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Lab Rats, also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island for the fourth season, is an American television sitcom that premiered on February 27, 2012, on Disney XD, and aired through February 3, 2016. The series was created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore and produced by It's a Laugh Productions for Disney more.


ITS GREAT honestly I think it should be in best Disney shows in AMERICA its just.. good the plot is great and when marcus was a robot (at the end on bionic showdown) I wonder if he is still there cause he stuck his hand out and I just wonder if marcus is going to come back and WOW is been going for a long time season 3 (or whatever season is bionic island) just is good and when leo gets them by dougles it just a great show I recorded all the episodes and I just watch them over and over again and how the actors are good at their job is just.. epic (just as good as leo howard on kickin it) just they are good at their job its just great whoever made this show is EPIC (smart as chase :P) and I don't think it will EVEN end soon I think it will end at a point with a bang with everything solved and everything is just ended nothing new to discover on it and if they want to bring it back with a BANG! Ehh

I think the plot and cast was a marvelous choice. A show this good must have taken so long to make, and I love how they considered the large number of fans it has, to the ending of the show, the kept showing one-hour specials. I also like the relationships between each of the characters of the show, sibling bonds and family, that's great. But if it was so much like that, call it Good Luck Charlie again, add that action. The suspense and thriller action always pushes me at a cliff, and the ending really suited it.

Hi I LOVE this show. It has twisting and suspense kind of plots. Adam the stupid, but hilarious oldest. Bree, the girly girl trying to be popular sarcastic middle but super fast and sweet. Chase the nerdy, smooth talking youngest. Then there is the cartoon average boy Leo who teaches the Rats street smarts. They have to hide their bionic secret in season 1 2 3. In season 2 a bionic tries to exterminate The rats. In 3 their secret is revealed giving way for a strange man who implanted himself with bionics

Lab rats is one of the most addicting shows ever! It's actually funny and their abilities are so cool. You have to watch the first few episodes-you will get hooked! I think it beats any of the shows that Disney shows, not just Disney ones. I also like how this show isn't one if those shows where whichever episode you watch you will understand it. You have to watch them in order because it actually has a progressing plot. The characters are really cool and this show definitely deserves to be number 1!

I love this show! Billy Unger, who plays Chase, is so cute when he is acting all dorky and when he glitches and turns into Spike! Definitely number one!

I was so happy NOT to find this is the top ten worst! Lab rats is the best on Disney! This is like the only show that makes me laugh ( and I mean actually laugh! ) every time I hear the theme song I will run to the couch and watch! This one episode I saw ( I forgot the name ) I laughed so hard for seemed like 5 hours because how funny the joke was. The automatic laughs are in good place, Disney and Disney Channel need good shows like this once in a while!

Fun all the characters and love all their powers. The person that is not very smart is so fun to leow in the show.

I love lab rats. I love the episode's. My favorite is so far the bionic 500 when Davenport want's the neighbor Pierce to stop driving his car on his lawn at night and Leo wants to get locker 106 and Clatin (Pierce's son) wanted it to and he got it because he got principal Perry a money trip to go any where she wants. Then Davenport talked to Pierce and he said "how bout we settle this on the race track" so there going to race and however the winner stays in there house and the loser has to buy a new house and for Leo if Davenport wins he'll get locker 106. So watch the bionic 500 to find out ho wins. I also liked bionic showdown when the Lab Rats fighted Marcus and Douglas. And that's all I need to say about Lab Rats the T.V. show I love.

I love lab rats it's the best show on Disney sorry to other shows but ever since kickin it lost Alex jones well it's not as funny sorry I love kickin it to but lab rats is better now!

It is AWESOME! It has awesome and funny plots. This is pure gold! Lab Rats has made me laugh out loud. They are so sweet and sort of dumb at some points. I love how they save the world every single day and manage to come home as normal teens. Awesome! It sort of sagged when they went to Bionic Island, but now it is getting VERY exciting! Can't wait!

