Like any great piece of art Frozen has run it's course of popularity and now the people are growing tired of it. But let's be honest this is a movie people are still watching, will continue to watch, and will share with generations to come. It's strange to see a kids fantasy movie take the world by storm like this but hey when the Lion King came out it got the same kind of backlash after people got sick of seeing it everywhere. So it'll come back once the overmarketing goes down a little. We'll look at it as another great mark in Disney History, all the achievements they accomplished with the ice and snow actually led to the great effects of the Microbots in Big Hero Six, so why should I complain if it's everywhere. I'd rather have kids and adults everywhere obsessing over this than completely unoriginal and uninspired works that Hollywood likes to push on us. It's my favorite movie and will continue to be my favorite for years to come.

I'm pretty sure most of you are teens and adults, so I understand why you'd hate it. But personally, I love it! I wish I had ice powers like Elsa and the courage like Anna! It's good, but doesn't deserve to be first. It's 15th now, happy? I love 'Do You Wanna Build a Snowman' and 'Let it Go'. Also, for a cool parody of Let it Go, go on YouTube and search 'screw it all'. AWESOME! Anyway, don't judge me because I'm still a kid. And for some reason, every time this song plays, everyone starts singing (mostly very badly)! I love this movie, it's one of my favorites, and not everyone has the same opinions if this is higher. Honestly, I don't care what place this is in. AND DON'T REPLY BECAUSE ABOUT 95% OF REPLIES ARE ANNOYING AND STUPID! Thanks.

Sorry I just had to reply because you said that most people on here are teen and adults and that is why they hate it. But I have to say that you're wrong sure I don't watch this movie anymore but when I did I really liked it! And I was 17-18 back then and now I'm 19 and I still listen to the song let it go and even have it downloaded on my phone so that I can listen to it all the time! So no not all teen and adults hate the movie. - LuLup

Frozen is getting a lot of hate right now, but I can safely say I like it. Go and hate me if you want, but its plot is complex and interesting. That, and the characters had their roles. - Turkeyasylum

This movie is one of my favorite Disney movies because of the musical score. I'm a musician, so I always listen to the score of the movie, and this score was amazing! I'll admit that "Let It Go" sometimes annoys the crap out of me, but all the other songs are great! Also, I had a personal connection with this movie because me and my sister are a lot like Elsa and Anna (me being the oldest and closed off and her being the youngest, energetic and fun-loving Anna), so this movie will always have a place in my heart.

This movie is so inspiration to girls everywhere. It teaches them the lessons, "If you ever get a boyfriend like Hans punch him off the side of a boat," "Trust between siblings is the ultimate bondage," and "Love is key." It is a lovely movie with great songs. No, I mean THE BEST SONGS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

Frozen shares the story of love between sisters and how they never give up on each other this movie is perfect for showing children and adults that loving your siblings or any other person can conquer all(Anna's love for Elsa). It also can give of the message that a situation out of hand (Elsa's powers) can always be fixed with love. Another message is don't fall for the very first guy you meet in a long time of being shut out from the world (Anna and Hans) take your time and let love find you. I think this movie has multiple different meanings and should be valued by parents not hated because the songs are catchy.

The only reason why people hate Frozen is because of it's fanbase. Do NOT judge a movie by it's fanbase! The overall movie is just fantastic, you cannot deny anything like this. Beautiful visuals, good storyline, Olaf is humorous, and more! So don't hate on this movie, because this actually got Disney even more popular.

No you immature dumb stupid annoying people this should be off the list immediately like right now oh and also this movie doesn't deserve to be in the top 10 so shut up singing Let it go because you make me really sick it makes me feel like you don't even watch any movies you are just sitting in the living room waisting your time watching this AWFUL DIRTY CRAP!

I'm guessing you were 8 or 9 years old when you wrote this. Let me know when you grow up and realize what an amazing movie Frozen is. - Suzerain

Guys... Frozen is good but it's NOT an inspiring movie in my opinion

I'm guessing you were 8 or 9 years old when you wrote this. Let me know when you grow up and realize what an amazing movie Frozen is. - Suzerain

Okay, I know that this movie is really inspiring to lots of people, but when you watch it a second time, you realize that there's no actual meaning behind it. And Elsa, especially, is liked by so many little girls, only because of her pretty looks and ice powers. What Elsa did was only clear up the mess she made in the first place, and that even took Anna to sacrifice her life for her, so that Elsa could see all she needed was love!

