Raven is an American supernatural teen sitcom television series. It debuted on the Disney Channel on January 17, 2003, and ended its run on November 10, 2007. The show had a spin-off series, Cory in the House. The series was nominated in 2005 and 2007 for Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children's more.


Wait, wait, wait, what the hell is Wizards of Waverly Place doing at the top of this list? I'm not saying Wizards is particularly bad, it's just that I think it's far from the best show on this list. Moreover, I think the whole idea of the show, being about "having magic powers that must be kept secret" is AWFULLY similar to the idea of That's So Raven. And, frankly, Raven does it better.

Why? Because Raven didn't "jump the shark." It was a show that was consistently good from beginning to end. It also never brought us "out of the real world," whereas Wizards was constantly throwing you into magical realms with crazy plot lines of being kept in a gov. facility, doing some weird wizards competition, a having totally unnecessary werewolf and vampire secondary characters. Suddenly the show stopped being about a teenager overcoming life's problems, and started being a fantasy epic about harnessing your inner power to save the universe.

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I love this show! I could really relate to the main protagonist, Raven, well, except for the seeing the future part and stuff. The characters were really likeable, even some of the secondary ones.

By far the best show that Disney has ever made. The stories of each episode were well thought out and constructed perfectly. Raven totally encapsulates me as a person and I'm sure countless others. I really love how this show displayed integrity but at the same time depict such hilarious situations in which was much appreciated. This show definitely put me on the verge of crying my eyes out due to the sensational comedy acting given off by the actors especially raven. There will definitely not be a show like this in Disney again, That's so raven was one of kind and I'm glad and grateful to have come across such a show. I'm literally in awe of this show. The talents the actors possess is remarkable and needs to be commanded.

Best show ever!
This show had such good morals. For example, the episode where they put Raven's head on another body in a magazine because she wasn't skinny enough showed people that being a size 2 is okay. Just by the way Raven told the editor of the magazine off was amazing because she showed her that there is beauty in all sizes. Not to mention this plot was so relatable! We all get insecure because of our size but we then somehow get the strength like Raven did in this episode.
Also, other plots in the show were very relatable. Like the plot where Sydney was doing drugs or the plot where they all had junk food for lunch. Guaranteed, some plots were outrages. But the moral was still there.
This show didn't have to come up with a new song every week because it didn't need too. The writing and acting was amazing and could carry the show from start to finish.
This was one of the best Disney shows that Disney came up.

That's So Raven was probably my favourite Disney Channel show growing up. It had humour, heart, drama, and all that other good stuff. The characters were real and the acting didn't feel fake or forced. The show taught kids important things, like the dangers of smoking, racism, body image, healthy eating, shoplifting, and family values. Now on kid's shows the characters are whiny, self-centered, and and vane.

Watching old episodes of That's So Raven today I still laugh my ass off! It had "wacky" situations without being tacky or annoying, unlike most kid's shows these days. That's So Raven was and still is loved by both kids and adults to this day.

That's So Raven was just absolutely hilarious. This was probably the best Disney Channel show to ever air. Unfortunately, they did a sucky job when making a spin-off. Cory In The House really was a bad show. But moving on from that, that's So Raven won like 10 awards and Raven Symone was an incredible actress. In my opinion, that's So Raven should be number 1 on this list. Period. I was devastated in 2007 whenever this show went off the air. This show was very successful and got very good responses and feedback. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm glad Disney decided that this should be the first show to make a spin-off of, but Cory In The House wasn't funny since that Cory already grew up it got a lot less viewers. I only wish that Raven Symone would come back to Disney and begin another show... oh well. But that's So Raven was Disney's best show hands down!

I love That's so Raven! Out of all of the old Disney channel shows, this is the best. It has a lot of humor and heart, and that's something I really like about the show. The show also can teach you important life lessons like in episode nine, there is this mean girl who on purpose throws her party on the same day as Raven's party so no one will go to her party. Raven has the chance to get revenge on her but if she did it would make her look just as bad as the mean girl does. The lesson is just because someone is mean to you, don't be mean to them. Anyways, even though the show got canceled after long years, we will always remember it and the show will go down in entertainment history!

This series was part of my childhood! It was so unique and the funniest by far. Way better than the sweet life on deck and Phineas and ferb. Vote people! Raven must be higher on the list! I wish that they would still show the reruns on Disney Channel. To me, ever since Hannah Montana, Sonny With a Chance, Wizards, Raven, and the suite life have been discontinued, Disney Channel has been going downhill. Shows like shake it up, and Ant Farm just aren't the same. Even shows before Raven were better like Lizzie M and even stevens (so funny). I just wish Disney would make shows more like those:/

HOW CAN THIS NOT BE #1?! COME ON, PEOPLE! RAVEN IS FUNNY! AND SHE'S THE ONLY CELEB OUT THERE (WITH OTHER VERY VERY VERY FEW OLD DISNEY CHANNEL CELEBS) WHO HASN'T LOST THEIR SANITY! Old Disney is better. That's so Raven is better. Raven is amazing. And she actually points out real life situations that are true and her ways of showing how she's funny and how the rest of the characters in the show are funny are all not corny! Disney Channel shows today are so corny and ridiculous and lame and just not funny at all. Raven's got it best.