I love this show! It's so addictive. I love all the funny moment and all the cliffhanger. The actors are really good with acting different kinds of emotions. I used to like Kickin it but then Lab Rats showed up and I couldn't stop watching it. This really is the number one show on Disney.

Lab Rats is the best show I've ever seen. I say that with full seriousness. The characters are lovable when you should love them. You grow to hate people that you are meant to hate. The characters are just so lively. The plot is amazing! The spin off was good but it never lived up to this masterpiece.

GRAVITY FALLS IS SO MUCH BETTER, HOW COME ITS NOT FIRST? I mean seriously? Gravity Falls has a much better rating and is literally the only Disney show worth watching. Lab rats is alright but Gravity Falls has millions of fans who love it so much because, well, it's amazing!

I Don't Why This Is Number One, I Mean I Do Respect The Opinions On People Who Do Like This Show, But For Me, I Just Couldn't Like It, I Tried To Like This Show But I Just Couldn't, There's a lot Of Disgusting Puns And Jokes Every 5 Seconds, Honestly I Just Really Don't Like This Show - VideoGamefan5

Every single episode, me and my sister are laughing so hard, we're crying! It's so funny! Unlike other Disney shows, every time the laugh track plays, the joke usually IS funny! The plot is really cool and the characters all have different personalities, so at least one of them is relatable. The Davenport brothers remind me of Grunkle Stan and his twin on Gravity Falls, a MUCH better show, no offense Lab Rats, you still rock! I think that the guy who plays Marcus should make it to Hollywood someday because I can imagine him in a T.V. Drama or a PG-13 movie. I think that Kickin' It isn't as good because some characters are really annoying. I loved Rudy in Hannah Montana, which was SUCH a good show when I was little, but now in Kickin' It, he's not as good. Anyways, I love Mr. Davenport's sarcasm like when he said "And here you are discovering the deep depths of the Sea of Idiocy" I don't know if that's EXACTLY what he said, but it's REAL close! So as a conclusion, I'll say that Lab ...more - maddyparrot22

The best T.V. show ever! Kelli (Bree), Spencer (Adam), and Billy (Chase) put their hard work into this T.V. show to make it very interesting. I like how they keep the secret with us, but not the rest of the characters. I LOVE IT!

I love this show! It is the best show ever made! The acting is very well done and billy unger is so hot! I think the plot of the show was very well thought out and I love how their bionic powers match their pesonalitys! If I ever met the cast of lab rats I would die! I would be the happiest girl in the world! So anyway, this show is awesome and the creators of this show are genius!

Lab Rats is a great show. It definitely should be number one; the plot is gradual, rather than solved in the space of 5 minutes, as several other shows are. Some Lab Rats episodes also end with cliffhangers. Lab Rats definitely should be number one.

I love how each character has a part of the team to play. I enjoy the funny comments and that there is adventure and age appropriate action! This is a family fun kind of show! I really recommend this to anyone. It's the best!

I think this show is the best show because in every episode it sticks to the plot: bionics. And I think the show is way better when there on the bionic island in the academy, because it makes the show better and go along with the purpose

Lab Rats is one my favorite shows. It has a plot, unlike other shows where literally all they do is be sassy brats. And while the kids aren't always respectful of their siblings or parents, there are messages of family.

An action packed series that actually has a plot and makes sense. I love how they implemented comedy, action/adventure, mystery/suspense and drama into the series. This is the BEST series ever on Disney.

Best show ever! Its about three bionic kids who try to be normal with the help of their brother leo. BILLY UNGER MARRY ME! Who ever hate this show has no taste what so ever - garnet01

I love this show so much especially because Bree, Chase, and Adam try to live their lives as normal teens when their real real life is when their bionic and, my favorite character is Bree.

I love Lab Rats so much. It is the best show ever to be aired. I love Bree. I love how Adam is so dumb;) And Chase is HOT. This definitely deserves to be the top show - IloveLabRats