I love this movie, but I'm glad it's after Oliver & Company, The Fox and the Hound, The Rescuers, and The Aristocats. Now that's only #26, can you people who hate it PLEASE calm down? Be glad it's lower than these other underrated movies I mentioned. And if you haven't seen any of those movies, check them out! They're all better than any Disney movie made after The Lion King and Finding Nemo.

And it's beautiful music songs and loveable characters. Its an awesome movie. Plus Anna and Elsa are great role models. Anna teaches one to never give up and Elsa teaches littLittle girls to be independent. Let's not 4get most of your other princesses normally marry a complete stranger. And always need a MAN to save them. Frozen is awesome and not Anna or Elsa need a man.

I'm a 19 year old male and I love music more then anything in the world and this is my all time favorite movie its amazing everything about it is amazing this has the best soundtrack ever amazing movie best thing ever and the hottest animated girls ever - rybread28

Frozen has a really strong female characteristic. Why does it always have to be the prins who saves the princess. Small girls will think men are better, stronger, smarter and more powerful, even though women can do the same ting! Frozen shows that girls can be strong. Anna runs and protects Elsa from being killed with a sword. No Disney princess has ever actually been the "strong" one. That is why I think Frozen is better than normal disney princess movies.

It's the thing that when Elsa had to be separated with Anna, I really felt that Elsa never wanted to be separated from her little sister and also when Elsa froze Anna's heart it felt like I was Anna and her heart ached when the sister she loved hurt her and killed her made me feel Elsa just wanted someone to love her and that's why I love Frozen because it really is emotional and the message s that you should always appreciate the things around you and the people that you love

Hey, come on. Frozen is not that bad, easily top 10. Seriously, 37! Movie is so beautiful! So the music. There is literally nothing to hate about this. Movie also teach you a lot of moral values, as well as entertaining you. Ice castle was just wow! Storyline is fantastic, so the movie. Let's get this again in top ten! - KrapyShark95

I love frozen! It has such deep feeling, and the end is so happy! I love it Frozen is about sisters, and Anna and Elsa are so different from each other! The songs are very catchy, too.

I'd rather listen to 'Let It Go' all day long than the crap that's played nowadays.

It's not like Twilight because there's no sparkly vampires or awful romance (in fact no one ends up together at the end)

Characters could use some work (sept Olaf) but the plots pretty ineradicable and has great values and was funny, sweet and sad at times
Frozen gets a 7.7/10 for me

I don't get y people hate Frozen. It's adorable. Its good to see its not always about the prince saving the princess. It was a bond between two beautiful sisters. It taught me to not pretend to be something I'm not. And the pain the sisters had to endure. They twist and plot. You guys are just being haters and simple minded idiots. What's so bad about frozen huh?. I love Elsa selflessness and Anna deep live for her sister. I have sisters and I love them and would do the
same for them. frozen shoes true love can be found with family. It teaches us that the pretty prince is not always good. Y don't u idiots look deeper into the plot.

People are saying that Elsa is a lesbian. It gets on my nerves. Can't she just be a regular, asexual character? And about this movie; I found it to be EXTREMELY overrated. Sorry but that's just my opinion. If it deserves to be anywhere on the list it should be number 15. - Daviddv0601

It's a brilliant film, everything about it is amazing. I hope the sequel is as good or better than the first one

Frozen is the best! Please vote for it I love it I got all the songs stuck in my head go frozen!

Frozen is the best movie and don't dare to say it a bad movie I seriously love this movie better than any other stupid princess movie You all are gone out of mind bloody fool if you watch any long movie you will get bored that's a common sense you Idiots how much you try you can never make any better movie

A lot of people loved frozen and it used to be such a big thing. They were popular with cinema, dvd and merchandise yes this was popular but now is the new era the era of Pokemon go

I know it's overrated but I personally love the movie and the songs!

I have watched it like 15 times.. never enough!