The Lion King


The Lion King isn't just a film, it's an experience! It's an experience that you'll remember forever, it's an experience that'll put a smile on your face after a really long day - no matter how old you are! I will always love The Lion King & when I'm old & grey I'll still be watching it & reminiscing of a time when I was a child who fell in love with a timeless classic! And if you don't agree? Hakuna Matata!

Disney has made a lot of memorable and masterful movies over the years, but there is something truly special about the lion king. I think because it can be so relatable, he walks always and tries hard to forget his troubled past and finds a new life until his old life comes back and he falls in love with his childhood friend. He gains confidence in himself to go back and face his fears, save his family and friends and take his place as king. This movie was my favorite as a kid, I think I watched it back to back for an entire day when I got it way back when on VHS when it came out.

I personally love this movie and would watch it everyday as a child, but this movie shows kids that bad things happen to someone who lies. Other than that there isn't really a princess falling for the prince or vise versa yet it still has romance.

I've been reading through the comments on this and some people disagree. I have no idea how. Not only is this the best Disney movie ever made, this is one of the best movies ever made period. This movie impacted Disney so much that it's shown multiple times after this movie. I. E. Hercules, when he has a lion pelt it's actually scar. And even those who say that this shouldn't be one can not argue how monumental this movie was. There is no reason for this film to be anywhere but one. No movie will ever come close to the lion king. #GOAT

BRUH THIS IS THE BEST Disney MOVIE OF ALL TIME! The saddest part is when Mufasa died and I thought my life was over when that happened. Man it's good to go back to those memories I watched it all the time when I was little besides Mulan and Pochahontas because those are really good, but geez, it's been 20 whole years since this movie came out, and I just can't watch it without crying especially at Circle Of Life that song always gives me chills! And Hakuna Matata which is a very good message. But this movie, hands down, is THE best Disney movie ever!

Frozen may beat Lion King in popularity nowadays, but this baby is the best! I absolutely love the plot! It shows different relationships and how they can affect a person. And it also has many lessons you really can use in your daily lives! Thumbs up Lion King!

The Lion King is my favourite disney movie! It has an awesome villain, cute characters, lots of emotional moments, very very yummy pigs as characters (Pumbaa) and The Lion King has awesome songs! The list of good stuff about The Lion King is endless! - anythingispossible

Amazing and touching movie, it deserves to be at the top of the list. I especially love Mufasa, he is an honorable, great, and smart dad to Simba, and Simba is one of the brave ones who took the throne in place of evil. Even if I do disagree in some causes, this is still a movie I would recommend to anyone I meet.

Why wouldn't the Lion King be number one, its is hands down the best Disney movie. the soundtrack is amazing, the characters are funny and sassy and the "hidden"(or not-so-hidden) dirty jokes in the movie make me crack up every time I watch the movie. In this movie I laugh, and I become an emotional wreck when Mufasa dies. Plus... The Lion King makes a GREAT Honest Trailer (no like seriously go check Honest Trailers out on YouTube if you don't know who they are).

I personally think the lion king is the best movie disney has ever created the story is told very well and it gives a great life lesson if you pay attention to the meaning of the movie and tarzan is the second best because it teach is us that we don't got to look or be the same to be accepted.

Someone I know said they didn't want to watch it because its for "babies". Do you think that a baby movie would have... this kind of...drama? Well, it was the same person that said anime sucks, so she just has bad taste.

Can anything really dethrone this Disney movie? It has comedy, it has tragedy (SPOILERS - Daddy bites the dust), it has an amazing soundtrack. While it is far from perfect, it easily claims the gold medal in the subject of Best Disney Films.

I mightn't have watched it in years, but I remember my sister doing a play on it at school and it was FANTASTIC! I wish I could watch the movie again, but I can't because it's on video and my video player's broken!

With out any question this is the greatest Disney movie of all time. The balance of life lessons with a fantastic musical score and great animation what more could you ask for. A classic which will be difficult to top.

Lion King is definitely the best Disney movie! It's full of adventure and a bit of romance, and the plot was interesting and for those of you who fall asleep during movies, then you won't fall asleep watching this one! It's just amazing!

It's a very sad show but he end is good when Simba turns into the king of his territory, his father died by Scar. Simba and Scar were battling and Simba pushed Scar off a cliff and the hyenas were eating Scar.

This movie is amazing but where is the Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. I'm not saying it should be number one because NOTHING can top The Lion King but seriously, Kovu and Kiara where perfect for each other in the Lion King 2, that crazy monkey was especially funny and I love that Kovu's beliefs were thrown out the window for Kiara. I love that Zira died because she just could not bring herself to accept help from Simba's daughter, it was the fact that she could not put aside her differences and be friends that led to her death. Yes, the whole Romeo and Juliet like story is not at all original but I wish it was somewhere on the list, or is it and I just haven't gone far down enough?

I never knew why, but The Lion King just never appealed to me the way it did to other audiences. To be honest, it isn't even in my top 10. I do like it, don't get me wrong, but it just seems so overrated to me. I love the movie, but the entire thing to me seems, too... I dunno. I just never saw why people thought that THIS was the best Disney movie. I just never thought it was that good to be the absolute best. - NoEntranceHere

Lion king is great. So great that other movies try to copy it but they can never end up with a result as imaginative and Creative and interesting as this

This Disney film is pretty colorful. It has a great soundtrack. The circle of life stuff probably makes a lot of sense. Matthew Broderick did an amazing job playing as Simba. Pretty good Disney film.

James Earl Jones and Hans Zimmer, that alone should make it outstanding. It doesn't hurt that the story was perfect and comedy for any age.

Goes without saying. By the way Frozen has copied The Lion King. if you can't see it, go on YouTube videos to see where people have pointed out the similarities

Pumbaa is such a talented singer.

Classic movie. This will forever be a favorite of mine and my families from generation to generation.

I doubt anything will beat this, but the recreation is probably even going to be better, recreation release date is 2019, hyped!