Why does everybody love this sad little girl movie? Why? This movie sucks! Frozen, the Planes franchise, and the Cars franchise are way much better than this sad little girl film! Everybody in this world thinks this film Mulan is the best Disney animated film of all time, but it is not, it never will be and never has! This film is not any good! This film always gets the whole world's attention, which is not supposed to happen! The people who made this film made a mistake on making this sad little girl film! This film is not supposed to be made at all, ever! Mulan is never any good! Just because a Disney animated film that I really hate that everyone loves that gets the whole world's attention does not mean it is any good or amazing! No one is supposed to like this sad little girl film!

Just because the main character is a girl, doesn't mean it's bad. And I'm a girl - Dashiefan

This movie deserves WAY more recognition for the beautiful masterpiece that it is. Also this was the first Disney movie that showed little girls watching that they can be just as important, brave and strong as any man can be. They don't have to just "get married" and stay silent. Mulan is an inspiration for all young girls and women, and should definitely be higher up on the list than 11. Plus the song "Be a Man" is just so darn catchy! LOL!

Mulan is a great movie, it's exciting, motivational, and probably the first Disney princess movie I saw that actually encourages girls to lead their own path, and not with relying on their "dream princes". Mulan is more of a warrior as depicted than the gentle and sweet princesses such as Snow White and Aurora, who love doing chores. There are better movies, but this is a great Disney animation film. Definitely voting for it.

A near flawless piece of animated cinema, the magnum opus of the Disney Renaissance, Mulan is a true masterpiece. An exemplar exercise in the virtues of self-honesty, tolerance, and unequivocal perseverance, an essential component of any child's formative years. 9.5/10. Death to all Aladdin heretics. Mulan: superior film confirmed.

This is the best movie of disney! How can it be so low! It's music is fantastic and has a great meaning, and has a positive moral. It's not about losing your shoe, or sleeping for years, but it has a interesting and amazing plot to it. It has great comedy, and good life lessons. If you didn't watch it yet, go watch it NOW!

Its a good movie and is actually real (for some parts)

A movie about oppressed women until one defines the bunch and entered into a war to save her father and ends up saving China. Not only is this movie hilarious but it teaches young girls to Defying the odds overall Mulan is a great story and movie. It should be in the top 10!

Mulan is my favourite movie out of all the Disney movies. During those times, women were barely given any rights yet Mulan went to war in order for her father to be safe. She was better then most of the men out there and this movie shows that if a woman tries her best, she can do anything.

She is good, but not as good as lion king, but come on, Pinocchio?

This movie is my favourite disney film. I love the meaning behind and the lovely Chinese inspired animation style. Funny, heart-warming and relatable. The ending wasn't so great though. I love the music as well. From all accounts, a great film!

Hello?!?! The best Disney movie of all time! It has empowering characters, a great plot, amazing music, and it is hilarious. Aladdin should be way lower on this list as it is a boring movie, and Mulan should be in its place.

I can't even describe how much I loved this movie. I probably watched it once a month as a kid. I hated Cinderella, Snow White etc. because they were just princesses with no personality. Mulan has amazing songs and a heartwarming story. It can be hilarious at some points and also sad (like when they saw the dead soldiers) Only some misogynist would hate this movie.

Milan should be number 3 personally I think. Its story is great and Mushu is my favourite. Like Mulan is one of Disney's best movies and its story is very heart touching and I vote is should be in top 10 like honestly, you can see Mulan's brave heart very clearly through the movie. She finds a chance to prove that women are no less than men in a man dominant country. It's a great movie and I recommend it to people of any age who are still young at heart just like Mulan or Dinsney is for instance!

This movie is amazing. The music is great, the storyline is great, everybody is great. It shows girls that they can do what they believe in and that girls can be heroes too, not just boys.

This has always been one of my favorite movies. How is this not further up, the plot is amazing, the characters are relatable, and the songs are amazing! - yuki-blue

There are 3 requirements to becoming a "Disney princess". You must either be born into royalty, married into it, or, in Mulan's case, display an act of bravery. Very unique and good! I support this movie 100%.

Wow such a beautiful movie with strength and morals definitely deserves to be higher on this list! Who doesn't love Mulan?

Mulan is great it should definitely above Bambi and Fox and The Hound (no offense Bambi your still great)

Mulan is the best Disney movie of all time. It is emotional, funny, meaningful, beautiful, clever, and enjoyable to watch.

I like mulan because she is very cute to sing

You shouldn't call someone a goon just because they have a different opinion. But I personally disagree Mulan is a sad little girl movie.

For some reason Mulan is incredibly underrated just because she doesn't wear a poofy dress and a gold crown. - yuki-blue

Mulan is the first movie where the girl is the hero and it is true that Mulan was real

This is such a great movie I have always loved this movie and I'm sure you will too no matter how old you are.

Mulan is the best Disney princess ever. Hands down she deserves to be in the top 3!