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181 Your mum is so stupid, she smudged soap and propaganda papers on my head and said 'I am brainwashing you'

This is so funny I'm going to use it on someone. THANKS

I made this up

This sucks!

182 Yo mama so fat that when we put her picture in a frame it broke

This was the driest joke I ever heard

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183 You're so ugly that all mirrors that you pass by break.
184 Yo mama so dumb she tried measuring how long she slept with a ruler

So funny I couldn't stop laughing

Ya bro so funnyyy

185 When You Where Born Your Mum Got a Penalty for Producing Garbage.

Lol why is this not number one it is funnier then number 5

Cool dis I'm so using this one on a Cuban

Your sooo ungly when you where born the doctor threw you at the window and the window threw you back

186 You're so fat that your Christmas picture is still printing

This is a good one

So slag just do this the way you so ugly when your mom gave brith the earth exploded

Laugh out loud I ave heard dis one before :D

This dis is sick

187 Your fart is so big that I thought there was a bomb explosion.

Awesome diss, yo! I should use this at my bro.

It's so funny it's gonna make me cry

Your fart so stinky you caused global warming when you farted

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188 Thanks for all the attention but now just go and shove your head up ya ass where it belongs. I bet China could smell your breath from here.

Aw your sad but at the end of the day it is still a joke lol

Shut up idiot and quit saying ass

Wow that's a great one,

I'm in China and I can smell your beath from here.
The worst breath I smelt since 1738

189 Your momma is so stupid she shoved two batteries up her butt and said I got the power! V 3 Comments
190 You're so dumb that you need a map to go to the toilet.

Best disses I have on eBay in might post it

Oh I am pissing right now so funny I am missing the urinal

I'm using this
Sick dis
Laugh out loud

Thanks I am going to tottaly use it genius

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191 Your fingers so fat that when you type on your phone the text comes out like dsnbdejfndjkhbahgbvsn

Haha good one

192 Your bum is so hairy you fart dandruff

That's a really good diss props to the person who made this

193 Yo mama is so dumb that when you told her that her birthday was around the corner she went looking for it.

This diss is I just don't like it you see ill explain...

Hahaahahaahaha! Laugh out loud

Heheh laugh out loud


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194 Yo mama so fat she buys her clothes at Rent a Tent

I am laughing to how bad the diss is

Man these r really fat people

Lol that rel bad

195 You are so ugly you made Jesus fall off the cross

Like the African jokes, this isn't supposed to insult Christians, it's supposed to be funny. The guy who wrote it could be Christian anyway

Stop it with the religious disses

This is racist to Christians its mean and I'm a Muslim

Stop using that name you cursed child

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196 You're so ugly when you went to get plastic surgery it took them 12 hours to give you a quote
197 Yo mama is so fat that she gave birth to Jupiter.

Not funny

198 Your mum is so fat when she went on the back of the bus, the bus did a wheelie V 1 Comment
199 Your family tree is a cactus because everyone on it is a prick

That's rude to other families

This is wicked

My favourite diss in the world it should not be at number 233 it shold be in the top ten

Lolz. No harm people

200 You're so ugly when you were born your mom asked for a refund


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