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61 Brenda Song Brenda Song V 1 Comment
62 Kelli Berglund Kelli Berglund Kelli Berglund is an American actress, dancer, and singer. She portrays Bree Davenport, a bionic teenager with lightning speed, in the Disney XD series Lab Rats, and its spinoff Lab Rats: Elite Force.

She's good! I think she should be in th too 20

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63 Jordan Fisher V 1 Comment
64 Clara Alonso

Oh come on people why can't you just realize that she has a great voice... just because she doesn't have her own show doesn't mean she doesn't

65 Naomi Scott

Her voice is amazing and is way underrated. She should be in the top 5. Her new EP is spectacular.

66 Becky G Becky G Rebbeca Marie Gomez, better known by her stage name Becky G, is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and actress.

I love Becky G! My favorite song by her is Play it again. Every time that plays on the radio, I sing along with it

Come on people have you heard her voice. She is meant to be among the top 5s

I totally agree she is one of my favourite singers
your just beyond amazing Becky G

67 Ariel Winter Ariel Winter

That means I don't think you're the best but I love you lol by the way lie

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68 Trevor Jackson
69 JC Chasez
70 Brenna D'Amico
71 Kyle Massey

He is very funny. And he was such an awesome actor on Cory In The House. I wish he could come back on Family for a visit or some thing. He could make a guest apperence! That woul be awesome!

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72 Meghan Trainor Meghan Trainor

There is definitely something going on here making trainer is not a Disney neither is Taylor Swift Katy Perry or anybody else well most of the people are but some people aren't like Ariana Grande so there is something going on so I asked for the best Disney singers not the best world wide

It's all about that base is like real life just be who you are

No. No. No! People! She has to be in the top10!

I love your song all about that bass

73 Mitchel Musso

Very talented, smart and absolutely gorgeous, he does several song in several programs on Disney he should be in to 10!

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74 Bella Thorne Bella Thorne Annabella Avery "Bella" Thorne is an American actress, writer, model and singer, released EP "Jersey" in 2014. Best known for "Shake It Up!" 2010-2013. Has starred in "Blended", "The Frog Kingdom", "The Duff", "Big Sky", "Ratchet & Clank", "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" more.

Her singing voice is terrible and the music video she did is bad not to mention she and her friend zendaya are horrible dancers and zendaya sings not good that's why no one should have them perform at the giant center or anywhere they should be fired from the show shake it ip

I've seen her in the movies, she's a good actress and when she sings, she will blow your mind away. She is an amazing and very talented lady. She is beautiful and just... Haters be hating is all I can say and mostly all I have time to say I'm getting ready for school so I'm not done though.

How the heck is this girl not number one she is just... Wow... That's. All I have to say

You are beautiful and good friend for zendaya

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