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1 Flynn Rider (Tangled) Flynn Rider is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 50th animated feature film Tangled, and its short film Tangled Ever After.

His relationship with Rapunzel is just absolute goals. At first he didn't care for her, but he slowly learned to love her. In the series he is super understanding and patient with Rapunzel, he didn't want to rush her into things she's not ready for. All the other princes (accept maybe the Beast) immediately fall in love with the princess. Accept maybe beating a dragon or something they don't do much, they have as much personality as a stone. Eugene on the other hand is shock full of personality, he's funny, charming and maybe a bit to cocky for his own good, but even that he eventually sets aside and learns to be a bit more modest. He's just the best prince. You can't change my mind.

he's not really a " prince " but I like him better then the real Disney prince's.

one of the best dinney prince's of all time.
#1 Flynn rider ( I would love to take a ride on Flynn rider )
#2 Aladdin ( so sexy )
#3 prince Naveen ( I would kiss that frog )
#4 prince eric ( oh mama he's hot )

Unlike other princes (except Aladdin) he also has a challenging life he's facing, is the kingdom's worst bandit, he's roguish and self- centered and greedy. He doesn't care AT ALL about Rapunzel, he even tries to scare her by taking her to ruffians. But Eugene is so endaring, he allows Rapunzel to be his responsibility by protecting her in certain instances, he does his best to make Rapunzel's dream come true, he falls in love with her which is so beautiful by the way he looks at her, he also has his priorities set when he decides to let go off his old ways just to be with Rapunzel. Not to mention, he decided to trade his own life for Rapunzel. To me he will always be the protagonist of Tangled

2 Aladdin (Aladdin)

The thing with Al is that he has put so many obstacles in life. There is even something that beats Flynn Rider (IMHO) and it is the fact that Al has always known that there is a great personality within him, he is literally very aware of the diamond in the rough that he just needed a chance To demonstrate it, he even succeeded in demonstrating a leadership different from that of the other princes because he leads by improving those who are at his side. I think that's a great differentiator with ALL the other princes, Aladdin already had royalty in him even though he didn't have royal blood.

I love Aladdin if I could have any prince from a Disney movie it would be aladdin

He is witty, has a lot of tricks, caring for others and not selfish. He also fell in love with Jasmine when Jasmine went out in the market dressed as a peasant (so people calling him a gold digger can shove it.) Aladdin is also such a gentleman. He may have stole at the first part of the movie (well that's just poverty for you, but yeah there are a lot more ways to have food on the table) and he also was a liar, he came around at the end of the movie. That is just major character development there. He is indeed a diamond in the rough.

Aladdin is the best Disney prince there is. He loves princess Jasmine for who she is, and not because she's a princess or has money. He is also very brave, and out of all the Disney princes he had went through the most, from trying to survive on the streets, to struggling just to survive, to defeating Jafar. He also had to be a hero in the two sequels that follow the first movie. Not only is Aladdin a true hero and a good role model for boys, but he is also very strong, dashing, and caring.

3 Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)

He's deadass one of the most badass prince in disney. Not to mention, has one of the best pick up lines

Phillip is the best Disney Prince there is. He fought a dragon for a girl he just met, that shows you just how caring and selfless he is. He is also sort of arrogant, but in a playful way that is hard not to love. Besides his personality and being the bravest Prince that there is, he is a hero. He also has the best singing voice of all the princes, and is cute as can be. I also love how this handsome Prince fell in love with Aurora not knowing she was a princess, but thinking she was just a normal girl.

He sings, dances, he's polite, he rocks the puffed sleeves and robin hood hat, he fought and slayed a DRAGON for Heaven's sake! And if he can pick his jelly-bellied father OFF THE GROUND, then he has got to be strong! Let's also not forget that he refused to go down without a fight when the goblins attacked. He risked his life for the girl he had just met and claimed to love. He never told Aurora that he loved her. He didn't need to. He SHOWED that he loved her through his actions. Aurora, you totally made off like a bandit with this guy!

Ok. Flynn rider, prince Eric and aladdin are the most overrated Disney princes. I also love them but my most favorite and has a special place in my heart is no other than PRINCE PHILIP

4 Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Eric should be higher up on the list, as he is definitely one of the best Disney princes. This guy's adventurous, brave, fun-loving, chill, and super sweet. He fell in love with Ariel even when she couldn't speak, and not just because she was beautiful, but because of her funny, optimistic, adventurous, kind, and slightly quirky personality. He was willing to risk his life for her, and though he was not thinking of marriage at first, she was the one who made him change his mind. He is also very handsome, with his awesome bone structure, tall figure, dark brows, light blue eyes, and wavy black hair. Not to mention his, well, hot voice. He is definitely one of my personal favorites.

