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If you're looking for someone who is talented, instrumentally and vocally, you'll find it in Demi Lovato's music. She's a unique individual who not only inspires with her lyrics but also shows her passion when she performs her songs. It's refreshing to know that a young teen like her can evoke so much enthusiasm and power in her performances. She's also a good role model and an inspiration to many. Despite the pressures of being famous, she's got something that no other Disney star has, pure and true personality of Demetria Lovato. I'd say keep watching out for this teen, for her talent will get her far in the future.

Demi is amazing, beautiful, talented, inspirational, kind, and most of all extraordinary don't get me wrong I like selena too be but how the hell did she get number one over all these amazing singers the creator of this list must have smoked crack before they made this demi, is truly the best singer that has EVER came out of disney... I'm just saying...

Demi has a wide variety in her voice. Yes she may not as great as Christina in very high notes; however she can definitely rock it and also her low notes are very smooth. Her voice is so powerful that, I'm sad to say this but her voice is better in "Bang Bang" than Ariana's voice does. Being a great singer does not always mean you have to have a Christina Aguilera high or a Selena Gomez low. It should have a balance of everything. And Demi shows that she could manage to sing low and high and even temperate ones. In songs however; I think that Demi Lovato should focus more onto slow and soulful-pop rock kind of sings because that is what suits her voice more. I don't hate the bubblegum pop theme but it's too pop-ish fpr her voice.

Better than Selena. Selena has the same clean voice that so many people have these days. Even I have that voice, and I'm not famous! However, I find that Demi's voice is more unique, and just a little like that Beatrice Miller girl on x factor, but with more control. She sings soft on high notes, and rough and cool on lower tunes.

She definitely deserves to be on the top, because she is the best singer to have worked with Disney, along with Christina Aguilera. She is a belter, and has an impressive vocal range of almost 4 octaves. Amazingly versatile, she can sing songs of all genres; whether rock, pop, piano-back, RnB, soul, etc. She is also an amazing inspiration, helping people to overcome their problems. She deserves this spot. Right behind her should be Christina and then Miley.

Demi's actual voice, not her recorded voice her actual live voice is absolutely phenomenal she has such a connection to the songs that make me tear up. Demi is my inspiration she has an amazing story and she's not going down that 'I need to do something bad to get out of Disney' faze she is proud of how she got started and she's not trying to hide it away

what the hell! selena gomez has got good songs... but she can not sing... come on you people... demi is the real talent... I mean I don't know many singers who can take such high notes as demi does... and selena will die if she'll try to do so... demi deserves #1 in this list... love you demi forever and always...

Demi Lovato is an amazing singer live and that is what sets her apart from other disney singers. She has such a strong and powerful voice that doesn't need auto-tune to correct it.

AMAZING SINGER! BETTER THAN SELENA GOMEZ BY A LOT! The reason I say this is because she has a natural talent to her voice. She sings like an angel. Her voice is amazing, from high pitched to low pitched I think she is the best Disney singer. Selena cannot sing, as she doesn't sing loudly and has a squeaky voice.

Demi is amazing! She is such a good singer and should be #1! Christina is okay, but sometimes uses auto tune. Same with Selena. Miley is the same. Justin doesn't have the right voice and Emily doesn't hit the right pitch. Ashley, Nick, Raven, and Tiffany are the same. But Demi is perfect!

Good for demi, I don't get why selena is at no.3 this is a biased list.this list is not about the vocal and talent of the singers, it's actually about the looks and how skinny they are.. People are too brainwashed these days to realize this. But hey demi can actually write songs

DEMI DEMI DEMI DEMI DEMI DEMI DEMI DEMI DEMI LOVATO! The best female singer of this generation! I really love her voice especially when hiting a high notes of a song. Although, her music videos does not reach 100 million views, she is an inspiration to everyone and has a powerful vocals that of this generation doesn't have. She's like the female Zayn Malik that can reach a high notes of a song.

Demi really has a great voice. It is clearly that the piano lessons helped her a lot, as she can play the piano very well. The thing that I appreciate the most is that she can sing perfectly live, too. And I really know what I am talking about, because I play the piano for a long time, too.

To be honest, Demi should be number 1, and I think Selena shouldn't even be on the list. Selena uses too much autotune, which is obvious when she sings live. Demi live sounds as good as her studio songs. She's also way more inspirational

Well, I think she's a much better singer. she's natural, and I can see that she really sings from her heart. Her voice can really reach high notes (without auto-tuner) like the way when she sings in "Send It On". She awesome, and pretty too...

she's so awesome singer.. she can reached high note, few singer have that talent, I must say... when I sing her songs, my throat hurts.. eventhough I actually can reached a higher note than that.. - eira

SELENA? Are you KIDDING ME! HOW CAN SHE BE FIRST! Its definitely DEMI LOVATO FOR THE WIN! If Selena ever in her life tries to sing like Demi, she will be dead three times over before she manages to do so. :P Lovato Forever!

There's no way that she will move from the #1 spot! She grew up well, unlike Miley, is proud of being from Disney, still makes amazing songs. She is the most well known, popular and successful from Disney. There's so any inspirational things about her, that it's nearly impossible to name them all. GO DEMI! -

No, demi lovato is best! I am in love with her song skyscraper! She is THE BEST! (:she is very beautiful, smart, and has the best voice ever! Not selena gomez! Please that girl ain't got nothing on demi! (:

Demis voice is so... I have no words... She is so amazing and beautiful and I love her till my death! She is so pretty and cute and very very talentfull! She is the greatest singer who has ever been on this planet and I m very very proud on her! She had a so damn hard time but she stay strong and now she is unbroken! She helps young people with problems and make them strong too! Thank you demi that you are what you are

Demi is AMAZING! She uses little auto-tune, has an ASTONISHING and very unique live voice, is an amazing writer, a great actress, a SUPERLY AMAZING ROLEMODEL, has a sad story and went to rehab because she knew she needed help and stayed strong (which takes true courage to go to rehab, especially when famous because that can give bad publicity), and is a really sweet and fun/funny person. I would definitely become friends with her if I could. She inspires me to sing and be the best I can be and STAY STRONG! I do not think I would be who I am without Demi. She really helped me.

Demi is very talented, as an actor and a singer. Her voice is amazing and her lyrics are absolutely brilliant. She sings wonderfully and is absolutely gorgeous to top it all off.

Of course Demi is at the top! She is an amazing singer, who writes amazing songs. Demi hardly uses any auto tune and she has shifted into some more mature music quiet nicely. She hasn't changed who she is, and that is amazing. Great artist and very sweet. - dragonfly99

Demi lovato is one of the best vocalist, period. Compared to other Disney stars, she is the best. I honestly love selena, Raven, and the others, but Demi lovato is a gift to us all.

Hands down, demi is the best, she was the only Disney singer I ACTUALLY paid attention too cus she could sing, she's really good at trilling and belting, she can play quite a few instruments as well, oh by the way HEART ATTACK IS AMAZING FINALLY Hollywood RECORDS IS DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!