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241 You're so dumb when I diss you you take the whole day thinking about it

You suck you're the one who's old the God can't remember when you were born

242 Your mum so fat she jumped on Walmart, tripped on Food Lion and landed on Target
243 You are so tall you play hide and go seek with helicopters
244 You're so dumb you need a GPS to find the toilet

Really what if your a visitor?

245 I couldn't make a yo mama joke cause you're adopted

Maybe people are mean to you because your face is ugly and that I why your are mean to adopted people I have a sister who is adopted and if anyone is mean to her ask your mom for a funeral

That is rude how would u feel if you didn't have a mother

Hey stop that adopted people are awesome get a life

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246 You're so stupid when the orange juice said concentrate you stared at it for 10 minutes V 2 Comments
247 You're so fat that when you took your yearbook photo they had to take it in a helicopter
248 Give me a second I'll call a specialist to take the fat out of you
249 You're so ugly people think your Frankenstein's birth parent
250 You're so ugly, when your mom gave birth to you she became famous for giving birth to a alien

This one isn't as good as some but still

251 Is your face hurting? Because it's killing me.

I like this one! It reminds me of another diss I saw that said, "Am I supposed to be offended? Because the only thing offending me is your face."

That is a sick cus

252 Your mamas so fat she appears on radar
253 You're so ugly that when your were born the doctor said "Aww, it's a treasure" and your mom said "Let's bury it".

I used on some guy and that person got all emotional

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254 You're so poor that when your friends came to your house, they asked where's the washroom, and you said pick a corner.

I'm using that on a guy who's acting up in school

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255 You are so fat that when I run around you, I beat the Terry Fox record.
256 You're so gay you hit me with a purse

That is true just offensive to gay people

I'm so gonna use that on a gay guy at school

How is this an insult? - ProPanda

I'm so gona use that on a gay guy at school

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257 You're so ugly Medusa died

Medusa was once the most beautiful being on earth, until she got cursed and was slain by perseus

He may be uglyer

What? that's just stupid


258 You're so fat that when you blink you're out of breath
259 You're so ugly you made the devil commit suicide
260 l just broke up with my girlfriend, here's her phone number, no wait that's your mom's number

Oranges are round apples are to and pears are cut up into giant poo

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1. You're so stupid you drowned in a Mexican wave
2. When you were born your mother told your father what a beautiful treasure and he replied yes let's go bury it
3. You're so stupid you sold your cellphone for airtime
1. Your mum is so fat that even Dora couldn't explore her.
2. Take that mask off, Halloween is not until October.
3. You're so fat that the only letters of the alphabet you know are K F C.
1. Your mum is so fat that even Dora couldn't explore her.
2. Hey, I can make a song about your teeth 'black and yellow black and yellow' and you need to hear the remix 'green and purple green and purple'.
3. Your head is so big that you put the moon out of business.

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