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Selena Marie Gomez is an American actress and singer. She is best known for songs like "Come & Get It", "Good For You", "Same Old Love", and "Naturally". Selena Gomez's voice is mezzo-soprano but she usually sings in alto. She is best known for her role as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place.


It is very hard to compare Selena's voice to Demi, Miley, and all these singers with really high voices because Selena has a really low voice but very unique one. she can't belt out Whitney, or Christina, or Mariah, but she definitely can sing very lows. Not all artists can sing lows and falsettos and Selena might be great at those. As a part of these rankings however, I would not have ranked her as number 3 just because of the fact that there is more talent on others than her. Don't get me wrong she is a very talented girl but Demi can outsing her, Miley can outsing her, even Bridget Mendler can outsing her. It is a matter of how far can she go. Maybe she has not shown her very best yet and shes just gonna blow us away because you can really see as the time goes by, she is improving a lot.

Selena Gomez is really inspiring and she is amazing at everything she does. Your acting is just wow! And your singing is like mind blowing I love everything you do, and I especially love the movie Getaway. Whenever my parents ask me what movie I want to watch its always Getaway. I am listening to your music all the time and my mom once said when I was listening to Ghost Of You and singing along that your voice is amazing and you just know the right note and tone to the song. I am always dancing and singing to your songs and I love the song The heart wants what it wants. I am writing this because you are truly the best and I love everything you do, you always deserve the best! Love you Selena!

Selena is really pretty and great at acting. She's also a really good singer. Yes, she may not have the vocal range or the power in her voice that Demi Lovato has and she may use auto-tune but listen to her live cover of 'Mama Do' if you want proof that she can sing! She just needs songs that suit her voice

We can all agree she isn't the strongest singer out there but she CAN SING. She wouldn't have success in the music industry if she couldn't sing. Just because she can't hit high notes like (Demi or Ariana) doesn't mean she can't sing. She has a lower register and I find her voice very soothing and sweet.

People say that I kind of look like Selena Gomez, and I am glad, because she is like a role model to me. I love her voice. Some people. Say that she sounds like a chipmuck sometimes when she sings, and I don't think so. And besides, it doesn't matter about their voices when they are famous, it's all about the inside.

vote selena and demi should be no. 1 but if have to choose 1
selena is the best cause she my fave! she has got qualities!
selena's song touches heart, miley is a good singer but she thinks her voice not good and so her confidence go down and her song doesn't sound good, as then she is not liked by anyone

I got all her cd's she is awesome! And she is a real good singer others can't really sing live but she can. Best video of her singing lives is definitely Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift Who says! By the way Taylor is my second choice - SeriesLover

Selena NEEDS to be number 1! Selena is a better singer than the two above her. I love all her songs. Who Says. Naturally. Slow Down. Her acting on Wizards of Waverly Place was BEYOND amazing! Shes an amazing singer and a talented girl! Get Selena to Number one! She really deserves it!

I love how Selena just experiments with all different types of music styles. She released, what, like, 4 albums, and they are all extremely popular, and so different. But although each is different, it has that certain Selena spark that everyone loves.

Loved her since I was little she is just the best she is always her self I wish I could be her she is also pretty in fact I am hearing one of her song right now that always a have a reason for them I think she should be number one on here

Selena is the best singer that I know. And she is really pretty and every time I hear her sing I like fall in love with her voice. All I'm saying is that Selena is like a princess to me LOVE YOU SO MUCH SELENA. Oh yea forgot to tell you that I also I love your shows and movies

Extremely talented singer! Every song she makes turns out to be a master piece. Her voice may be a little weak but she still ROCKS IT! Her voice is so angelic and soft which giver her that uniqueness. Plus, all her songs are super catchy.

I love selena! She is amazing her voice is unique and special. I've been to her concerts. Her show was one of the best and her acting is phenomenal! My favorite song is come and get it! Keep doing what you are doing.

selena gomez is the best hannah montana is getting too bad for little kids selena is very beautiful and there are rumors about hannah montana that she is a lesbian no offence hannah but you have to suit up and be the girl you used to be yeah

Not only is she beautiful with her dark hair and brown eyes, but she can really sing. Yes I know that she has had some trouble singing live on big arenas, but she really has the best vocals of the Disney gang.

You are the best your so pretty you have got a sweet voice and you can act I still love wizards of waverly place I never get sick of it good job on being number 3 selena your awesome

She is the best singer actress's And role model I love her and her songs and wizards of wave fly place plus my top three favorite Selena Gomez songs are who says fly to your heart and shake it up

Selena has got a pretty voice... She has a gorgeous face and her songs are really heart touching... The lyrics are awesome and who says, the way I loved you are great songs...

Not the greatest selection here, should include more choices over the past 10 years. Of the choices Selena tends to have the best overall song selection and a very powerful voice.

Selena Gomez rock. No one is better than her. She is a perfect role model. No one can be like her. I love her acting, singing and everything. She is fantastic=)

I think Selena Gomez because Demi is just so hard core and does rock songs only and Miley is a bad example for little kids and her songs aren't good anymore there just like Demi's and Selena does both and uses rock and slow songs together which equal a brilliant song just like my comment is! Love, Annabella and Annabelle

Selena is amazing I was not sure who to pick between her Demi, and China. I think all 3 of them have beautiful amazing voices

Selena is the TOP singer and she is the most POPULAR SINGER in Disney Channel! Whoever dosen't like her voice is a Crazy. SHE IS THE AWESOMEST BEST BETTER and even more!

Her voice is so sweet and she does look prettier than other singers I feel. Her character is god by helping people who are in need. Keep rocking my dear selena...

I think they are crazy for putting Selena as 3 it is absolutely nuts! Selena is 1. I love hit the lights and who says. Selena you are the best! :-) and Miley is the worst :-(