I would love to more of that's so raven because its the most funniest Disney show I've ever seen and they should of made a new Disney channel showing all the old Disney programs because I know everyone would love that all the new Disney shows are not as funny has that's so raven shes just the best and all her outfits and her different hair styles are lovely I've always wanted to be raven you know designing your own outfits shes just amazing in every way

Wizards of Waverly Place beating out That's so Raven... error. That is funny because Raven has more character that Selena. The shows above they're good but this is sensational, funny, great and a learning experience watching this show addressing weight and etc.. This show is legendary and made up my childhood, this show is absolutely memorable and made my childhood the best! and with these 259 comments on this proves to be that this Disney show changed manhy lives. No disrespect to the above shows, its good but the thing is That's so Raven is better period.

Raven Symone is single handily responsible for setting the requirements to having a widely successful Disney sitcom that proves it can stand the test of time. Along with a equally hilarious cast its easy to see why That's So Raven made the list! For crying out loud her That's So Raven empire has generated over $450 Million.

Oh my gosh that's so raven deserves to be in the top 5 at least because this show was the best and is the best overrall based on other shows like; wizards of waverly place, phineas and ferb, suite life of zack and cody and suite life on deck this definitely comes first it has great actresses like ;Raven Symone and Annaliese Van Der pol but come on guys think! Watch 10 episodes of this then watch 10 episodes of what I just mentioned than you'll know this show comes first the first episode of this show wasnt great but then it won so many awards then ended on a high note of 100 episodes and this show I gurantee you is super infectious but I really want this first or second because good luck charlie is an amazing show so VOTE HERE OR GOOD LUCK CHARLIE. Thanks!

That's so raven is the best show that was made in 2007. So far Disney channel in 2013 is going down hill but my favorite now and then are that's so raven, wizards of Waverly place, suit life of Zack and Cody and deck, Hannah Montana and shake it up good luck Charlie, Austin and ally and a few more gravity falls and yonder over wonder are crazy!

I would have to say that That So Raven is by far the greatest kid series of all time. It aired over 100 episodes. It's hilarious with a hint of drama. Hannah Montana is like a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert compared to That So Raven.

It's true though, this has been the best Disney show yet. The script was funny, acting was good, idea was original. Not even shows like Hannah Montana or Wizards of Waverly Place can compare to That's So Raven. Still waiting for the day when Disney comes up with a show as good as this.

This is the woman who got me to start singing her theme song and wouldn't shut up so I became a professional RnB so even though she is beautiful I take her as my big sister because she is (the women who gave me my talent)at the same time her and the cheetah girl made that movie

The only show to teach you about existing problems
1. The time she wasn't hired for a job because she was black. she was teaching about racism and how it shouldn't matter
2. The time when she wasn't allowed to model her own dress because she didn't have 'the look'. Talking about how models must appear a certain way
3. When Corey uses a credit card not thinking he actually had to pay for all the things he bought. Not everything in life is free

That's So Raven has to be THE BEST Disney Channel Sitcom ever made! It teaches you good lessons while still being hilarious. Its kind of cheesy after Raven has her visions, though. I'm really dissapointed what Orlando (Eddie) is doing now (he's doing really bad stuff) and Raven denying she's African American, but the show is amazing! My favorite character is Chelsea, she's so funny! It was never the same after Season 1, though. This show should be number 1!

This show was honestly better than every other show on disney. Not only was it funny but it was inspiring and powerful. There were episodes about smoking, and racism and on all these other shows you would never find it. This is truly the best disney show by a long shot!

I'm 15, my sister is 17, and we still can't get enough of this show! It has REAL comedy and its one of the most successful disney shows! It has won awards and the jokes are actually funny et good, unlike other Disney Channel shows. Even better every shows teachers people lessons, for exemple when Cory was stealing things, or when people thought Cory smoked. It taught us important things! BEST SHOW EVER! SO FUNNY, 100% AWESOME.

This was the best show on Disney. It had originality, good chemistry amongst the stars and characters and Raven Simone was the most talented actress and singer to come to any of the sitcoms.

I'm speechless. This show is incredible. The acting was so good, I can't even explain. Plus, the acting is better than any show I seen as of 2018, and I'm not even playing.

This show is 1,000,000,000 times better than Wizards, The Suite Life, and and Good Luck Charlie. Like, wake up from your coma people!

Those who didn't vote for this should be appalled. Something bad will happen to them. This is why this is the best show to ever be seen by any human being:

1. Incredible Acting

2. Amazing Plot

3. Good Characters

4. Good Lessons (Stuff against rasicm, smoking, discrimination, etc...)

5. More Intresting and Better than any Disney channel show. Ever. Nothing tops. If you think something tops, your in a coma and your weird. thanks Disney for blessing us. Thanks.

That's so Raven was the BEST show ever. I hate how they never have re-runs of it, I'm pretty sure a lot of people would love to see re-runs. Nowadays, the new shows are not good. I would say the best would be Good Luck Charlie.

The show was so funny! Every time I watch it, it makes me laugh so much! I really love this show, and it brings back so many memories! I also like Wizards of Waverly place and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody! Those shows were very fun to watch, wished they never ended