Top 10 Best Disney Parks

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1 Disneyland

The first theme park ever. Disneyland was the first theme park and the only one built under Walt's supervision. It has classic attractions like Space Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, California Screamin, Pirates Of The Carribean, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones etc.

Please rank this higher than Hollywood Studios! The Studios will never be great again until after Galaxy's Edge opens next year.

Mostly for little kids. I like it, but my visit would’ve been better if I got to go on the good rides instead of constantly being forced on the baby rides by my mom and sister.

The original rides are just as incredible as the new ones

2 Epcot

It lacks rides? Well who cares? Epcot is about the atmosphere and not a lot of rides. Just eat around the World Showcase and you will forget about your statement.

As crazy and stupid as this whole thing sounds, I think I know who the REAL next narrator of Spaceship Earth is going to be (according to each individual piece of the following prophecy):
1. Thus far, Spaceship Earth has been narrated by 2 American men, 1 British man, and 1 British woman. Since the ride has never been narrated by an American female before, it would make perfect sense for the ride’s very next narrator to be an American female.
2. Both Jeremy Irons and Dame Judi Dench are Oscar-winners.
3. One of the scenes on Spaceship Earth depicts a caveman family.
4. Spaceship Earth also features an iconic planetarium scene at its apex, complete with arguably romantic music (as does the movie in which the actress in question won her Oscar for).
5. Lawrence Dobkin (the ride’s original narrator) was born in New York City, and Walter Cronkite (the ride’s second narrator) was born in St. Joseph, MO. New York City is about 1200 miles worth of driving distance away ...more

Mission Space is my favorite ride

It lacks many rides

3 Magic Kingdom

Although most of the rides are for kids, there are a lot of good ones and the atmosphere is magical

This should be higher than the Studios without any question!

It's mostly for little kids

This should be at least 2nd or 1st

4 Disney's Animal Kingdom

It is really fun to go to and see all the animals and still go on interesting rides

Hollywood Studios = the Marmite of Disney parks

Greatest non-castle park aside from DisneySea.

I love the Kilimanjaro safaris, Kali river rapids, DINOSAUR, and expitioned everest was the best ride in Disney world

5 Disney's Hollywood Studios

How is this first? I mean it's good, I enjoy it, but I'd expect AK or MK to be first

I like the new Star Wars Land

Rock n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror, it’s the best Disney park I’ve ever been to.

6 Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Disney World Rules its just better than Disneyland for a lot of reasons like size. Disney World >> Disneyland and Disney World is the Best Disney park because SIZE But Disneyland is second though and World has rocking Roller Coster which Is better than California Screamin at Disneyland. Disney World is the best park because unlike the other ones it's a World Not Land that's why it's the Best park its Castle it's the best one also It has all these parks in one place which is Crazy because its just one Enormous Park in Florida its like a small city ones you get in To the park these all kinds of stuff. its just Unbelievable how its just one place but it's a small city twice the size of manhattan and almost the size of san Francisco California and the castle is the best one at night or day its like it could be Disney headquarters and it's a Disney World Not a Disneyland that's why everyone says it's the best And it's the only Disney World out of the six Disney Parks. and magic ...more

Even better than Disneyland. Disney world rules all other parks. Disneyland is good but its nothing when put against Disney World.

The wait times can be hge, but amazing park other wise. Not an original, but more themes/parks, better rides (Some), etc. Should be number 1. No Questions asked

This is better than Disneyland. It's not as hot (it rains there), and there's a lot more stuff to do.

7 Shanghai Disneyland
8 Paris Disneyland

It’s really beautiful and has the best Space Mountain

9 Hong Kong Disneyland

I can’t believe nobody added this yet! I mean, this is the park that has Mystic Manor for crying out loud!

10 Disneyland Park

I really love their takes on Space Mountain, Big Thunder, Pirates, and the Haunted Mansion (or in this case, Phantom Manor). Also, beautifully designed castle.

Disneyland has a Jungle Cruise and a Splash Mountain

It doesn’t have much good stuff other than the best Space Mountain ride ever made.
That one has a launch and loops.

Too bad there’s no Jungle Cruise or Splash Mountain, though.

The Contenders

11 DisneyQuest Chicago

You know this was an attraction?

I love this arcade!

12 Disney California Adventure

A park so good that it apparently made it on this list twice!

After the rides were re-themed, it is really good

13 Shanghai Disney Resort

Has the best Pirates, and Tron. need to say more?

14 Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

It is the best Disney water park

15 Disney's Blizzard Beach
16 Tokyo Disney Resort
17 Tokyo DisneySea

Amazing theme park with rides you can't find at other parks such as Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Sinbad's Storybook Adventure.

If Heaven were a theme park, this would be it.

I really like this park

18 Tokyo Disneyland

Best castle park Disney has ever created!

19 Walt Disney Studios Park

Weakest Disney park in the world but should be given a mention, especially for that trackless Ratatouille ride which is also coming to Epcot.

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