Let It Go - Frozen


This has got to be number one. Elsa's singing, the visuals, the message it teaches, the importance to the overall theme of the movie. This is just an overall perfect Disney song. It just pains me to see that this song, like Frozen as a whole, has been getting hated on due to how popular it is. To all of the people who claim that this is the "worst song of all time": is it bad or are you too stubborn to say that you actually like it? I was a Frozen hater myself once but now I'm a big Frozen fan. Just watch the movie and judge it by your own merits. Not the merits of immature teenage boys like my former self who see the film as nothing but Satan's spawn. - phillysports

Its amazing it should be the first

I have a very strong music background but for me, the decision to like or dislike a song is based on emotions, not necessarily on the musical aspect of the song. So, let's be a little more understanding of those that choose an "overrated" song over one that has a lesson to it - it's all about how it affects YOU, and the feelings it evokes within you that makes it a #1 choice in someone's opinion. Variety and Diversity... make the world a more interesting place, right?

Let it be known that I HATE Frozen and much prefer the more classic films and songs in almost every way, but I do believe this song was a masterpiece despite being so new, however overhyped it is. Shouldn't be #1, but it's up there. It somehow did have that classic Disney feel to it that the rest of the film didn't. Only problem with it is I'm almost 100% sure that this song will age horribly.

Awesome awesome. Awesome. Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome. THE BEST SONG

The song is so powerful and it makes everyone cry its not a good movie but this song makes the movie #1 I'm very happy to see let it go as number #1 but LET WHAT GO besides that its great there are some parts in the song that don't make since for example "its funny how some distance make everything seem small" I didn't get it this song made frozen really good and a YouTube sensation

Let it go is definitely one of the best songs that Disney has ever written. It fits Elsa perfectly and you can definitely hear how Idina Menzel (Elsa) sang it with a lot of emotion. It's the perfect song for Elsa's transformation.

Best song ever. Best movie ever. No wonder Frozen is super popular.

I absolutely adore let it go. I mean, all the other songs on this list are fantastic too but let it go just takes the cake. It has a great message, great vocals, a great melody, great lyrics, and it's relatable. I just love everything about it, it's just so catchy. It's going to be an iconic song for many years. Let it Go!

Don't ever hate on Elsa. In this song, she thinks that it doesn't matter who you are. In the beginning of the movie, she thought that if she exposed her powers, everybody will be afraid. The truth is, Elsa is no monster. She is a beautiful, powerful, and confident person who is not afraid to speak her mind.

I seriously love this song! I have it memorized, and I sing it all the time. The lyrics are brilliant, and it's a catchy song. It's not slow and dreamy like some of the other Disney princess songs, but catchy and sincere.

I love this song vryvryvry much... U can say uncountable times.. This song gives us confidence.. to be who we are and can do anything if we try upon it.. and let the world go and we don't care about what are they going to say about us... And I think let it go is the best Disney song I have ever heard.. And ELSA is the most beautiful among the Disney princesses.. I think she should be the Disney Queen of Disneyland.. And as per me everyone each person of this world should see this movie.. and I hope this movie also make sequels..And Idina Menzel also a great actress have made Elsa look wonderful...

I know that it's getting extremely popular, and I agree that Frozen is overrated (although it is good), but this song deserves the hype. Idina Menzel's voice is perfect, as are the lyrics and EVERYTHING. Even the animation is great.

This song needs more credit than it gets. It does a really good job of showing Elsa's internal mindset, her fears and how she ignores and (temporarily) overcomes them

I know I'll get hated but I just have to say this: LET IT GO, IS A REHASH OF FIREWORK. HAVE YOU EVER GONE TO YouTube AND TYPED " firework vs let it go" AND CLICKED ON " let a firework go"? WELL I HAVE. sorry, just had to get that off my chest. I'm just saying! - Thatgirl

Let it go is great but It isn't even close to the best Disney song. Such as I can go the distance, When you wish upon a star, Under the sea, Beauty and the Beast, Something there, be our guest,(etc) I love First time in forever (reprise) more.

"My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around." Wow! This list is perfect! With Ill make a man out of you in second and this in first I'm gonna sleep well tonight!

Yes, It is the best song ever... I think that it should be the first disney song ever.. Because it encourages us to live our life and keeping the past in past.. and making a new start of our life.. It teaches us lot more lessons.. I don't have words to speak about the song.. But I only know that I love Elsa unconditionally.. And I will never let her go from my heart

Let it go is a song about freeing ourself and let go of our fears and troubles and it is NOT overrated. I guess people are saying that because they just can't stand how much successful it has been.

The most overrated pile to ever hit Disney and yet, it's rated number 2. I can list 40 Disney songs that are better than this and have. These little dips who have never seen a Disney movie. People should stop reproducing.

I absolutely love this song even though the movie came out in 2013, to me it feels like it came out in 2015. The song Let it go gets stuck in my head over and over again, and I even end up singing it aloud.

Do you know that feeling when you start hating a song after listening to it too often? This is absolute opposite. I could listen to this song all days.

Let it go is the best! It's about not being that perfect girl any more. You just be who you really are, the real you. Let it go has so much meaning.

I was listening to boring songs that have never interested me, but as soon as this popped up, this has lifted me out of my misery. It was so beautiful... I nearly cried :'(

Let it go should be first my opinion for top ten Disney movies are frozen the lion king beauty and the beast the little mermaid and so on

I don't agree there are more better Disney song than this. This song is too overrated.