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1 The General The General

Great song that retells the story of a veteran, great story with awesome lyrics and catchy toons. - Williar

Love this song. Beautifully sung, and the lyrics tug on the heart strings. Such a powerful song! Easily my favorite Dispatch ever. -rogermm2016


2 Hey, Hey Hey, Hey

Easily the best song that dispatch has made, the combination of vocal harmonies and instrumental makes this song mesmerizing and entrancing at least. It makes you questions aspects of your life, love it, - Williar

3 Flying Horses Flying Horses

An amazing sound with insightful lyrics, listen and be amazed. - Williar

The harmonica is beautifully put out in this work of art

4 Bats in the Belfry

Awesome Ska

An original song that combines the trombone with guitar and drums, makes for a great sound. - Williar

5 Two Coins

This is a classic of dispatch any one would enjoy this song, very catchy and emotional. - Williar

6 Mayday

Every album needs a song like this, combing an uprising sound, with a darker tone, however making something can be listened to for days. - Williar

7 Elias

I know little that is better than singing this song with around 10 people who know all of the lyrics. Its makes you question life and what comes next. it makes you think of friends that you haven't seen in too long. It makes you ponder if you'll meet again.

Catchy, great sound and great sounding drums. Love it! - Williar

8 Open Up

The reggae, mixed bongo, and drums in this song combine for an awesome song, one that brightens up anyone's mood. - Williar

9 Passerby

Awesome sound, listen and love it! - Williar

10 Circles Around the Sun

This is the hands down winner people... Their best songs in all aspects. If I hadn't heard this song I would have never even looked up Dispatch.

I agree this is probably my favorite dispatch tune. although I'm not a huge fan I do really like this one

This is the only song of Dispatch I have listened yet... and now can't help myself not be a fan

Yes hands down for real to good

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11 Josaphine

This song has catchy lyrics and great instrumental blend, overall a great song! - Williar

12 Bang Bang

How is this not the top?

13 Out Loud

Love the vocals and the slow simple tune

14 Whirlwind

Yah, steel drums win it for me

15 Prince of Spades
16 Steeples
17 Headlights
18 Yellow Painted Lines


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1. Hey, Hey
2. The General
3. Flying Horses


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