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Dissection is a Melodic Black Metal band from Strömstad, Sweden. The band was formed in 1989 by Jon Nödtveidt (vocals / lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars). The other members were Ole Öhman (drums), Peter Palmdahl (bass), and John Zwetsloot (rhythm & classic acoustic guitars).

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1 Where Dead Angels Lie Where Dead Angels Lie Cover Art


2 The Somberlain The Somberlain Cover Art

this song has everything I look for in black metal

A masterpiece

3 Thorns of Crimson Death Thorns of Crimson Death Cover Art

Hard to choose, but I have to give it to this song!

Dissection is my favorite band, and this is by far their best song, should be numer 1...

4 Night's Blood Night's Blood Cover Art

Oh Lord! This is so unrelenting and evil. I'm starting to fall in love with extreme metal. Jon's vocals is filled with pure emotion of hatred.

I usually listen to this song merging "At the Fathomless Depths" - the sinister intro with it. It sounds amazing as the build up really sets the tone for the devastating storm that follows engulfing the listener and taking them to a round of an unholy journey to hell. The entire album indeed was very inspirational for the plethora of emerging extreme metal bands back in the 90s. The band did an exceptional job inventing their own unique sound and released two golden masterpieces on the trot, that has aged very well. I'm not all dissapointed that they called it quits at such an early phase of their career, instead it gives such an immense value to their records in my opinion.

So haunting and fast paced. This band was a God-Gift.


5 Unhallowed Unhallowed Cover Art
6 Black Horizons

Brilliant musically not to mention the voices at the beginning say a line backwards which was later used in where dead angels lie, this song is pure genius made by the mastermind Jon Nodveidt! Hail Chaos! Reign in chaos Jon!

7 Soulreaper Soulreaper Cover Art
8 Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane Cover Art
9 Black Dragon Black Dragon Cover Art
10 A Land Forlorn A Land Forlorn Cover Art

Great melodic riff!

The Contenders
11 The Grief Prophecy/Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom The Grief Prophecy/Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom Cover Art
12 God of Forbidden Light God of Forbidden Light Cover Art

This is definitely their best song. Amazing melodies

It. S the best dissection song ever, with dark mother divine. beyond the horizon should be here too.

13 Maha Kali Maha Kali Cover Art

I cut my own throat and see ecstasy

Being a Hindu...
I really love and respect this song...
Plus its got some good music...
Highly recommended..!

14 Xeper-I-Set
15 Starless Aeon Starless Aeon Cover Art

The most underrated metal song ever.

Seriously Underrated,

16 Heaven's Damnation Heaven's Damnation Cover Art
17 Frozen Frozen Cover Art

Later live version is my favourite song in metal.

18 In the Cold Winds of Nowhere In the Cold Winds of Nowhere Cover Art
19 Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow Cover Art
20 Crimson Towers Crimson Towers Cover Art
21 Son of the Mourning Son of the Mourning Cover Art
22 At the Fathomless Depths At the Fathomless Depths Cover Art
23 Into Infinite Obscurity Into Infinite Obscurity Cover Art
24 Antichrist Antichrist Cover Art
25 Elizabeth Bathori Elizabeth Bathori Cover Art
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