Eric is just one of a kind he was the only prince I loved at the time when I was a kid. I still can’t get enough of watching the little mermaid.
He bring everything you want in a guy alive x

Eric is absolutely the best looking prince on this list! His dark black hair, attractive blue eyes are just few things one can use to explain why... And he's also an animal-lover! Above all, he is determined to find the love of his life and even kills the sea witch for her! The perfect Disney prince ever..!

I really like him. He is smart and kind, humble and fair as he goes on the boat with men and tries to save them. He is awarkard and shy and his face has so many expersion like when Ariel runs a fork though her hair or when he gets the statue. He does see himself as so highly prince and he has a cute Sheepdog.

5 John Smith (Pocahontas)

He is probably one of the best looking of the Disney princes! His opinions on Indians were changed by Pocahontas and her beautiful hair laugh out loud and now he is a better man for it.

John Smith is by far the most handsome prince (Note he is not a prince he is a captain) He took a bullet for Cheif Powatan and had to go back home and leave the woman he loved. In my opinion, John Smith should be on the top of the list. Also, he is a "Handsome sturdy husband" and much more.

He is the most handsome prince of the Disney kingdom, he has muscular, thick,strong bone structure and he is the prince with a beautiful chiseled face. he is broad and tall

He is very hot and cuteee.

6 Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)

Naveen is so flipping great. Not the most popular prince, (looking at you, Flynn Rider, man of my dreams), but is a bit of a charming, rogueish guy either way. At the end, when he's had a bit of character growth, he's so great. I might be biased because Tiana is one of my favorite movies, though.

I did like that movie, and Naveen was pretty funny but only because he is so spoiled. That's what I guess is what I didn't like, is that he wasn't very 'down to earth.'

Hottest Prince, hands down! He should be above Snow White's prince, though.

Naveen is hilarious and lovable. He made the movie so much better.

7 Li Shang (Mulan)

Captain Shang is by far the hottest Disney prince there is, I mean, have you seen him at all? 11/10 would bang.
However, it's not just his extraordinarily fine looks and back muscles (I'm head over heels for that body, damn) but also the way he acts. Shang wants his father to be proud of him and really is able (still can't believe it, though) to transform that bunch of "spineless, poor, pathetic lot" into an army of soldiers defending their country with all they got.
Oh, and he is bisexual, which only makes him ten times more loveable. Moreover, his flirting skills kill me every single time and what else is making a woman happier than being able to laugh with their significant other?
And his giggle just after his crazy egocentric dad made him captain is the purest sound you'll ever hear. He's the absolute best prince! Fight me.

Shang is really cute, and he is the best Disney Prince because he is the bravest, strongest, and smartest out of all of them. He cares about others and he isn't self centered. He is also witty, bold, and determined, and never gives up.

He is by far not one of the handsome princes. But has a great body and is a great general. He is strong and I just love that song 'ill make a man out of you.'

Well. He does know how to use a pole.
Lee Shang sexy stripper AU.
I need this now!

8 Charming (Cinderella)

I don't know he just look's gay to me. and I love gay people. I just don't want my Disney prince to come save me and then not git any loving.

A lot of people say he's boring and doesn't have a personality. They say he's even worse than the Prince from Snow White. Honestly, I like this guy. Clearly they probably never got the chance to see this guy jump off a window.

Well. Watching Cinderella 3 and the live action Cinderella from 2015 make me love him more. He should be on the top 5 on this list

King: I forbid you to take another step down these stairs!
Charming: Ok!
*Jumps out window*

Extremely underrated character and the sequel is deserved to be watched!

9 The Prince (Snow White)

He is so hot and handsome. I wish we would have seen more of him in the movie, but he really is a great guy. He knows just what to do to wake up Snow White, It's like destiny was calling him.

Prince Florian(that's his actual name look up Prince Florian if you want too) He is caring and believes in the power of true love's kiss.

He's so handsome.

He's handsome. Snow White is gorgeous.

10 Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) Prince Eric is a Disney character that makes an appearance in the 1989 disney film called the little mermaid. He is married to ariel by the end of the movie and is a royal kind-hearted prince.

(So Simba can't be on the list cause he’s a king even though Eric can but he was turned into a king)

Certainly is the most good-looking Disney prince, who I have had a crush on since I was a little girl!

so nice


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11 Prince Adam (The Beast in Beauty and the Beast)